Written by couple4funxxx

14 May 2007

While on a day out me and my partner stopped off at the beach.I was feeling really horny and suggested having sex.It being midweek and a late summers day,there was no one around,or so we thought.I teased my partner by flashing my tits at him and then i took my thong off and teased him by playing with my wet pussy.So with my spare hand i slipped it up and started slowly wanking his hard throbbing cock,by now he was begging to let him fuck me.So i finally argreed after teasing him,till i could see pre cum on the tip of he cock.So i hitched my skirt up laid down on the beach.I grabbed hold off my partners cock and slowly slid it inside my dripping wet pussy.We were just getting into it and i spotted a guy in his mid 30's watching and wanking.It turned me on so much i told my partner and agreed with him to keep quite.My partner got so hard at the thought that another man was watching me having sex.We started to tease the stranger by doing it doggystyle.By now we were all turned on by this,i pulled away from my partner and grabbed his huge cock and put it in my mouth and started sucking.As my partner shoot his load all over my face. I looked round at the man while i waas rubbing my clit and he was cuming all over the beach.

since then we have always wanted for someone to join in.

maybe u will be the lucky one!!!

love kate & d

x x x x