Written by demonhide01

10 Sep 2005

A quiet Saturday night at home, listening to the stereo, was not what I wanted to be doing. But after the long week of moving into the new apartment, settling into the new job, and trying to find my way around a new town, relaxing at home sounded like just the ticket. Sipping my second Captain Morgan's and Coke of the evening, I heard the phone ring. Answering the phone, I hear my friend from high school on the other end asking if I could possibly come over to help her with her husband. Slugging the rest of my drink down, I walk down the street to where Susan and her husband live.

As I am walking up the steps to the front door, Susan opens the door and waves me inside. Closing the door, I look and see Susan standing there in a black, lace floor length nightgown, very see through, allowing me to see the body that was denied to me all those nights in the back seat of my car. Before I can ask what is going on, Bill, Susan's husband, comes down the hall, sees me and gets pissed, yelling at Susan about bringing her lover into the house. Seeing the look of confusion on my face causes Bill to hesitate. 'WHOA, Hold on!' I yell. 'Susan and weren't lovers in high school and we aren't lovers now.' Susan pokes her husband in the chest and says, 'See, I told you I am not screwing around on you. But if you want me too, I will!' With that she walks over to me and plants a deep kiss on me. She whispers, 'Help me teach hubby a lesson, please?' As I stood there wondering what I was getting into, Susan grabbed her husband by the hand and led him down the hall to their bedroom. Watching that magnificent ass walk down the hall, I realized that I was just about willing to do anything if it meant that I had a chance of getting inside of her. As I entered their bedroom, I see Susan pushing Bill into a chair. With her holding him in the chair, she tells me to grab some of his ties and bind his hands behind him in the chair. While I grab several silk ties from the rack hanging on the wall, Susan pulls Bill's pajamas off of him, leaving him naked in the chair. When Bill begins to protest, Susan lowers the top of her nightgown and sticks her left breast in his mouth, silencing him. I return and tie his arms behind him in the chair, while Susan ties his feet. Once we are finished, I turned as if to leave before Susan stopped me. 'Please don't go. I need you to help me teach Bill a lesson. He is always accusing me of cheating on him and is going to leave me. I figure if I am going to be accused of it, I might as well do it, and you are who I want to do it with' she said. 'Besides, he will enjoy it. He is such a voyeur anyway.'

Since I had never liked Bill anyway, and I was horny as hell from seeing Susan in that nightgown, saying no was not a real option. While I was hesitating, trying to decide whether discretion really was the better part of valor, Susan came over and planted a deep kiss on me, her hand sliding down to stroke my hard cock through my jeans. How could I say no!

Susan and I move over to their bed, where we continue kissing each other deeply, our tongues swirling together. I ease Susan back onto the bed and pull her nightgown down: leaving only the thong that she is wearing on. Starting at her neck, I begin kissing her sumptuous body, avoiding the nipples, trying to prolong her pleasure. As I continue down her body, I see how moist her thong is. Lifting Susan's hips, I pull the thong off of her. Hearing Bill starting to complain, I reach over and stuff her wet panties into his mouth and secure them using an extra tie. I return to the bed and continue where I left off, kissing Susan's inner thighs. Finally, when I feel that she can't take anymore, I kiss my way back up to her nipples taking them into to my mouth one at a time, licking, sucking and biting them til they are hard and aching. After a while I switch to the other nipple and repeat the process. I move my hand down over your stomach, past your freshly trimmed pussy hair, until I am able to slide 2 fingers inside your sopping wet pussy. Your pussy greedily sucks them in, drenching them with your sweet juices. Pulling my fingers from Susan's pussy, I stick them in my mouth, savoring the taste of her excitement. I start trailing kisses down her stomach as I slide my fingers back into her pussy. Finding her clit hard and excited, I gently suck it into my mouth, running my tongue over the throbbing tip. I begin to feel Susan tense up, her body quivering, signaling me that she is about to go over the edge. Quickly pulling my fingers out her dripping pussy, I shove them deep in her ass, giving her that little push over the edge. Susan begins moaning and thrashing on the bed as her orgasm washes over her. As she is lying there trying to recover from her intense orgasm, I quickly move between her legs and position my hard cock between her outer lips and push my way into her now thoroughly drenched pussy, sliding all the way in one push. Not giving her a chance to catch her breath, I start pumping slowly in and out of her: rapidly bring Susan back to the edge of cumming.

'Fuck me harder! Pound that cock into me!' Susan screams. Who am I to deny a beautiful woman what she wants! I start pumping in and out of her, pulling almost all the way out of her on each stroke. I feel the walls of her pussy clamp down on me as she cums, screaming my name as wave after wave of her orgasm washes over her. Grabbing her ankles I pull her legs up higher. On one backstroke I accidentally pull all the way out of Susan's pussy. Thinking I am still lined up on her pussy, I thrust hard, missing her pussy and slamming my well-lubed cock deep into her tight ass. 'OH YESSSSS! Fuck my ass, baby! Give to me good!' I begin to pound her tight little ass, until I feel my balls pull inside as I shoot my load deep in Susan's ass. After I finish and lay down beside her, Susan tells me to look over at Bill, still tied up in the chair. He managed to cum all over the place with out touching himself: all from watching his wife get fucked by another man. Susan immediately got off the bed, went over to him and licked him clean. Then she untied him and hugged him close. I quietly grabbed my clothes and let myself out after getting dressed, glad that I was able to help out a friend in need.