Written by unknown

19 Aug 2005

As he sat across the room from me, I watched his cigarette smoke drift upwards, spiraling over him. I lay on the bed, restless, unable to sleep. I am also unable to take my eyes off of him. His dark hair, dark eyes, and deeply tanned skin give him a handsome appeal. His body is fit and muscular as he sits casually in his boxers. Throughout the few days that I have spent with him my need to know him intimately has grown to the point where the struggle to be prim and proper is losing to my desire.

When I spoke his name, he looked at me. I raised my index finger to beckon him to join me on the bed. His face looked so serious, it made me nervous. I slid over to allow space for him next to me. He put his arm around my shoulders and I laid my head on his chest. His chest muscles are solid and well developed. His skin was warm next to my cheek. The smell of his cologne is so inviting. My heart is racing within my chest. My mind is reeling, wondering if he desires me, the way I do him.

I allow my hands to begin to touch him, to run my fingers over his skin. Gently I caress his muscular chest, up over his shoulder, down his arm, along his wrist, and to the palm of his hand. I trace the life line on his palm and then slowly interlace my fingers with his fingers. Oh God, please let this seduction work.

I bring his hand to my lips and softly kiss his palm, his wrist. I part my lips to let the warmth of my breath dance upon his skin. When I look at his face, his eyes look so dreamy and I turn my body slightly in hopes that he will want to share our first kiss. When he leans his face close to mine and his full lips cover my mouth, I wanted time to stop, let this kiss last and last. I can sense it now…..his desire.

I can hardly believe that I wanted this man so badly for months and months and now I am touching him and kissing him and he is responding. I resume letting my hands, lips, and tongue explore his hands, chest and stomach. His body is perfect. I let the gaze of my eyes move from his face traveling the length of his body. My fingers traced the same path. The depth of his arousal was now becoming clearer. I let my hand brush across the bulge in his boxers. My breathing quickens and I am trembling. I can't look at him now or I will lose my confidence. I let my fingers lift the waist band and slide my hand to cover his erection.

I kiss my way from his stomach to a spot so close to his hard cock that I can feel my hair brushing across it. I pull my hair back and he reaches down to help me. With his fingers running through my hair, my mouth parts and my tongue explores him. We are both so quiet, no talking, the only noise at all was soft moaning and the rustle of the linens under our movements.

For months, I thought about how he would be as a lover. I imagined my mouth holding his cock, sucking him, my tongue teasing him. And now, here we were sharing this incredible act of passion. I could feel the full length of him in the back of my throat. Hard. Pulsing. My body was responding in kind……moisture building between my thighs, the desire to have him within me becoming overwhelming.

I look up from where my mouth had been enjoying him and his eyes are closed, his head tilted back, his fingers still entangled in my hair. I slide my body back up to lay beside him. He turns on his side and begins to undress me. I can barely breathe at all now. His hands are warm and strong, but he is trembling also. I am relieved. The trembling gives him a hint of vulnerability. He places his mouth upon my breast and begins to kiss and suck my nipples. His strong hands massage my breasts. My turn to close my eyes. His mouth is so warm and wet. His tongue playing with my nipples has my whole body in a state of surrender.

We spend such a long time kissing and I am lost in this man. Skillfully his hand slides my pants off. He pulls my panties to the side and his fingers explore the soft hair and play in the moisture between the lips of my opening. I place my hand on his to stop him. I need to have him. I think it was the word 'please' that escaped from my lips but my memory is blurred by the experience of having every part of my body on fire with desire. I do remember him pulling my panties off and the feel of his body on mine.

He positioned himself between my thighs and slid his hard cock into me. Am I still breathing? Was it me that gasped? He is looking down at me. My body is alive with sensation. He is so caring and knowledgeable as a lover and I want so badly to please him. I time the thrust of my hips to meet up with his. As the minutes pass and he strokes in and out of me the feeling is incredible. The large head of his cock strokes firmly within me and I can feel my orgasm building. He drops his head down onto my chest and I rake my fingernails over the skin of his back. As if I had pulled the trigger of a gun, he groaned and the pace and depth of his thrusts increased. The thrill of knowing he was cumming and the way his cock was stimulating me gave me an incredibly long and intense orgasm of my own. Wave after wave passed through my body and I had no control nor any will to stop it.

Afterwards, still laying on me, still hard within me post climax, the moisture from our love making running down my backside, he held me. Regaining my composure, trying to catch my breath, and the fog clearing from my head….we began to talk. A bond had been formed. What an amazing experience this sweet, sincere, and sexy man gave to this reserved southern belle. With us living so far away from each other, it might be the old story of two ships passing in the night…..but it is one trip I am so happy that each of us made.