Written by unknown

13 Mar 2006

I can just imagine me there to lick kiss and nibble your sexy bod Mind you I think if I were to put some orders in for different poses I would be here writing for a long while suffice is to say I hope it has made you very wet As to the boobs maybe some baby oil so they are nice and slippery so my cock can slide in and out easily. And then to the botty well I think it must be very pert one, so as you seem to be into light or extreme pain although I like to give my ladies light pain if you need a real smack bot I am more than willing to oblige I will start by putting you across my knee taking down you knicks or g string if you wear anything at all that is and start giving you bot a spanking. I think for our first meet you will have to be dressed in some very sexy underwear along with a nice dress or skirt and top, now if it is a skirt it has to be a short one to show of your legs and maybe a little flowing just enough for the wind to catch it and let us have a glimpse of the fun to be had. Then we will have to find somewhere nice and quite if not to cold in the woods away from prying eyes will do, that's if we can keep our hands off you for the amount of time it takes to find somewhere. Then when we get there I will slowly unbutton your blouse to reveal what must be some of the nicest boobs around enclosed in a very sexy bra. I will tease your nipples so they are standing to attention. then I will start by nibbling very gently hopefully getting you very wet for me to play with, followed by me burying my head between them and having a good lick and suck on them b4 I start moving down your body, when I reach the waist band of your skirt I will have to rip your skirt off so it falls to the floor exposing some very sexy knicks hiding your by now pulsating pussy. having now starting to suck and lick your naval whilst teasing your nipples I will not be able to resist moving down and kissing your very wet pussy through your knicks then I will gently slide them to one side so I can get to your clit this I will play with b4 getting my tongue around it and once you can stand that no more I will work my way down to your wide open pussy where I will stick my tongue in as far as I can get it whilst I am playing with your now very hard nipples then taking your hard clit in my fingers and playing with it. Following this I will turn you round bend you down give you another smack bot then kiss you starting on your back followed very quickly to your sexy bot where I will spend some time caressing the round red cheeks of your arse, then I would spread them out so I can start working my way to you nice tight round anus. by now of course I would hope you are begging me to let you take hold of my cock but as I am still dressed you will have to slowly undo my belt and take it off then unzip my trousers so you can release my very hard cock, this you start to play with then hopefully you WILL start to suck it, then taking more and more into your mouth till you have got down to my balls, you will then start licking my balls with your tongue whilst my cock is buried deep in your throat, all the while you are doing this I will be playing with your very wet pussy after doing this for some time I will take it out and then push you up against a tree tying you to it so I can open your legs and push my very hard cock right in your pussy as far as it will go After some time of me playing with your arse and giving you a good pounding we will all end up having one of the best orgasms we have ever had