Written by iliketolick

19 May 2007

DEBS: mmmmmmmmmmmm yes I got my scorpion, it has a long tail, made it nice and slippery by moistening it in my pussy, and then slipped it slowly into my bottom. i started it vibrating and it felt wonderful. Next I got my bigger vibrator and slipped that into my pussy with the front of it vibrating like crazy against my clitoris. I imagined it was your cock and you were there fucking me really rough and hard. i wanted to be fucked so much and was really shoving it into me. it didn't take long for me to come but i could feel it welling up inside me to a great pitch. i finally came with deep shudders running all the way through me. i switched them off and laid back on my bed with them both still inside me so i could feel myself throbbing against them. and it was all thanks to you .... xxxxxxxxxxx

MARK: Wow, would love to see u play with yourself like that . . to cum to u after you've cum, lying there throbbing, hot and sticky .. . to ease your vibrator out of your pussy licking and sucking your juices from it, tasting you.. . then starting to lick your pussy, your lips, your clit, fingering yopur bum around the scorpion, sliding it in and out of you .. . . my cock would be so hard, and it wants to replace ypur scorpion, wants to penertrate you . . . wanst you on your hands and kness, posied to push inside you . . . that what u want isn't it . .. my knob at the tip of your bum, waiting . .poised x x x x xx

DEBS: I do want that. To feel your cock pushing at me and then slowly entering me. It would be so tight and i'd still be able to feel the throbbing from cumming. Once you got me on my hands and knees and were sliding into my arse i could push my vibrator into my pussy so that as you are fucking my arse i can fuck my pussy. both of us filling me, you getting bigger and harder the more you thrust into me, us both needing to explode and for you to empty yourself inside me where i'm hot and eager for you to cum ... xxx what i wouldn't give for that right now xxxxxxxx

MARK: Would love to feel the tremours of your vibrator inside of your pussy whilemy cock is in your bum .. . you feeling filled with cocks - real and artifical inside you. MMMMMM I want you scorpion in my bum at the same time .. but who do u want to put it there . . a male or a female . .. x x u choose x x whemn its in who do u want lying under your face witing for u to lick and suck . . tell me x x x

DEBS: I would like to think about another man behind you ...pushing the scorpion into your bum and gently fucking you with it ... he's rubbing his hands over your muscular back ... then he takes over fucking my pussy with the vibrator so my hands are free. there's a woman laid under me and she pulls her lips apart so i can lick her pussy ... the first pussy i've ever tasted ... she tastes so good ... let''s turn this into our next fantasy as i'm getting ready to play with myself while thinking about this..