Written by alexdevil

20 Jul 2006

It all started with a night out with an ex girlfriend. We didn't go out much, but when we did we made a special effort for each other. I for one had completely shaved my pubes in the bath and not told my partner, and I felt horny as fuck.

It was summer and my partner, who was a petite size 8 with 36C boobs, had on a lovely cotton dress that was nearly transparent in the right light, with little white knickers.

We got out of the taxi in Leeds and went straight into the first pub and ordered our drinks. It was early and we chatted about this and that, having a laugh and a couple of games of pool. Being both good players we took it quite seriously at first, but then we started touching and stroking, each trying to distract the other.... She flashing her knickers at me and me nibbling her ears and kissing her neck....

We went to the next pub and chatted some more and she told me that she was feeling very horny. I replied that I was as well and suggested we did something about it. However my partner declined, she was a little shy in public, so we started to get down to some heavy snogging, giving the rest of the people in the pub a bit of an eyeful.

As we snogged I could hear the tiny moans of pleasure from my ex, and I for one was getting harder by the minute, and we carried on kissing. I stroked her body through her wisp of a dress and every time my fingers got close to her pussy or her tits she moved my hand away, she was very proper in public, but I knew she was enjoying our session....

We finished our drinks, and waited as she went to the toilet to, "straighten myself up" as she put it.

In the next pub we sat and chatted again...

I decided to talk a little dirty to her so I tapped her shoulder and len near her ear and whispered to her:

"When we get home I am going to lick you all over"

I saw her smile and we carried on chatting talking about this an that again, then I leant nearer to her and whispered to her again:

"I'm going to hancuff you and slap your arse with my cane"

I knew she loved this and I nibbled her ear as I said this, and a shudder went down her back.

"Are you gettign wet?", I ased her...

She slapped my forearm and laughed.

I whispered to her

"I've got a surprise for you when we get home... do you want to guess?"

As I said this my hand stroked her inner thigh and she licked her lips.

"I wouldn't have the first idea where to start to guess so tell me", she asked.

I leant toward he face to kiss her, but at the last moment before our lips met I slightly parted my mouth and slowly licked her lips, something she loved.

She said that she was going to the toilet.

I leant to her and said

"When you go to the toilet take your knickers off and bring them to me. I will go to the toilet and swap them so I'm wearing yours and you are wearing none....."

She laughed and said

"No chance.."

I smiled and she went away.

We left for the next pub when she returned from the loo. We walked arm in arm and chatted again. I felt her arse as we walked and we went into the next pub.

We got our drinks and sat down. We started snogging again, the drink was beginning to have an affect, on both of us, and this time when my hand touched her tits she didn't move them away at first. I squeezed a nipple through her bra and we got rather passionate again.

I went to the toilet, and adjusted my hard on and went back to her. She was smiling at me. I sat down and she took my hand and put something in it. I looked in my hand and it was her knickers, balled up. My hard on immediately came back.

She had taken them off at the table, not in the toilet. They were wet as well. I got up and returned to the toilet and replaced my boxer shorts with her little knickers. Obviously they didnt cover my hard on, and I could feel the wetness on my balls and arse.

I returned to the table and said to her

"You tart", I whispered to her, "your knickers are soaking..."

I kissed her passionately and my hand stroked her inner thigh and she opened her legs a little more and let me stroke her wet pussy for a moment. There was something different, but I didn't think too much about it at first.

It was getting late, and I said to her should we make a move closer to home, half hoping to miss out the night club and go straight home to bed.

We got a taxi to the club, but I got it to drop us a ten minute walk away. It was a nice warm night so we didn't mind the walk.

The streets were quiet and no-one was behind us so I lifted the back of her dress up and felt her bare arse..

"That feels ver nice", she said, "so good"

"Feels good from my side too", I replied.

There was an alley nearby and I fancied a quickie but she said no, lets wait, so in the darkness of the alley we snogged for a few minutes. As we snogged my hands lefted her dress and it was such a turn on to feel her body. I kissed her harder and my hand moved down to her shaven pussy... Thats when I realised what was different earlier on, she had shaved off her pubes. I had mentioned it some weeks before, even offered to shave off her pubes myself, but she had declined..

"Do you like that", she asked.

"Oh yes..", I replied, and she lifted her left leg up o I could get a proper feel of her sahve pussy, and I slipped a finger up her hot wet cunt. She moaned and I then whispered to her.

"Seeing as you have no knickers on why not remove you bra."

She looked at me and smiled and said:

"OK then, stand away a little and watch"

There was enough light from a near street lamp. She reached down, gripped the hem of her dress, and with one movement lifted it over her head and passed it to me. I held it as she removed her bra. She stood naked for a moment and looked horny as fuck. She lifted her leg again and this time inserted a finger into her cunt and offered it to me to taste her juice. She loved this, and so did I.

She gave me her bra and I put it in my back pocket, and she put her dress back on, and we went to the night club.

I paid and we walked in. We didn't bother with drinks at first, just went to the dance floor, where we spent about 20 minutes dancing both absorbed in eachother. At one point we were movinge together and she turned her back to me and ground her arse against my crotch, and my hands were all over her body.

We had a few drinks and more dancing then decided to walk home.

In the park on our way back I told her how much I had enjoyed our night and she said to me:

"It better not have finished yet"

I kissed her passionately again and my hands felt her body again. Our house was still half an hour away and I was near to bursting.

I said to her

"I dare you to take your dress off again"

She just looked at me and removed her dress in one go.

We walked all the way home, her naked. It was about 2am by this time and we were seen by no-one.

At last we were at home, she went upstaits and I followed.

I slowly stripped and watched her playing with herself.

"You are not the only one who has shaved", I said as I started to take her knickers off.

"Keep them on for a while she said", then she noticed that I had shaved my pubes as well.

For once we didn't need much foreplay, although she did take my cock in her mouth for a minute but it was obvious what we both wanted, A GOOD SHAG. The finesse came later. I entered her straight away. When I was inside her she straightened her legs, she wanted to feel me come inside her. This was one of her favourite possitions, as I was inside her, and I had my hand free to play with her tits and I could kiss her or nibble her ears or whateve she wanted. She always came in theis possition.

It didn't take long and we both came together. She had such a dirty mouth when she was coming and that just spurred me on. All those, "fucks", and, "cunts" emerging from her mouth. She encourage me to call her a "tart", and a "whore" as it drove her wild.

When we had come, we lay and chatted, and I told her how turned on I was when she had nothing on but her dress. I told her that all the blokes could tell, and the fact that I was the one that was going home with her, not them, was the best.

As we chated she played with my cock, balls and stroked my arse gently, and I was soon hard again.

"I want to feel filled up tonight", she said.

"What do you mean?", I asked.

It soon became clear that she had planned some sort of extra special night. She rolled over to the bedside cabinet and pulled out a cucumber. It was about 8 inches long, bigger than me, and about an inch and a half in diameter.

"I want you to fuck me with this, NOW", she said.

I looked at her astonished, and for once I was gobsmacked.

"OK", was all i said.

I knew she liked cunnilingus so I immediately got between her legs and licked her pussy. It was levely to see her shaven, and I spent about ten minutes just using my tongue on her, and she ground her pussy against my mouth and moaned and swore like a good'un.

One, then two then three fingers weny in her cunt almost immediately and I could feel the muscles of her cunt alternately loosen and grip my fingers.

She had never before taken four fingers but she did this night and she moaned for more. I knew she wanted the cucumber, but I wanted to try for my hand. She took the whole thing right up to my wrist.

"Oh my god", she said, "are you fucking me with your whole hand?", she gasped

"I certainly am", I replied. She raised herself to her elbows and looked down at my hand buried deep in her cunt.

"Move it around a bit more", she asked

I did as she instructed, and the tirade of obsenities and moans that came form her mouth just reward.

She rubbed her clitoris and she made herself come and I felt her cunt muscles grip my had again.

"Cucumber", she said

I could only obey, so I gently removed my hand, and reached for the green cock. I spat on it to give it a little lubrication, then slowly eased it inside her. I thought it would take a bit of time to get it in, but she accepted almost 6 inches of its lengh almost straight away.

"Oh fucking hell, that feels good", she said

"Looks good too", I replied.

Over the next two minutes she managed to take the whole length and I worked up to a fast rhythm. She was swearing again, and moaning, and my hand was going faster and faster. She was taking the whole length, and I was withdrawing the cucumber almost to its tip. After a few minutes of this she had come again and agian. I only had her word, bet she said she had lost count of how many times she had come.

Eventually she said she had had enough and it was my turn. She didn't usually let me come in her mouth, or indeed, anyway near her face, but I dont know if it was in the heat of the moment, but she took my whole length at once and deep throated me. I lay and watched her as she carried on. She was good. As I was about to come, she gripped the base of my cock and wanked it into her mouth and I came, the first spurt in her mouuth, and the next on her face. She spat it out and rubbed it onto her tits then smiled and asked me to kiss her. Well, I couldnt refuse, it had been the best night ever.

We talked much later about it, and she said that she had always wanted to feel filled up, and from then on until we split up she got her wish, we used almost anything from a rolling pin, not wooden obviously, to the 12" handle of one of my hammers!!! Don't get me wrong, she liked cock, but she had a bent for using other things for pleasure!! It was alight by me!!!!!