Written by funhunter

2 Feb 2007

I was trying for ages to find a mature woman who was up for good time and after months of timewasters and knock backs I did find a lady who was having her womanly needs unfulfilled at home and keen to meet up for a night of passion.

Thankfully we both have jobs where we have nights away with work so that was not an issue with either of our respective partners. She was keen to be very discreet as her son's girlfriend was expecting a baby and she did not want to cause any family upset at this sensitive time.

Shewas a lady slightly older than myself who had been married for a long time and these days she was finding her husband was more interested in the footie on TV than in working hard in bed to give her satisfaction. She was still very pretty, curvy and with fantastic tits with lovely big nipples and a nice arse.

I booked us into a nice hotel in a major city, a nice big en-suite double room and arranged for a late check out the following morning.

As soon as we got into the room we were like randy teenagers kissing and getting our clothes off, running our hands over each others bodies and getting used to one another. She was keen to have a hot bath and while she relaxed and soaked in the bath I washed her, soaping her body from end to end and gently washing the soap off again. I explored her body, now and again stopping to kiss her or to suck her tits or gently run my tongue over her large, and by now fully erect nipples, fantastic. Being a woman of generous proportions there was not room in the bath for me as well so after she was clean and ready we swapped roles with her washing me, again taking time to kiss, and pleasure me with her mouth or hands.

After this session we decided not to rush things and went out for a meal at a local restaurant, all the time the anticipation building inside us both. After the meal we had a drink or two and then returned to the hotel, both a bit nervous but also feeling so alive, our hearts beating hard, the excitement causing feelings within us that neither of us had felt in years.

Back in the room we feel upon each other like randy newly weds. She was certainly a woman on a mission and intended to squeeze every possible feeling of satisfaction out of the time together. She wanted it over way she could get it but really wanted to have me shoot my cum across her ample tits. I eagerly allowed her to suck my cock until I was ready to shoot my load, whereupon I did drop my cum onto her tits and eagerly rubbed the sticky stuff into her chest, she loved it but remarked that she had trouble with having my cock in her mouth because it was so thick she could not get it fully into her mouth. Later on I got to cum in her mouth and she gave me a really cheeky grin as she swallowed by salty spunk.

What she really enjoyed, and what got her going in a big way, was talking dirty as I was fucking her, the dirtier the better for her. This was very new to me as my wife hates it if I say anything even mildly dirty while we are in bed and it did take a bit of practice but very soon I was in full flow and she was loving it. I could certainly tell that by all the noise she was making, this was a woman who knew what she wanted and was not going to stop until she ran out of steam, and for a well built, curvy woman she could really fuck like a rabbit on super strength viagra. At one point she shouted at me 'fuck me harder you dirty bastard !' I am sure the people in the adjoining rooms got the full benefit of her ehthusiasm.

I loved it, she was just so very soft and warm to touch and so much bigger all over that may wife. My wife is very small, slightly built with small but still very pert tits and arse and absolutely fantastic legs, she used to be a gymnast and even at 40 it still shows. My lover, by contrast, was a woman of many soft curves and 44DD tits and I found the difference a huge turn on, her was so much woman to play with and even better she was willing to play !

I loved cuddling her from behind, putting my arms round her and grabbing hold of her ample breasts and gently stroking her nipples with my thumbs whilst kissing and nibbling her neck, ears and shoulders. She also had this fantastic soft sweet smell, so subtle and sexy.

I must say it was fantastic, it had been several years since my wife decided she no longer wanted to have sex so it was a huge boost for me to have a damn good session with woman who wanted it, wanted me to give it to her and was so obviously was enjoy it. By the time it came to part I was really feeling so very satisfied. I will say that I left that hotel feeling like I was a sex god and I can tell you that I had the broadest Cheshire cat grin that any man could have.

My only regret is that from the outset she made it clear that she still loved her husband and did not want anything beyond a night of intense hot sweaty fucking. I have contacted her since and she has said if she feels she needs a passion top up she will give me a ring but I am not expecting that call. To be honest, I suspect she just needed to feel she still could turn a bloke on and was still an object of lust and desire for a younger man, and there is nothing wrong with that ! Her husband is a lucky bastard, he just does not seem to know what a real hot passionate woman he has living with him.