Written by paul2use

8 Jun 2006

it would be good to meet up in a pub and have a few drinks to relax then after getting on so well i slowly slide my hand on your leg getting you excited, then with people wathing but not knowing whats going on i put my hand under you pants and start playing with your clit getting you all hot and wet, gagging for my hard cock inside you we both go off to toilet and sneak in the gents closing the door behind us, wanting to be caught but hoping not to i pull down your pants and bend you over like the girl you want to be and slide my hard cock deep inside youe wet pussy raming you hard making you scream and cum, we then go back down stairs for another drink like nothings happend and leave, we decide to get a cab back and in the back of the cab you decide the cab should be distracted so you pull my cock out and start sucking me off infront of him telling him how good it feels. Then as we get dropped off you notice we havent got any money but the house is empty so you tell the cabbie to come inside for his payment, inside you slide down on him holding his cock telling him you want to have two cocks inside you and then we start to.....