Written by unknown

9 Jan 2006

continued from installment 1 . . .

He kept hold of my wrist, and pulled me firmly upwards from where I was sitting, on the arm of the lock, with my skirt tucked up, and my naked pussy glistening in the sunlight.

Thrusting himself against me, he kissed me, then said 'drop to your knees you hungry little slut'. I didn't wait to be told a second time, but dutifully lowered myself to the ground in front of him. Licking slowly down his chest and abdomen as I made my way to his overheated crotch.

I knelt now, looking up at him, as he stroked my hair. I took his zipper, lowered it slowly, teasing his cock as it strained to be unleashed. I gently eased his trousers down over his buttocks, so they fell around his knees, allowing me free access to the magnificent cock I was seeing for the first time in all it's glory! I let out an involuntary gasp as I wondered what it must feel like to be satisfied by such a large tool. I felt the anticipation rising in me, as I guessed I wouldn't have long to wait before I found out. Gently, i brushed my lips against the tip of his cock. I kissed it, and he sighed as he felt the warmth of my breath on the swollen head. My tongue circled around the twitching head of his fabulous cock, leaving a small trail of saliva, which I mixed with his pre-cum using the tip of my tongue. Seeing the size of his cock, and feeling it in my hands, I knew I would have difficulty taking it in my mouth without some assistance, so I wet my hand with the juices still seeping from my recently satisfied pussy, and rubbed my cum over the first few inches of his cock. This wonderful tasting lubrication made taking his cock into my mouth much easier, but I still didn't manage to take the whole of it in. I could feel him right at the back of my throat, and struggled not to gag.

As I slid him as far into my mouth as I could take, he moaned loudly, and I looked up to see him throwing his head backwards. I was exceptionally turned on by the sight of him in obvious ecstasy, and it spured me on to continue fucking him with my mouth, which had never been as full as this before. There was still enough cock outside my mouth for me to hold with the whole of my hand. 'My god' I thought 'how am I going to take this in my pussy?'

I slid my mouth to and fro over his wonderful cock, making gentle noises as it slipped more readily with each inward motion. He grabbed my head quite firmly, and I could feel his ass tighten. I waited for the explosion, but he pulled out suddenly, gasping.

'No, I'm not going to come in your mouth.' he panted 'I want to experience the pleasures of every orifice you can give me!'

At this, I filled with both lust and trepidation. I have always loved the thought of being fucked up the ass, but had never actually encountered the experience. The nearest I had was fingering my own ass, and teasing it with the tip of one of my vibrators. My cheeks flushed at the thought that I may actually be about to have my anal cherry popped, then the thought dawned on me about the size of his cock, and I swooned at the thought.

He gently helped me up to my feet, got me to step out of my skirt all together, and pressed his enormous, hot, sticky cock against my swollen mound.

He stepped forwards towards the sturdy arm of the lock, sitting himself down on it and leading me by the hand to him. 'Climb up here and put your legs either side of mine'.

I needed no more prompting, and eagerly straddled his lap, hovering over his quivering cock.

He kissed my neck hungrily, squeezing my right breast in his left hand, and with his right hand, ran his fingers deftly along the slit of my wanting pussy.

'I know exactly what this little beauty needs' he said, moving both his hands to my hips and lowering me onto that magnificent cock, whilst pushing himself inch, by wonderful inch into my soaking wet cunt.

to be continued, again! . . .