Written by wully

11 May 2007

Well here we are on our annual holiday .My name is wully and my partners name is Jackie. we are a young early 40 year old couple who have never swung before tho' have role played and talked about it many times. any way back to the story.

We were lying on the our private hotel beach with Jackie wearing nothing but a very small thong . when two guys (1 white and 1 black )came and asked if they could use the two vacant sunbeds beside us.

Why of course we both said together,as i applied some sun lotion to jackie's back, moving slowly down to her bottom. the two strangers stopped talking and watched in silence as i applied the stuff between her cheeks .

the black lad had a massive boner under his shorts and i whispered to Jackie i bet she could'nt handle something that size ."oh i dunno - and the other guy is just as big too!" so i asked them if they liked what they saw = yes they stammered, not taking their eyes off jackies body. i could tell Jackie was also getting excited too .so i asked the lads to come with us to our room, which was only a short walk away .

once in the room Jackies legs had almost given way with the excitement and shock of the situation. But given the supprise Jackie quickly dropped to her knees and pulled out the two huge cocks and sucked on them in turn. I also removed my trunks and positioned myself behind her and rammed my bursting hardon into her sopping wet cunt, at this the two lads started to ram their cocks dowm her throat in turn.

i pulled my cock out and Jackie leaped onto the black lad' cock and continued to suck the other one , god this was getting me really turned on so i rammed my cock up her arse , at this she started to come - her body was covered in sweat and shaking uncontrollably - and then the biggest orgasm i've ever known Jackie to have,her body shook all over and over and over.

this in turn brought us all off together as we all pulled out and csme over her lovely face.

we still dont know their names but we have agreed we will do this again - soon !!!!!!!!