Written by dobin

2 Mar 2006

Well, I decided to join the SP after some chat with friends, I told them that although my sex life at home had all but disappeared but I still loved my wife. It turned out to be one of the most interesting times of my life.

My very first meet was a disaster, got to the house lady was large (I like that) and soon we had settled onto a settee and were snogging and groping each other. She got my now enormous erection out and went down on me which felt so good after such a long abstinence. Off we went to the bedroom and stripped, I fucked her so hard she was in heaven, soon she made me lay back on the bed and she positioned herself such that she could suck my very stiff cock but I couldn't watch her from her position, she went to work so professionally that I just laid back and enjoyed it, we were saying things to each other and then I realised that she had spoken and my cock was still being fully sucked… I jumped up to find that a man had entered the bedroom in a wheelchair and was the other mouth on my cock.

I was totally disgusted and demanded an explanation, it turned out that she was just his friend and used his house to meet men, it was the deal that he could watch and not be seen but on this occasion he had planned this with her. I left and felt very uncomfortable. My next meet was a nervous affair and I shouldn't have worried, it turned out to be the best sex I have ever had with a beautiful sexy lady who just took control of me, not dominated, after she realised I was very nervous. I had booked a hotel room and she arrived in the afternoon, we chatted a while over a bottle of wine and she then kissed me and made me lay fully clothed on the bed… she stripped sensually for me teasing me and watching my cock stiffen under my trousers but told not to touch myself…boy that was hard. I saw my very first shaved pussy, wow they do look good don't they and taste it…anyway, she straddled me, her tits wobbling as she did, and unbuttoned my shirt, stripping me slowly to the final item which she did by her teeth…tugging down the front of my shorts over my rigid dick and then fondling my balls as we were finally both naked. I kissed her all over and was soon licking that specially shaved cunt, my cock throbbing…I reached for some massage oil and dribbled some over her tits and started to rub them gently, kissing a nipple every now and again. As I did this I slid between her legs and my cock just touched her pussy and slipped gently and deeply inside for the start of some unbelievable sex.

We met a couple of times, my confidence now high I ventured to a couple who were really good fun, my first threesome was a very quick session in the daytime but planned an all nighter soon after. I was there and well prepared, the session we had surely got me hard as I knew what a sex machine this lady was already. As we lay on the bed with er in the middle we bought her torgasm together using just fingers, she climbed on top of me and he knelt behind her, I was anticipating DP but soon realised that he was licking her cunt as I was slamming my cock up her dripping pussy, the licking then went from her to both her and my cock and finally to him grabbing my rod and taking it deep in his mouth…then guiding back up the hole I wanted to be in. she was still riding me hard and this continued for some time, my spunk was starting to rise and I told her….where do u want it I asked…… but she just slid off me and joined her husband at sucking me to the final point… I shot my load and he was the one who took the main bursts into his mouth, she took the lesser shots and they both revelled in the spunk all over there faces and dripping from there mouths, kissing each other and both holding my now wilting cock and taking it in turns to lick the still dripping tip…she finally came up to me and kissed me with her mouth full of my cum and he carried on sucking and pumping my cock which to my surprise rose after his attentions and I was soon fucking her again doggy style with him under us licking at my balls..

I couldn't do the same back to him, the thought just repulsed me but I was happy with the way the evening and whole night went with sex almost every hour mainly while he was asleep in the bed at night.

We all met again at a friend of their's house and a few couples were there. Within minutes we were all naked and I was able to enjoy FFM and FFFM and just any of the women at any time I wanted culminating in hubby once again wanting to suck me, this time as I fucked another mans wife, it was just as good and apparently was exciting to the women as much as me seeing girl on girl sex. The group fun continues, I know I am not bi but not scared to have another man pleasure himself on my cock but would never think of anal…that is a total taboo and always will be, but I do owe a lot to SP for giving me the chance to experience other situations that I would never otherwise have tasted.

Always ready to please so just get in touch if you want some fun