Written by swingin_cat

14 Aug 2005

He knew that he could only take an hour for lunch. The deadline for the accounts was fast approaching, and he knew that he would have to work strenuously through the afternoon to meet that deadline. But he couldn't help noticing the view from the window: a bright blue sky, and the sun beating down. How could he waste a lunch break in the office when he could take the stress of work off his mind, by sunbathing in the park below, and return completely ready to face the financial world? It didn't take him long to reach a decision on how to spend the next hour!

It was clear that he wasn't alone in his way of thinking: the park was a sea of office workers who had occupied whatever spare grass areas they could find. Would he find a space to sit down on? It didn't take long, as he eyed a space and made his way to it before someone else had the same idea. A quick glance round – is there anyone here he knew, who he could spend an hour chatting to? As long as the conversation stayed well clear of work, of course! He suddenly noticed a young female, sitting about ten feet ahead in his direction, facing him. Where had he seen her before? Ah, yes – that's the girl who works in the office two floors below: the one who always gets into the same lift as him in the morning. God, if only he knew her name. There is something about her that he had always liked, and he knew that seeing her every morning gave him a warm feeling, one of pure sexual desire: indeed, one of sheer lust.

Eyes fixed ahead, he first noticed the same thing he had always noticed: her neat dress sense. He wondered if she noticed him sitting there. Trying not to stare, he then noticed that she was barefoot. There's something about a woman's feet, especially when they're so perfect, which these certainly were. He then became aware that she had momentarily uncrossed her legs. As he discreetly looked ahead of him, he noticed the white triangle just under her skirt, and the finest strip of pubic hair through the sheer material. After all this time fantasising over her, he could not believe what he had seen. She then raised both her knees, treating him to the sight of her gusset which disappeared between the cheeks of her bottom. At least now, one of his questions was answered – the dilemma was always 'knickers, or thongs'? He knew now that she was clearly a thong person. Unable to resist, he had to catch sight of those facial features which had long been the object of his sensual desires. Wait a minute – was she smiling? Yes, she was. Smiling to him, with a welcoming, yet passive look. Giving a reciprocal smile, he hoped to God that she hadn't noticed him glancing up her skirt. What if she had?

Retaining her posture, she parted her legs slightly, but enough to allow him full access to the sight of sheer white material covering her vaginal area. He then realised that she was giving him that knowing look, the one that said 'I know what you're doing – don't stop'. It was obvious that she was as excited, and as randy, as he was. Through the sheer material, her tight, clean-shaven vaginal line could be seen just underneath the neatly trimmed pubic strip. Her hand began to caress her nipple through her pink top, gradually manipulating it to erection. Mmm, what a lovely way to spend a lunch hour, he thought. Just then, she stood up, slipped her shoes back on and draped her handbag over her shoulder. Oh well, show over, he thought. But it was nice while it lasted. Just a moment – is she walking towards him? Yes, she is. Stopping just by his side, she crouched down, tapped his shoulder, and gestured him to follow her with a knowing smile. He did so, back to the office block, into the basement, and eventually to a small unoccupied room, where she locked the door behind them.

With a gentle push against the wall, she cornered her target. Her lips softly touched his lips, and slowly her tongue entered his mouth, slowly caressing his tongue, her hand rubbing the bulge in his trousers. Then, crouching down to his groin, she unzipped his trousers, sliding them down past his knees, to expose his already erect penis. Gently pulling the foreskin back to expose the moist head, she ran her tongue up and down the underside, in a slow, teasing style. She then gently kissed and tasted the tip of his penis, her saliva mixing with his juices, and then slowly began to go down on him, taking the shaft into her mouth, still tonguing and teasing, and tasting his pre-cum. After a short while, as she retracted from his erection, he crouched down and slowly unzipped her skirt, which fell to the floor. Slowly, he began to pull her thong down her legs, noticing the warm, heady aroma of sexual excitement as he did so. Laying her down on a nearby table, he parted her moist vaginal lips, and began to embrace her clitoris with his tongue. The aroma of her excitement turned him on even more, and as he licked her clit and vagina to orgasm, which was now sopping wet, he felt her shudder. By her cries of excitement, he knew he had carried out the first part of his duty to pure satisfaction. It was now all too much. He looked in her eyes, and felt her seductive whisper of 'Fuck me, please' in his ear. 'Fuck me, but don't cum inside me…..'.

Without hesitation, he slid deeply into her warm vagina, and gently licked the aerolae of her breasts before finally sucking on her erect nipples. Instinctively, his cock began to rub up and down inside her, filling the room with the sound of her gasps, and that distinctive wet, squelching sound as he moved in and out of her. Suddenly, he felt a tingle in his groin, quickly spreading to his cock and tight sac. Trying to hold back, he pulled out. As she moved down off the table, taking his cock into her mouth once again, she masturbated him into orgasm, swallowing every drop of his cum. With a final, passionate kiss, they quickly put their clothes back on. She picked up her thong from the floor and slid it into his trouser pocket, patting on it as she did so, and giving him a wink that said 'Something to remember this afternoon by….'. The thought of their liaison, coupled with the thought of her spending the rest of the day wearing nothing under her skirt ensured that his afternoon would be stress-free.

'Now, what about those accounts?' he thought, as he made his way back to the office…….