Written by afcpl

13 Nov 2005

My wife and I were mew to the swinging lifestyle We had only met with a couple of single males, My wife said she had a great time but she wished she had known the guys a little better. Well the Story begins with my wife and I on separate vacations I was visiting an old friend about two hours from where my wife was visiting her mother, while at my friends house we were drinking and having good time and my friend Blake said we should go and surprise my wife we got in the car and drove the two hours to find my sexy wife tanning topless in he mothers back yard. She was embarrassed but happy to see us we went in side to have a couple of cocktails and got to a local Strip bar (she likes the ladies) We get to the strip club and there are gorgeous women everywhere Blake and I sit on one side of the catwalk and my wife sits on the other she is wearing a red and black school girl outfit with no panties we only discovered this because as she got the lap dance we bought her the stripper slid her hands up her thigh spreading her legs wide for anyone to see, Blake had to pick his jaw up off the floor. After about an hour of my wife tormenting us she finally asked us to take her back to her mothers house when we got to the house she grabbed my cock and pulled me close and told me she like Blake and she was going to take us both while her mother slept in the next room, this was really exciting but I was a bit worried about getting caught and having to explain myself to my mother-in-law she took me into our the spare bed room and Blake took the couch she pushed me down on the bed and used her moth to unzip my pants without her hands she put my cock in her mouth her tongue was warm and wet around the head of my cock with all the teasing at the strip club and the swinging talk I came much quicker than normal, she took it all in her mouth and asked for more. I told her that Blake was on the couch she said she was just kidding about doing us both I told I knew she didn't have the nerve to do us in her moms home let alone in the open spaces of the living room where anyone could wake up and catch us. Apparently my teasing struck a nerve because I had nodded off as men tend to do after a great blow job when I woke up my with was in her panties walking out the spare bed room and toward the living room I waited for her to go out then I followed her and watched, she knelt down next to the couch where Blake had passed out clothes on and everything she unzipped hi pants slowly not to wake him and started to suck on his cock even while he was sleeping he started to get hard in her mouth he woke kind of started and a bit confused as if he was dreaming and didn't know what to do I entered the room and told Blake not to worry it is real and for him to enjoy by this time I was ready for another go so I got down on my knees behind my wife and began rubbing my hard cock around her extremely wet pussy she started to moan and took her free hand and reached between her legs and inserted my cock in her pussy she came up for air just before making Blake cum all over her face when I said I wanted another blow I pulled out of her and sat at the end of the couch at Blake's feet she then jumped up and got between me a Blake and told Blake to fuck her from behind she didn't ask she told him and he was happy to do it Blake had about two inches on me so when he got behind her she really got a surprise she gasped for air when he entered her this was turning me on so much watching her wrap her sexy lips around my cock while one of my best friend slammed her from behind and she seemed to be having the time of her life Blake's breaths started to quicken and he knew he was going to cum with out saying a word he blew his huge load in her she came almost immediately after she felt his powerful thrust of hot cum enter her, she came so hard and intense it soaked Blake's cock, Blake had never been with a women that came the way she does it gushes out of her she continued to suck my cock until I came deep in her throat again I think she only took it a second time to keep

Herself from waking up her mother, she tends to get very loud.

After I finished Blake went back to bed on the couch and we went to the bedroom where I fucked for another 40 mins she couldn't get enough. We woke up the next morning and Blake was a little freaked out he never planned on fucking my wife he new we were into the swinging this but he never knew it could be like that, my wife just woke up made us breakfast gave us both a kiss and thanked us for a great night. God I love her, every time I think a bout that evening it makes me want to call Blake and do it again.