Written by swingin_cat

13 Jun 2007

Tim and Sarah had just bought their first house, after months of saving for the deposit. In just a few months, they would look forward to their wedding in Mexico. Before the wedding, they have both decided that the house should be given a new coat of paint and a new layer of wallpaper. Tim had decided to take a couple of weeks off work to see to it all………….with a little help from Sarah's mum. Surprisingly, she was no novice when it came to wallpaper: she had taken care of her living room twice over. She had to be independent, ever since Sarah's parents split some time ago.

It was one morning of the first week of decorating that Sarah's mum turned up at the house to make a start on things. A lady of 48, she still had the figure of someone half her age, not to mention the elegant way she carried herself off –a true lady. As they sat in the kitchen over morning coffee, they discussed jobs for the day. And so it was agreed that whilst she took care of wallpapering the bedroom, Tim would paint the bathroom walls. And so the working day began.

Tim was in the bathroom applying the first coat of paint to the wall. Suddenly, the door opened. 'Damn' his future mother-in-law exclaimed. 'Just spilt wallpaper paste over my jeans. Feels awful when it starts to dry'. If truth be told, Tim had always had a soft spot for Sarah's mum: more of an intimate feeling rather than a maternal one. 'Guess you could take them off to let them dry then' said Tim. He stopped for a moment….did he really say that? 'Sorry – just slipped out. My idea of a joke' he stammered. What if Sarah found out what he had said? He could only hope her mum had a sense of humour. 'Hmm…' she muttered. 'Not a bad idea, I suppose!'. With that, she unbuttoned her jeans and slipped them off past her bare feet there and then. Tim could not believe what he was seeing. Worse still, he was trying desperately to conceal his excitement, both facially and by the bulge in his jeans.

There she stood, by now wearing just a lime green tee-shirt and black lacy panties. She could see that Tim was taken aback by the sight, as he couldn't help looking in sheer amazement. 'Come on, don't look so shocked!' she said. 'I know you've been having thoughts about me for a while now'. 'How can you say that?' remarked Tim. 'Well', she continued. 'I've seen you try to get a glimpse up my skirt whenever you can, whilst I'm sitting down chatting to you, and I've even noticed you looking up my skirt from under the stairs!'. Tim was now horrified, for he knew she was telling the truth. 'Oh shit….I'm sorry…what can I say?' he replied. 'Oh, don't be so silly' she said. 'To be honest, I quite like it! It's so lovely to be given male attention – can't remember when I last had some. Yes, I've noticed – why do you think I wear my skimpiest panties under my skirt when you're around?'

She then sat on the edge of the bath, and edged her legs slowly apart. As she did so, Tim started to notice that she was actually wearing black split-crotch panties, as the lacy slit gradually started to emerge. It now became obvious to him that she had been planning this move for a while now. This was the invitation he had so longed for. To tease him further, she edged open the split of her panties wider, to reveal her clean shaven vagina. Holding her vaginal lips wide apart, she said 'This is what you always wanted, isn't it?'. Her finger slid inside her vagina: in and out, until it was white with her creamy juices. Shocked, although in an excited sort of way, Tim moved gently towards her. His hand slid down to her vagina, and he began to explore her wetness for himself. He undid his jeans and stepped out of them, rubbing his firm erection as he fingered her. 'Come here…..let me do that for you' she demanded.

Taking his erect penis in her hand, she gently pulled his foreskin back to reveal his bulbous knob, glistening wet with his own excitement. Bending over to reach him, she darted her tongue around the smooth knob, teasing him into dribbling pre-cum over her tongue. Slowly, she began to take his length into her mouth and continued to caress the length of his penis with her lips and tongue, moving down and up slowly, taking care to ensure that he didn't let go just yet. As she pulled her face away from his penis, now dripping wet with her saliva, she got up and arched herself over the sink. 'Take me now', she whispered to Tim in her deepest, sexiest voice. 'I want you to cum inside me…..it's OK – I can't get pregnant'.

Without further ado, Tim stood behind her, first gently rubbing the tip of his penis against the outer rim of her anus, then moving down to the throbbing lips of her vagina, spreading her wide. It was all too much to resist: he slowly entered her, as she began to gasp. The slow move gradually turned to a fast ride, as she squealed with excitement: in fact, Tim was surprised just how sexually excited she was, through her cries and also by her wetness covering his erection. The touch of her warm, wet vaginal walls against his penis meant he could no longer hold back: before long, he had reached a massive ejaculation inside her.

As Tim pulled away and sat down on the bath edge, she faced him and pulled her vaginal lips apart, to the sight of his cum dripping out from below her. The bathroom was full of the strong scent of her love juices mixed with his semen. 'Well, there's a few days left to do the decorating whilst Sarah's at work, and always time for more fun' she said, as she pulled a piece of tissue from the roll on the wall and dried herself. He knew he wouldn't be able to resist from now on, but what about Sarah? Well, he thought….it will only last two weeks, so make the most of it. The less she knows, the better.