Written by glenbuck

21 Jun 2006

He went into the bathroom and closed the door behind him. The way he was feeling, after what he had just watched it wouldn\'t take long anyway! He unfastened his jeans and eased out his stiff cock. Concentrating on what he was about to do, he wasn\'t aware that the door had opened until he felt a warm body press up against his arse and heard Anne say \'Shame to waste it. I want to do it,\' as she reached round to stroke her fingers over his cock.

He stood like that for a minute as she moved down his cock and gently massaged his balls, feeling her tits pressing into his back, then turned to face her. She reached up to kiss him, her hands even more insistent now and then knelt in front of him. As she looked up at him he moved his hands into her hair and then she smiled, leant forward and ran her tongue the length of his cock, down over his balls which she sucked gently and then back up, circling the head and tasting him.

Then, as she took his length deep into her throat, she moved her fingers to his arse and he caught his breath as he realised what she was going to do: he enjoyed the feel of her fingers in his arse and knew that it made him feel even more that he was fucking her mouth as he moved into her throat. He felt the wetness trickle down from her mouth over his balls and felt his orgasm beginning to build. He moved his head back in response to the feeling growing inside him and then as he opened his eyes, he realised with something like shock that the door was open and that through the bedroom door he could see that Nic was watching what was going on.

He went to move Anne\'s mouth from him but then saw that Nic\'s hand was moving inside her knickers. As he watched she began to increase both the pressure and the speed and he found himself unable to look away as she reacted to the sight of his cock in Anne\'s mouth and him so near the edge of his own orgasm. The sight of it pushed him over the edge: his hands tightened on Anne\'s hair to move her mouth from him so that he could enjoy the sight of his cum spurting on to her face.

As he looked back he heard a moan and watched as Nic writhed against her fingers in the throes of her own climax. He could hardly believe what had just happened. As Anne came to her feet, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her, then looked down into her face. What he saw there made his suspicions a reality.

\'You knew, didn\'t you?\' he asked.

She smiled back at him. \'You know how much I enjoy giving surprise presents,\' she said, kicking the door shut.