Written by unknown

2 Jan 2006

Before computer swinging sites were popular swingers used to make contact in local papers like FREEADDS and LOOT = some still do = you chose an add = wrote your letter = included a photo and a small fee = posted it and then waited for a reply = It used to be a very common way of contacting other swingers, but times change and now were just one click away from each other = one couple I contacted years ago replied asking if I would be interested in acting out a sexual game = Role Play we now call it = I was invited to their house to disscus things = I traveled to Leeds and found the red brick semi and was greeted by an average sort of guy 5-9 tall = 11 stone ish = with dark hair = his wife was 5-6 ish = size 16 busty = dark hair = we went in for coffee and they (he) started to tell me what they were looking for = they had even writen out a script for me to take home and rehearse = no problem with that = I read it briefly and thought wow this guy has missed his way = it was good = I liked it = basically it involved the guys dressing up like burglars = masks and all = us being in the house and his wife returning from the shops disturbing our robbery = we grab her so that she cant make a noise and then tie her up and gag her = their main priority was that this should be played out in a serious manner like a play = entering into the spirit of things I bought a black balaclava like terrorists wear with just 3 hole in = eyes and mouth = and a rugby jersey with striped hoops and also a crow bar = the day came and I had to arrive at 1pm in the afternoon and walk straight into the house as insructed = the guy was dressed like a hoody and trembling with exitement = I got changed and we were both now ready for her arrival at 2pm = we wer in the lounge dinning room with the curtains drawn closed (thank God) in semi darkness = I had to be holding my crow bar and some hi fi stuff ready for when she walked into the room = he was holding a ceramic vase which he intended to drop and smash (dont ask why, I never do) = 2pm and we heard the back door slam right on cue = his trembling was clearly visible now = he would drop the vase soon anyway one way or another = we hid behind the door and in came his wife with two shopping bags = she turned and saw us and shouted ish = police help police = he dropped the vase ( no problem there then ) and said to me quick grab her = I quickly put down my valuables and crow bar in an armchair and grabbed her = I then had to hold her down on the sofa struggling all the time while he tied her up = she was wearing a blouse and skirt and as he was tying her he ripped her blouse open and made sure her skirt came up to her waiste = she was trying to bite our hands (as arranged) so thats when hegagged her = all through this he was calling her a fucking bitch = I didnt know about him but I was ready for fainting with all the action = have you ever tried wearing one of those balaclavas indoors in June while wrestling with a size 16 = this was not in the script but I called him out of the lounge and into the kitchen which just added more drama to the situation really = I pulled of the balaclava and told him of my predicament = no problem he said as we were stripping off anyway soon = thank fuck for that because I was sweating like a bull = we went back into the lounge with her lying where we had left her on the sofa tied up = then I say = hey joe have you noticed this bitch has no panties on = then he says = ill just check her pussy to see if its wet, you never know she might be ready for fucking = shes fucking wet through Bill = shes ready alright = lets lay her on that dinning room table = we can use the four legs of the table to tie her hands and legs so she cant move = so then we tie her to the table on her back with arms and legs wide open = then he says Im going to lick her pussy = then my line is = I want her naked so Im going to cut all her clothes off of her with my penknife = which I carefully did untill she was naked = I was a bit worried because I think I enjoyed it too much = cutting through her bra straps and through the centre of her bra and just throwing aside all the rags that used to make her look so prim and proper = then the acting was over = we just licked her = shoved our cocks in her mouth both at the same time = rubbed her clit and wanked her = finger fucked both her pussy and her arse = climbed on her and shagged her (bare pricks with spunk) = all while she was tied to the table top = he then said = before we untie her I just want to clean her up with my tongue and then I want you to fist fuck her while I kiss and comfort her = so I smeared my right hand with baby oil and gave her 4 bent fingers right up into her soaking wet pussy = my bent fingers were in her pussy OK but my thumb was stuck upwards by her clit, so I worked her clit for a while then I curled my thumb into the palm of my hand and started slowly pushing and turning my cleched fist = she was moaning and groaning while he had one hand on her forehead and one hand working on her nipples and when he was not kissing her he was giving her love bites on her neck = she was just like you imagine a woman to be when she is giving birth =she was moaning /groaning/crying/kissing/wriggling = she was realy out of it = she said it was fantastic but it wore her out and it took her a couple of days to get over it = next story is when I go with this couple to the woods,