Written by wantonwendy

11 Feb 2006

We arrived at the club on the Staffordshire/Shropshire border around 9-30pm. I stripped out of my clothe sin the locker room and placed a short towelling sarong around my waist. Then topless and wearing very high cork Deck Mules went on through to the main club area. A receptionist asked if we would like a conducted tour of the club and we both agreed that would be a good idea.

We joined a group of single guys who’::d arrived before us and waited a few minutes for the tour and set off firstly up stairs. There the lady conducting the familiarization tour explained that these rooms were open to everyone but some rooms were either couples only or couples accompanying single men. In one room there was a professional looking massage table, the guide explained that sometimes couples will place a wife on this and permit sensible guys to give her a gentle massage. Bet that never happens said one of the single guys with us. Not often admitted the guide as too many single men spoil it, but on occasions when we have sensible guys it does happen. The room fell silent: I couldn’::t resist temptation as this was so early and I moved forward and lay on the bed face down. The guide said there you are if you are gentle and don’::t hog it maybe this lady will accept a few moments massage. All the guys put a hand on me and not one of them went under the sarong, all concentrated on my legs, shoulders, back.

After a few minutes I got off the table and we continued our tour. Other rooms on this floor were said to be Play-Rooms and the guide said, “::not often used because of the lack of common sense from single guys and couples prefer other rooms downstairs.”:: There was a great silence this time and I waited, just when I thought the guide was about to take us to another room I lay down on the bed, again face-down. As before all the guys touched me in a light or mock massage. This time the guide lifted my sarong a little but not one guy touched my bum: then off the bed and on down to other rooms.

Opposite the entrance and locker room we went through a small lobby into a large room with a giant bed in it. Here she explained its only couples and single guys invited in by a couple, when that couple leaves the single guy must leave with them. Then off that room into an even larger room with a giant bed in it but also a large window, through there the guide explained there’::s voyeur’::s room, so that you can stand the other side and look into this room to watch what’::s going on with the couples, no singles.

Would you like to just lye on this bed for a few moments the guide asked and I got onto the bed but lay on my back this time, with my feet towards the picture window. No one is there yet said the guide, so you can flash if you like. I pulled my knees up so the sarong fell around my waist, then ostentatiously opened my legs wide. The guys moves to the bottom of the bed in front of the picture window to look.

A knock came on the glass and a male and female voice said together: move away you lot we can’::t see.

Our group made its way out into the Bar/Discothèque area, the guide explained we could bring our own alcohol and buy mixers or soft drinks. Through then to the sauna cabin, as yet un-occupied with tips on how to avoid over heating from the guide and nearby a steam room, then the changing rooms and out to the swimming pool. The guide told us length and depth plus the temperature, it was kept very warm.

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