Written by spacecadet1961

26 Jan 2006

I placed an ad on another swingers website for a couple looking for NSA fun, not expecting to many replies, being a single guy, and a voyeur. After about a week I got a response from Simon and Sara, a couple in their late twenties who were looking to spice up their relationship. They sent some photos, good looking but not in your face: Sara had a great body nice breasts and well trimmed fanny.

We exchange some emails about what we wanted and chatted online on msn a few times, late one Sunday night I got a phone call from Sara, Simon was away and she was feeling randy and could I help her out, she told me she had just had a bath, and had been playing with herself and was very wet and aroused. Unfortunately I was 55 miles away, so we chatted, I was encouraging her to play with herself, gently telling her to imagine it was mine and Simons fingers, she came twice in about 30 minutes, hearing here multiple orgasm as my spunk sprayed all over my stomach, as I was wanking like mad.

A few days later I got a call from Simon they both wanted to see me and have some fun, cos when he had got home the next day, Sara told him about the phone sex, and when she was finished they had the most amazing sex: Sara had drained him dry, and he got so turned on watching her finger herself and cum like a train.

We arrange to meet up in a pub a few miles from their home, Sara walked in she was dressed so sexy, high heels, black mini skirt with a black halter neck top, which showed off all her curves and a fantastic cleavage. All the men stared and she enjoyed the attention, I nearly cum in me pants cos she is so sexy. Simon joined us after parking the car, we chatted for a while with a few drinks, Sara made it clear she was happy and wanted to go.

We went back to the house where Sara had prepared a light meal, some salad and trimmings, nothing too heavy, washed down with some nice white wine, whilst preparing the lunch Sara had loosened her top slightly so it gaped giving the both of us a view of her fantastic breasts, just enough so her nipples are not on view, the fabric was so thin and we could see her nipples are rock hard. She's was also nervous could see some slight goose bumps, which made her even sexier to look at. We ate and drank swapping jokes and chatting getting merrily tipsy. Sara cleared the table, I compliment her on the lunch and ask what's for pudding, she's standing in front of me and rolls up her skirt, she wasn't wearing panties and said 'ME!'.

She rested on the edge of the table and spread her legs I lowered my head and she laid back on the table, I didn't need a second invitation. I parted her lips with the tip of my tongue and flicked it across her hardening clit she was beautifully trimmed and smelt of perfume and musk. I ran my tongue up and down her slit as she widened her legs to give me more access, I can still taste her juice on the tip of my tongue. I looked up to see Simon french kissing his wife: their tongues deep in each other's mouths: as he was fondling her beautiful breasts, pulling on the nipples making them even harder. She got so turned on writhing under the attention of both of us. Spreading her legs as wide as she could so I insert my tongue deep into her hole and lap up her juices, running my tongue up and flicking her clit with the tip, gently sucking on it as it got harder and harder, rolling my tongue around the base of the hardening bud.

She's was positively gagging under the attention, I pushed my tongue down and insert in deep in her hot wet hole, fucking it with the length of my tongue, as she pushed the back of my head to get my tongue deeper, bringing it up the slit to suck and roll her clit between my teeth. I pushed my tongue back down into her hole: drinking the flowing juices, as she writhed under me. Simon had her tits out and sucking on each nipple making them harder, pulling on the teats, we spun her across the table, and Simon pulled away and dropped his trousers, I got up and stripped off, we were both as hard as nails. Her head flipped back and she started to lick Simons helmet, shaft and balls, licking the pre-cum from his hole, inserting her tongue tip into the hole to lick it up. She then slid his cock into her mouth swallowing the length, because her the angle and her relaxed state she took it deep into warm wet mouth, not gagging as he pushed it in and out fucking her mouth gently. I dived my tongue in deep, as she is flowing, sucking and rolling her clit in my mouth, licking down past her hole and kissing the area between her hole and anus.

She shuddered as I inserted the tip of my tongue into her anus, and we heard her muffled moans of pleasure, Simon was fucking her mouth with long slow hard strokes pulling it all the way out so she could flick the tip with her tongue, then slowly lowering it back in as far as it would go, Simon was kneading and paying attention to her hard erect nipples. I carried on licking out her hot wet hole, when she started to squirm and moan under the attention. Bucking her hips gently to meet my tongue, gripping the side of my head with her thighs as the gentle flushes and orgasms built. I looked up and saw that Simon was close to cuming, as she sucked hard on his helmet, he then let out a stifled moan as he pumped his spunk deep in to her mouth, holding her head as he bucked and pumped his seed down her throat.

I began to lick her clit harder and inserting my tongue deeper into her hot wet hole as she started to moan, bucking pushing my head onto her raising hips, licking her clit then burying my tongue deeper and lapping up her juices. She bucked hard and started to moan louder as her orgasm built: till she pushes onto my mouth, and grips my head with thighs and screams with pleasure, bucking onto my tongue as her orgasm ripped through her body. I continue to lick and again and she bucked against it and the orgasms got gentler as she relaxed.

I raised my head to see Simon was still very hard and excited by his wife's orgasm, we winked at each other and swap places, I'm was positively dribbling as your Sara licked and sucked the cum off my helmet, the velvety feel of her tongue as she wrapped it around my cock, gently sucking and licking it, she then took it deep into her mouth and greedily sucked it, I was so excited that I nearly cum there and then.

As Sara greedily sucked on my cock I played with her fantastic breasts, kneading and rolling the nipples between my finger tips, Simon inserted his rock hard cock into her hot wet hole, thrusting it deep as I lowered my head and took his wife's hard erect nipple into my mouth, sucking on it as she sucked my hard throbbing cock. Simon pulled his cock out and run the tip along her slit, up and along her clit, which is still hard, and throbbing, running the length of his cock along it, then down and thrusting it deep into her, a few hard thrusts. She got so turned on that she took my cock deep into her mouth as I started to buck, I could feel my vein throbbing as I exploded into her mouth, pulled back too let her swallow my load.

Simon started to build up his rhythm, as Sara bucks and raises her hips to meet his thrusts: giving her long hard strokes pulling to the tip the burying it deep and hard as she wrapped her legs around his waist the get it in deeper. I pull out of her mouth as she started to moan with each thrust bucking to meet him, I continue to play, suck and knead her nipples as she screamed and moaned with pleasure, begging us not to stop. She was being pleasured from Simon thrusts into her cunt and the attention of me on her breasts. We all start to build up your rhythm, both are moaning, when all of sudden they both tense and scream out and cum together. Long hard thrusts as Simon pumped his load into her: we all relax and pull away from each other.

I went round the table and watch as both of their juices run down Simon's softening erection, and out of Sara's wet puffy hole, running juices down towards her anus.

Both were panting with their exertions: Sara was so turned on she wanted more, moaning gently with the pleasure of a hard fuck and orgasm, my cock is rock hard cock in my hand. As I watch cum dripping out of her fucked pouting hole, I grip her thighs and thrust my cock in deep, she wrapped her legs around me and bucked onto my cock, tensing every once in while and moaning as a small orgasm grips her, she clenched on to my cock holding it for the short period as the orgasms flowed through her, Simon move round so she can suck and lick the juices off his softened cock, the sight of this nearly makes me cum again.

I continued thrust in hard and deep building up a rhythm till Sara tensed and gripped me moaning with pleasure as I shot my load deep into her. As we relax I pull out and watch as all our juices start dribble out of her. She got up as she felt light headed, looking down at her well fucked hole, she then ran two fingers through the goo, scooping some of it onto her fingers, raising them to her mouth licking and sucking her fingers dry: time and time again, as both me and Simon nearly cum again.