Written by latinouk2006

21 Aug 2006

…what I will do to you!..."latinouk2102@yahoo.co.uk", well first I guess I will start we both sitting in the living room chatting and I will start to take out my clothes slowly while you watch, I my cock out!......i will touch it all along start making a wank just to get it hard while you look at me….i like being watched…then I will move to you and get you undress very slowly kissing you as I take out your clothes while you put a porn movie.....I love watching porn…I am touching myself, I am starting to get my cock very hard thinking of this while I write you..uhmm…I will go to you and get my head between your legs, I will open them widely and my tongue very moving very slowly up and down your clit to get you very horny, my fingers inside your pussy and my tongue and my mouth sucking your clit…uhmm so good!..we will be like that enjoying for some time and them we will move to the bed, I will get you totally undress..my cock is so hot and hard, asking to fuck you hard…but it is better a massage with oil all around your body..your boobs and nipples that I suck while giving you the oil..then down to your ass and pussy…uhmm kissing it and licking it…then your legs and feet…kissing and sucking your toes…once you have all the body in oil I start a massage first with my hands and then putting my body over yours and moving slowly with my hands in your ass touching it hard..filling my cock between your legs..so I wanking myself now thinking how good is your body..then you move around and take my cock in your mouth…so hot…your lips all around my penis sucking it so well…your tongue, wet around making me almost cum in your mouth…with your hands all along my cock…then I put my face in a 69 between your less and licking your asshole with my tongue and one vibrator in your cunt..while you continue licking my balls and wanking my cock…I move the tongue inside your pussy, from it to the clit and back to your asshole….oh all the holes for me!...then…you sit on my cock and ride me wild with my hands touching your boobs and moving down to your clit again…you are wild and horny and I almost cum inside you but we wait a bit riding me and then I ask you to lay back on the bed offering me your ass and I put my cock inside your wet and horny pussy from behind with one hand in your hair or around your neck and boobs, we both scream with pleasure…you can fill my balls in the back of your ass hitting you hard and fucking you well…then I take you from the hips for the doggiesstyle, you got such a nice hips and ass…so hard and tight…uhmm…I play with my cock in and out your pussy…you take the long vibrator and I get some cream on my asshole and around the vibrator and you move it between my legs and fuck me with it while I fuck you from behind..I love being fucked by a horny woman…uhmmm I put all my cock inside your wet pussy in an out in and out….you move very well the vibrator inside my ass and that puts me even more horny…you feel coming and I continue taking your hair and fucking hard your pussy….we both cum together..I take my cock and cum in your back and ass,…uhmm I love your ass with white spots…then we lay and rest touching us and we take a shower together…and that is another story…..

Uhmmm I like it….ah ah ah I am coming…I wanked myself thinking of you….ah so good…..