Written by unknown

16 Jan 2006

Another one of my swinging disasters (dont worry you will get plenty of these if you do this job long enough) = was when I went to meet a couple who had advertised for a single male for a threesome = I was inveted into their house by a Benny look-a-like ( that guy off ABBA with the beard ) = then I met his wife a Polly look-a-like (off Faulty Towers) = we talked and chatted as you do and when they were happy with me they said shall we go up to the bedroom = they were wanting some role play on a Doctor/nurse theme = OK by me as I had done this before = theres something about being laid in bed with a sexy nurse fussing around you and tucking you in that makes you want to grope them = I remember the last time I did it = I was laid in bed and the guys wife was dressed as this sexy nurse complete with fishnet stockings/no panties/small size bra with this sexy cleavage staring at you = I was the patient laid in the bed and this sexy nurse was shoving her tits into my face so I scooped them out and started to feel/kiss/lick them = then she reached under the covers and huskily said = this may hurt a bit and then pulled the foreskin of my cock right back untill it hurt = she then went down on my growing cock clenching her teeth around the lengh of it and scooping my balls up = sh was sucking and biting my cock and she had her thumb and finger around my balls and this was acting like a cock ring = she was giving it to me rough but WOW what a feeling = she was giving me love bites on the side of my cock = it felt like she was eating me = she had my cock in her mouth while she was pulling on my balls and then she slid her finger up my arse and that was it I just had to spunk = I went sensative as you do when you have just come but she went at me even more = her face was covered in my spunk and it was even getting into her hair but she never let up she just kept on ravaging my throbbing cock like a wild dog with a bone = my cock was flopping from side to side and slipping about but she kept on chasing it with her mouth untill she caught it again and then she started sucking it and biting it as widly as before = she was like an animal savaging my cock = its the nearest Iv been to being raped by a woman = she had one of my legs pinned down and her husband was helping her to rape my cock by holding my other leg and stretching my legs wider open for her so that I couldnt resist her = He was telling his wife to really give it to me = go on Sue = suck him untill hes hard again = I want him hard so that he can really give you a good fucking tonight = Ive got this leg Sue so your OK hes not going anywhere = Go on Sue give it to him hard and rough as you do = hes a big lad he can take it = the effect was my cock was now a red/stinging/throbbing piece of meat = I dont think my cock has ever been pumped up as hard before or since = Sue had the full kit on stockings suspenders and a nurses uniform about two sizes too small but by the end of the night we had her naked and it was her who ended up getting a good raping by me and her husband = it was great = the most that I could hope for tonight from this couple was that they could equal that performance because I dont think they would better it = the man and his wife said they would go up to the bedroom to get ready and they would give me a shout to come up soon = so I was left there thinking would I be the Doctor or the patient = Ive a feeling her tits arnt all that big = she looks to have a great pair of legs = I cant wait for us to spit roast the sexy bitch = after waiting about half an hour they called me up = OK you can come up now = so I went upstairs and walked into a big and luxuriant bedroom = open plan with the bed in the centre of the room = then I saw him = Ho for fuck sake = He was dressed as the fucking nurse = I remember thinking I dont fucking believe it = (I get more like Victor Meldrew every day) = he had the full kit on = stockings suspenders and nurses uniform = this was the first nurse I had ever seen with a beard and the effect was frightning = I was handed a white coat as I was to be the Doctor and his wife was laid in the bed as the patient = well it wasnt all bad then = to be continued ........ deller