Written by unknown

3 Jan 2006

We'd met for the first time, in a little cafe somewhere out in the countryside. I was early. Sitting, nervously waiting for him to arrive. I knew the instant he walked in that it was him, and the butterflies in my stomach felt as though they'd spread lower down, as my pussy, naked under my long skirt, twitched without hesitation. The things we had written to each other were whirring in my mind. The fantasies we had shared were making my pulse quicken.

Without a word, he strode over, held out his hand and pull me to my feet. He took hold of me in an embrace I've never known before, and kissed me deeply, fondling my breasts through my blouse, much to the shock and surprise of some of the other people in the cafe. My nipples were erect, and he could feel them fully, as I was not wearing a bra. I blushed deeply, not with embarassment, but with passion. His probing tongue in my mouth had worked it's magic elsewhere, without him even realising it - yet!

As we pressed our bodies together in the full gaze of shocked onlookers, I could feel his amazingly erect cock straining at the material which was the only thing seperating our heated crotches.

I slid my hand gently down the front of his trousers, delighted that he too was 'commando', and was able to feel a bead of pre-cum oozing from his throbbing cock. I removed my hand, licked the small trail of spunk off my palm whilst looking deeply into his eyes. I could see he was burning with passion, and he could see the same in my eyes too. We swiftly exit the cafe, leaving shocked onlookers choking on their teas!

"Let's leave them guessing as to what I'm going to do to you next shall we?" he whispered in my ear as we stopped for one more prolonged deep kiss in the doorway.

There was a canal close to the cafe, we decided to aim towards there. We were almost tripping over ourselves in our eagerness to get to the towpath. As we ran a few hundred yards down past the water, he stopped. Turning to face me, he said "If you beat me to the lock down there, I'll lick your pussy 'til you explode in extasy, if I beat you, I'm going to fuck you hard wherever I please".

We both started to run, laughing so hard we could barely breath. I managed to push past him, although I'm sure he let me deliberately win. I was not complaining though. The thought of the tongue that probed my mouth so expertly, probing my pussy with the same enthusiam had my pussy pulsating in anticipation. He hoisted me up onto the arm of the lock, hungrily lifting my skirt with one hand, whilst unbuttoning my top with the other. He seemed equally as delighted at my lack of pants.

"Dirty little slut eh?" he exclaimed, as his finger began to probe my already sopping wet pussy.

He kissed down my neck, sucking at my breasts as he moved lower towards my hungry, wet, mound. I whimpered with delight as he stopped, teased and then lapped the entire length of my dripping wet pussy. He probed, nibbled, licked and sucked hungrily, whilst I screamed with delight as I had not one, nor two, but three

fantastic orgasms at the mercy of his tongue. one after the other. My cunt was positively gushing with my own cum juices. I began to finger myself hungrily, but

he grabbed my wrist and said "I think we both know I should have won the race. It's my turn now. I want you to feel me explode, and I haven't decided where yet".

To be continued.....