Written by bigpete2006

18 Jul 2006

i got a phone call of my mate john to say he was baby sitting and would i like to come round i was there in about 5 mins he opened the door all he had on was his dressing gown my mate had just turned 16 and i was the same age i could hear music up stairs so i went up into one of the bedrooms there were a 5 people in there totaly naked 3 guys and 2 girls they were totaly fuckin the girls in every position the view got me really turned on one of the girls came up to me and started stripping me she must of been about the same age 16 she told me she was 16 next week well that got my cock going now i was totaly nude my hairy cock must of been at least 8inches i told her i was a virgin she took my cock in her mouth and i nearly came she carried on sucking me then after a few miniutes it was my turn she layed on the bed with her legs wide open her cunt was a picture it was very hairy i started to suck her clit and tounge her fanny i felt someones hands on my arse i looked around it was john he was naked his cock must have been 10inches shaven i could feel him rubbing the crack in my arse to get it wet then he got hold of his cock and slid it inside my wet juicy arse the pain was terrible but i did'nt want him to stop fucking my arse with his hands he was wanking my cock i just kept on licking the girls cunt then she came all of her juices went in my mouth i knew john was about to cum i was right he came inside my arse it felt lovely with all of johns hot spunk inside me then john took my cock in his mouth until i filled his mouth with my cum what a night we had loads of shagging and lots of spunk