Written by Unknown

23 Aug 2007

A quick story,met some old friends from College and they had become a couple and Bi.She is blonde and a slim body,he is a rugby player and big built.After a long chat i expressed interest in having sex with a man while having fun with a woman.They both agreed and i went round their house later that night.She opened the door wearing pj\'s,i walked into the lounge he was sitting there naked wanking his cock.She told me to get on my knees and suck his cock,felt exciting sucking a fat cock for the 1st time,it filled my mouth and i started getting into it while i pulled down my trousers,she slipped her finger in my arse.After a few mins he started to pre-cum in my mouth and he pulled out.She then took his place on the sofa and spread her legs wide open so i could taste her shaven hole while he got behind me and rubbed his cock over my hole then took the next min to slip inside me before fucking me,it hurt to start with but i relaxed and it slipped in me easier and felt amazing.She was enjoying the show and was rubbing her clit as i tried to keep my mouth on her pussy.a few mins later i felt him cum in my arse and i loved it,as he pulled out i could feel it drip out of me,all that warm cum down my leg.She said she wanted both of us to fuck her,i was needing to cum badly so i got up while she climbed on top of him and took his cock deep in her pussy while i fed my cock in her arse.We all started to fuck and it was amazing feeling his cock inside her aswell,couple of mins later i said im gonna cum and she said do it inside her,so i did.

A great fuck and i was exhuasted,we met up 1 more time.