Written by Unknown

31 Mar 2010

A little something I wrote,thought you might find it arousing ;-)

You come home after a long day at work,I ask if I can help you unwind a little,you notice the sparkle in my eyes and the slight grin playing on my lips and you smile back at me and nod slowly.

I help you to slip out of your clothes and ask you to lie down on the bed,softly securing your wrists to the bed,I also tell you to close your eyes as i fasten a blindfold around them.

Immediately your senses are more alert,more aroused as you hear the soft music begin to play.

You sense my presence as i lean over you,you can smell the aroma of my perfume,the warmth of my breath against your cheek as my lips softly brush yours just for a second.

You sense I have moved away again,then you feel the soft silk of my stockings as my legs touch yours,my body slowly moving up yours,my legs straddling yours.

You feel the warmth of my wet pussy as i lower myself onto your erect cock,I hear you moan softly as you feel my body take you inside me.

My fingers playfully lingering over your chest,teasing your nipples,there hardness begging to be sucked as my tongue flicks over them.

I feel you arch your hips towards me aching for me to straddle you deeper,but I slowly raise my hips and move off you giggling to myself,I love to make you wait,you know its worth it in the end.

I slide down your body,my soft skin making contact with yours all the way down until you feel my fingers slide around your now glistening erection.

You feel the fullness of my lips as i roll my tongue over the head of your cock,my fingers stroking your swollen balls as i take your full length into my salivating mouth.

I can feel your wrists beginning to struggle against the restraints as i suck you deeper and harder with every movement.

Then i feel your firm hands on my shoulders lifting my head up to look at you,it seems you've gotten free,you smile at me and then roughly throw me onto the bed.

You can feel the quickness of my breath,my chest rising heavily as you thrust your hard firmly inside my dripping pussy,your lips passionately kissing me as your hands hold mine tight against the bed.

My body now arching against yours as i feel your cock harden inside me,your body tense against mine as your breathing becomes deeper.

I hold your hands tightly as I moan with pleasure,my body aching for you to release your self inside me.

We climax together and you allow your body to fall against mine softly,I can taste the salt of your sweat upon your lips as I kiss you softly,our fingers gently caressing one another,my body still tingling with pleasure as we lay together.

I hope you like it