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We are based near the City Centre in Leicester, and we have a spa which is big and clean and offers a whole heap of fun.

Between 10pm and 4am the following morning, you can enjoy our luxurious sauna, the beautiful steam room and the wonderful Jacuzzi. The shy can wear swimming costumes; the braver ones can wrap themselves in our white, fluffy towels and then be naked as they go into the Jacuzzi or the steam room.

Perhaps, once you have enjoyed the downstairs facilities, you may want to dress in that little sexy number you brought with you or for the guys maybe it’s some nice underwear or a jock… then you can go and discover the naughty delights that await you upstairs in Midswingers.

Upstairs you will find our large adult cinema, the play zone which includes a dark room, we have lockable private rooms and 2 Slings... One private the other more public!!!

We have a licensed bar with drinks at reasonable prices.

Our first event – Friday Frolics is on Friday 27th February – starting at 10pm through til 4am
The entry price for an M/F couple is normally £25 – however, if you use discount code AW1 entry will be reduced to £17 – Pay in advance using PayPal then the price reduces to £15

Single Ladies are normally £12, but discount code AW2 knocks that down to £10 (£9 if you pay in advance with PayPal)

Have a look at our website or drop me a line for more information (oh if the website blocks site addresses its Midswingers followed by co and then uk) Please remember you need to be a member BEFORE you can buy tickets for this event – Couples and Single females please note you can pay at the door...but you must have a membership number – you CANNOT join at the door.

SINGLE GUYS...The number of single guys allowed to enter is based on the number of ladies attending the event – and it’s on a first come first served basis... so make sure you become a member THEN email saying you want to attend on 27th February.