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hi, im a single male, ok girls dont run off!!, i live close to wolverhampton, can accomadate, can travel, mail me and lets have a chat. look forward to hearing off u all.

West Midlands, UK

need we say more!! Tinkerbell is bi with a 46dd bust, very buxom voluptuous and curvy. Peterpan is straight big muscular guy. We are a large built couple looking for the same. Purely cause we love the feel of flesh. We like the lighter side of swinging. the meals together, the drinks, the feeling, touching, playing and tasting. Not just into wam bam thank ya mam sex part. If you like the sound of us, drop us a line via email
Hope to speak to you soon

Old Hill, West Midlands, B64

Discreet male

Hi I 6ft slim mature man looking for fun

Birmingham international airport, West Midlands, B26
Wall heath, West Midlands, DY6
hi ladies im 25 from birmingham recently split with my girlfriend first time at this dont no what to write so just contact me and take it from there
Sutton park, West Midlands, B74
hi im amale slg love nothing more than sex i have got a very hi sex drive and never ad a complaintso cum on girls if u want it get in touch u wont b dissapointed.
Willenhall, West Midlands, WV12
We are new to swinging and are interested in chatting to others to build confidence!!!
Smethwick, West Midlands, B67
hi there 34 old asian man new to this please show me the way. only on basic package so please leave me your e mail address promise i will get back in touch
Walsgrave retail park, West Midlands, CV2
Ward end, West Midlands, B36
Hi well im male 24 new to this proabaly am abit bi so looking to try new things and expereiances so hope to hear off people.
Whitlock's End, West Midlands, B90

new to this site will update when ive got to know my way round

West Midlands, England, United Kingdom

vwe,fit and goodlooking im looking for fun i go to a few clubs,private meets with fems and cpls (im st) ive been playing for a good while and have a 100% turn up rate once a meet is arranged if you fancy a meet or would like to know more feel free to dro me a line .x.chris.x.

right, I'm a swinging noobie, can't do much as can only have fun while at work! (hidden benefit of night security!lol) I'm fun, quick witted, addicted to giving oral. ladies, give me a chance and we'll have some fun
Whitlock's End, West Midlands, B90
Hello people, thanks for reading this, we are a bisexual couple from the midlands, Trintiy is a model and amature porn queen LOL, Mark is a Webmaster with our own 3D virtual reality chat room. you can contact me for more info at ****EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED BY MODERATOR, NOT ALLOWED***** CANT REPLY TO MESSAGES AS WE ARE NOT MEMBERS, SEND TO E-MAIL ADDY
Weoley castle, West Midlands, B29

I'm up for most things, within reason.I'm quite hard to shock

Yardley, West Midlands, B33
looking to swap videos and pics at the moment as we are new to this but very interested.
Small heath, West Midlands, B9

Lets meet upbhave some fun times together anythung goes lol come get it

Perry barr, West Midlands, B42

Solihull, West Midlands, B92
I'm looking to firstly meet new friends, socially see where's hot, and more importantly where's not, he he he. Like to make friendships that last, not get lost in the morning after the night before. Won't bore you with the 'single, clean, honest, not a timewaster, will turn up on time, smooth shaven where it counts' statement cause in this scene, some things go without saying (if you didn't twig, all of the above apply to me), so anyway getting back to my profile, here goes ...... Lets be honest here - single guys profiles generally tend to suck, its always either some sort of one sentence garbage saying 'get in touch' to which theres a snowballs chance in hell of ever happening, or some long winded sycophantic grovel fest with the occasional 'lol' thrown in for good measure. For this reason, I'm just gonna tell you what you REALLY want to know about me. Firstly I'm Indian, I know that causes an issue for some people, and if it does, thanks for reading this far, and perhaps your views will change one day, but until then happy hunting. My Appearance: I'm a decent looking guy (I feel, anyway) with a muscular physique. I sometimes have some form of facial hair, but mostly clean shaven depending on my mood. My Character: I'm generally polite, friendly and chatty company, and more than a bit cheeky! Love to talk/ socialise. My Cock: Lets be honest this IS something you're going to have some kind of interest in if you're thinking of meeting me, but I wont force it on anyone, request my private pics if you're intrigued My Technique: All guys will tell you the same, but I consider myself to be particularly considerate in the bedroom and genuinely enjoy seeing my lady satisfied - it excites me and makes me feel good. My Availability: I love to swing and I dont like to keep people waiting, nor do I like to be kept waiting myself. If you'd like to meet me, I'll be happy to come and play with you, after we've taken a little time to chat and get to know each other of course :) My reasons: I love the sensual touch of a lady, like to be in the company of nice people, and nothing can beat the butterflies you get as you walk upto the door of your next meet, or as I'm sat there awaiting you to knock on my door. Now you've got the jist of what I'm all about. If I've piqued your interest be sure contact me I'll always reply. It's just plain good manners X ps. I can handle rejection, so a simple 'No thanks', if you find me utterly disgusting is much appreciated. To: Sydney University and all other institutions using this site or its associated sites for projects - You do not have permission from me to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal action. (I suggest the rest of you post this notice.) Any such usage will be considered as a breach of my legal right to privacy and I will prosecute any persons or company doing so.
Monmore Green, West Midlands, WV1
Hi, I am a genuine guy in the Birmingham area. I sincerely apologise in advance if I offend anyone but I need to honest here! I am not a porn star and don't pretend to be one - I can't start shagging at the drop of a hat and dont expect you to either. I would need to get to know you first socially by having a drink (or whatever you prefer )as I am sure any reasonable person needs to be sure who they are getting involved with. I definitely would not take offence if you told me you were not interested in whatever scenario, we all need to be attracted and turned by one another and if it doesn't happen then that is perfectly normal and fine by me. It is extremely important that we are on the same wavelength as I am sure everyone has met someone or people that initially appeared nice only to be horrified at the nonsense that came out of their mouth!! (yes folks we are talking about personalities!!) and all that beauty or sexual stamina or those great bums mean nothing if we can't get on!! I do like ladies with good figures and a pretty face as we all do but it isn't the end of the world for me if you aren't, so if you would like to contact me please relax and don't be worried of my expectations. (I am a slim guy if you need to know).I am very clean with high hygiene standards and that is very important for me in a partner, there is nothing worse than bad body hygiene and it is the ultimate turnoff!! I have always practiced safe sex and will continue to do so, I will never compromise that and for my peace of mind I have had myself tested for HIV and all the STD's twice (the worst time of my life waiting for the results of my HIV test!), not because I had unprotected sex but because I wouldn't like to kill anyone if I was unaware and I know they say its impossible if you use a condom etc etc but it feels real good to be sure, I do respect myself!! I love ladies shaved and smooth because I love giving oral pleasure, tight jeans, short skirts, tight bums, high heals, nice figures , curves, big boobs, small boobs, nice perfume, gorgeous hair, tight clothes, sexy glasses, then wanking me while I slide my fingers inside you - it all turns me on.. as does older ladies with class! Single, married, divorced, young, old - it's all good to me!! I masturbate a lot as my sexual drive is very high, I have to masturbate at work in the toilets to keep my erection down!! My workplace is a nightmare, a lot of professional ladies in skirts and the receptionists keep my imagination active (but I have the utmost respect for them as they are my work colleagues and friends and draw the line there!!) The flirting doesn't help but its all good fun!! If you would like to get in touch and have a chat and maybe more - please do!! Life is too short - so go for it!! EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED, NOT ALLOWED
Winson green, West Midlands, B18
Hi Guys&Dolls, Swinging IS NOT Rocket Science! (although there seem to be a few scientists on here!) It follows a simple formular that has been correct since inception in the 60s! Advert+mail=contact IF contact=like then meet and play if contact=not like then don't meet and play! We think the formular has been tainted over the years and often reads: Advert+mail+msn+more mail+pix swap+timewasters=contact IF contact then meet for drink+meal+BBQ+family do+trip to Alton Towers=WHAT A KERFUFFLE This is a swing site not friends re-united! Having said that we have met some great friends who come back for more,more,more but it's not a pre-requirement....FUN is! We are ultra reliable, if we say we are meeting we are!-the inlaws will not visit at the last minute,the goldfish is already dead,there are tablets for headaches,a domestic over the kids will not deter've heard em all so have we! We are not into strict rules and regulations and find that each meet holds it's own wonders...the only rule we do have is that you must is way too weird without. So if you want genuine,reliable no-nonsense fun then drop us a line! Read on: We are D&S a genuine,reliable,fun professional couple based in the Midlands seeking: Couples of any sexual orientation for all kinds of fun. For full/soft swap and all in fun and sexy scenarios. And vwe males (black especially welcome). We can both accom/travel and like to meet for a no pressure chat/drink at ours leaving us the option to play if the mood takes us all....oh and why on earth do folks meet in swing clubs!!!! edging bets we thinks... and surely this is not what Swing Date is designed for..if you go to a swing club YOU WILL by the very nature of the premises meet SWINGERS...HELLO! DER! S is 6 0',stocky rugby player build,shaven head and bits,nice sized cock,heavy cummer.. a bit naughty,very cheeky and maybe a tad sexy. D is 5 5',size 16,38E tits,well spoken,pretty blonde,very rude and loves the ladies and the guys equally,likes spunk,anal and being very naughty. Oh and did I mention a multi-orgasmic squirter! Hugs D&S x x x
Upper Eastern Green, West Midlands, CV5
Hi We are Erica & Tom an attractive, intelligent and fun loving couple very much in love but horny as hell and secure enough in our own relationship to treat this as an added extension of our already wonderful sex lives :-) He says....Erica is: 5'5" - size 10/12 amazing boobies :) and the sweetest little bum ever. She is a bi and loves the attention of other ladies....and likes to be attentive to them also. She says....Tom is 5'7" - medium build, very straight with dark hair, a very cheeky smile, a perky cute ass and he certainly has CFM eyes We love to spend evenings with couples who are looking for similar things to us......lots of girl-girl fun with the guys joining in - probably saving the ultimate pleasure for own partners....but if we all get on famously then who knows. We enjoy erotic group sessions with everyone involved and having a wild time. We love all kinds of sexy fun (except pain....the odd swift bum slap not withstanding :) ....and toilet stuff should be reserved for...well the toilet really) but lots of oral, massage, flirting and general rudeness is definitely on the cards we also like toys. We also like to meet and play with other couples on web cam so get in touch if you like that too. We both keep ourselves trim 'down there' and require that you do too - so much nicer for extended oral fun dontchathink! We are atrractive but not quite Brad & Angelina! we're slim & reasonably fit.....and both working on the reasonably thing and prefer it if you are too. Age is not a problem to us - in fact we are both fond of slim and attractive more mature ladies- but we do need to feel attracted to you (and vice versa of course) - for us to feel comfortable. Get in touch - send us some pics (facial & clothed is fine - ruder if you like :) - and we will send ours by return - we'll respond to all genuine adverts even if its just a thanks but no thanks. We're not looking for single matter how big it is....we really mean it :)
Meer End, West Midlands, CV8
Hi I'm Bob,. My ultimate fantasy is to take on a number of ladies all at the same time.. I would prefer to meet ladies rather than couples, but I don't mind if the husband wants to watch.. I don't have a set plan of action , I'd rather let things develop natrally and call the play as I see it.. I love my balls being touched, gently at first and with a little more force as things progress. I've been told that it's great when a women slips a finger up your arse, I've not had the pleasure as yet but I think I'd like to give it a try.. I don't have experience in arranging my liasions in such a structured way, I usually meet my partners in bars and when on work trips. One night stands and that kind of thing.. I can get hot and horney just about anywhere. I don't have a particular desire to have sex outside but I have done on many other occassions so that wouldn't faze me.. I have a small blue movie collection, they are mostly about the more mature ladies. i think that's because from my own experience's mature ladies are more open about what they want from a man in the bedroom. I enjoy it when a lady tells me exactly what she wants.. As my experience is limited in regard to swingging I'm not sure. I've always wanted to be involved in an orgie. I've had a three some once before when I was at Uni, I've had many a wank over the memories from that night.. One of my fantasies would to stumble upon a group of mature ladies with time on their hands who were looking for an eager guy to fuck them all over and over again. I think fucking a group of mature ladies is the ultimate, I'm sure they would try and out do each other in terms of who's the most naughty.. I like a confident lady, not a pushy lady, I can get that at home but a confident lady who can tell me what she likes is great fun.. I'd like my playmate to start by going down on me, unzipping my fly then taking my cock into her soft wet mouth. I love it when a lady lets me st my load over her tits or her fanny..
Meer End, West Midlands, CV8
Hi, before we start, please note that we are NOT LOOKING FOR SINGLE MALES and that includes "couples" where the female isn't playing "at the moment". Glad we cleared that up. Now then... We are what we'd call an average, middle-aged but young-at-heart couple. Neither of us smoke. We enjoy a fantastic sex-life together. Both are broadminded, and have/will try most things (except pain). We are both bi-curious and are in the process of curing our curiousity. We are looking for a like-minded couple for some same-room fun whereby all four of us get to play with the other three. Haven't done full-swap sex yet, but wouldn't rule it out, nor full sex with own partner whilst the other couple watch and enjoy the show in whatever way they wish... It doesn't matter how experienced you are in terms of being bi - in fact in-experience could be an advantage in that we can all learn together - what is important is that you are honest, genuine and clean, and you must smell nice (sorry smokers, guess that excludes you), but please don't say you are considering your bi side just to try to meet - you will be very disappointed. We have pictures available for genuine couples, but not for the picture-collectors on here (why not try stamps instead?). Our plan would be to meet for a drink somewhere, and see what develops if we get along - we are always horny, so you might get lucky on the first meet! Sorry, but we can't accom (ever) but are willing to share the cost of a room, or put the car to good use. Are able and willing to travel, and can sometimes at quite short notice. Before we meet up, the two females will have a chat on the phone, so that both you and we know the other couple is genuine. If this sounds appealing, then don't be shy, get in touch. By all means leave us a 'quickie', but don't expect a reply if your profile isn't what we are looking for...
Willenhall, West Midlands, WV12
Well its another year xxx 2008 was a very barren year.Still awaiting that allusive meet.I really hope that 2009 will be a good year,and who knows could be good fun for you as well......but who knows???? xxxxx Hi There,shy but nice Crossdresser(46), blue eyes,short hair(Blonde/Brunette wig). Newbie seeking fellow newbie,shy but eager. Also would like to meet a gentle understanding person with experience and patience cos i know i want cock but just not sure what to do I am overweight a bit(but if you like cuddly i`m your Girl lol)i`m looking for a man who wants me to be his me some sexy stuff etc(yeah i know all TV/CD`ers want that,but hey if you never ask,you never get). I`m hoping there is someone out there who`d like a girlfriend....TV/CD`ers included!!(dress together etc). I have been told i have a great pair of legs(to which i agree),which i keep shaved,to be honest i shave all over so if/when we get to meet i am smooth all over I consider my self very Sub,so i hope there is someone out there who would like to take a Sub girl into hand. I consider myself to be a virgin(I have done it with a lady LOL) so i`m looking for a nice relaxed meeting,to assist me with loosing it....anyone?? I would also love for someone to take some pictures of know pose me in anyway you`d like....there are some very attractive girls on here and their poses make me very anyone???? I`m not into WATERSPORTS!!,SCAT!!(EUUUUWWWW)so if thats your thing please don`t reply Do get in touch,maybe we can have a chat,see how we get on.Then who knows xxx I can`t accommodate normally,except for a Monday evening between 8 and 11 (ask me why) I don`t do the car thing(i feel it makes it all rushed and seedy) Hopefully i can resolve the meet situation....anyone out there want to help me with that????
Woodcross, West Midlands, WV14
Su is Oriental. 4ft 11inch tall and has a simply beautiful face and small build (32AA) with flawless golden-brown skin and a look that could cause motor vehicle pile-ups, lol. Su is also very funny and the life and soul of any party (her pole-dancing skills need to be seen to be believed - no pole required). You WILL love her. Bud is white. Not as handsome as she is beautiful, but not Quasimodo either. Muscular, strong and very well-endowed (8inch+). We are not jealous of each other giving/receiving pleasure with others so long as it is out in the open between us. Both Bud and Su are particularly turned on orally. DP scenarios for Su are deffinately on the agenda. We have experienced threesome scenarios and want to try more - with more (foursomes or moresomes). We want to meet people who care for themselves and are comfortable when naked and the lights are on. All limits are respected and expected by us and we cum as a package deal only. Couples of any race or mix are welcome to contact us. We can travel but cannot accomodate, but there is a good selection of hotels in our vicinity. Party invites would be nice, too. Su is happy to be the centre of attention to guys and girls (a blindfold would be fun - lol). If anyone can enlighten us on the Cap d Agde scene or similar, we would be grateful. Maybe interested in making up a party of others to spend a while there during the summer. We only cum as a package and only play in each other\\\\\\\'s company. We also do not seek single males (Su can get as many as she wants at any time as it is). Thanks guys, but please do not waste your or our time. - Thanks. Hope you contact us if you think we could have fun. In the meantime...Have fun, folks, you are a LONG time in a box! XX
Yardley wood, West Midlands, B14
We are a couple who firmly believe that personalities are far more attractive than looks. Gods is an experienced, shaven headed, goatee bearded. tattooed joke factory, he's got hundreds of bad jokes. He likes nothing more than a room of people to get naked and friendly with. Devils is less experienced (but willing to learn), at a size 18 would be classed as a BBW, long straight hair to her bum (ask her and she will swear its trying to do her in), she has some tattoos too. Her preference is meeting another couple or a small gathering, she leaves the performing to Gods. Both are friendly and easy to get on with, would like to make new friends as well as getting sticky with aquaintences. Both feel that the sex is much, much better if you know the people as we get to know what pushes each other's oooh and aaarrrggghh buttons. Unable to accommodate due to lack of enough space to swing a small feline, they are wiling to travel fair distances... especially for potential friends. Both are straight but willing to meet bi or bifem couples because lets face it, its not ALL about sex is it. They also smoke but willing to be very considerate to non smokers, even carry large supplies of extra strong mints 'just in case'. Well thats us, we are not scary, we are not unfriendly. If you get our point of view, like our pics or are just curious enough to want to know a tiny bit more, send us a message. You can also text us on 07544746024, let us know who you are and that you are on this site (easy to get confused without some info)and we'll get back to you (phone checked regularly but not carried so text only please).
Wednesbury, West Midlands, WS10
First of all can anyone interested in our ad please respond ensuring you leave a way for us to contact you either by e mail or phone as some people are repsonding but we cannot reply due to no contact info,thanks, we are a west midlands couple couple looking for some extra fun with another woman, we are totaly genuine about meeting so we would prefer if you respect this and dont waste out time, we are happy to meet up with first timers as this will also be our first time although fem has had experiance in the past , We wish to fulfill a long time fantasy of ours by having you as the centre of attention, about us: male: 33yrs old very slim and short dark hair and is willing to try anything once although all wishes are respected Fem: 36yrs old slim size 10 (genuine) and really does not know when to stop when she getts going and cant stop thinking about other women, She has shoulder length strawberry blonde hair and is up for almost anything. we would appreciate a photo with your responce showing face (and anything else) this is to elimate any timewasters and we would also like a some form of contact for you (email address is acceptable initially but phone will be needed soon after) we dont really want to have emails going back and forth for months on end as we really do wat this meeting to happen reasonably quick and you never know if we are all happy then it may jst become a regulaer thing, above all safe fun and exiting times are what we would like. thanks for reading our ad and hope to hear from you soon !!!
Woodsetton, West Midlands, DY1
Hello & thanks for reading this.... Id love to meet someone whose interested in getting together for regular fun! Meaning more than once a month! Would be nice if we shared some interests/friendship...but I do realise this is not a dating site! so the likelihood of ever meeting someone on here is small But Ill give it a try....:-) I enjoy sex very much..especially oral, giving & receiving..but Im not into anal..watersports or any hard bondage stuff..I just like nice, good clean fun! Im very openminded but a bit if youre looking for an experienced dominant, "up for anything" type...Im NOT her! Im 40...size 16...rather well rounded but not huge! I have shoulder length dark hair & brown eyes...Im just average looking but I always take care of my appearance THIS IS WHAT IM LOOKING FOR.....IF IM LUCKY!?! :-) SINGLE "STRAIGHT" MAN AGED BETWEEN 35 - 50 PREFERABLY CLEAN SHAVEN REASONABLE BODY & A NICE FACE CLEAN, DRUGS & DISEASE FREE NON SMOKER MUST HAVE A GSOH I FIND MIXED RACE (white/black Carribean) MEN VERY ATTRACTIVE BUT IM NOT LOOKING SPECIFICALLY FOR THAT!!!! Im not looking for one night stands...and please dont contact me because you think youre doing me a favour? YOU ARE NOT!!!!! I can accomodate...but only for the right person! If youre would be nice to hear from you...Face photos please & I will send you mine.. NOT your nether regions...Sorry, photos of peoples bits are a bit of a turn off
Wylde green, West Midlands, B72
Adventurous guy looking for naughty fun Hello and thanks for stopping by. A bit about me - I am intelligent, well spoken, single, attractive with a athletic build and smooth all over. I am very chatty and have a great sense of humour. Very clean, give top priority to hygiene and only practice safe sex. Definately not up my own A**. Like uncomplicated fun & laughs as well as safe and clean adult fun. I'm NOT new to this, just took some time out and now back again for more punishment lol. I'd like to meet sexy single females or couples for MMF fun. I enjoy the social side to swinging and like having a banter. Would like to visit more clubs and open to party invites. I'm after quality rather than quantity. Love oral, 69, can be a little rough and fuck hard but equally, can be very gentle and sensual with tons of kissing and caress. Sometimes want a quickie but also adore long and relaxed sessions. I'm open to trying something new all you have to do is suggest it. I have a very very high sex drive and if you turn me on that only makes me want more. I'm a repeat cummer and got stamina to last. ************************************************** I am 100% genuine and reliable. Not into timewasiting or playing mind games. ************************************************** NO1 RULE NO MEANS NO AND RESPECT PEOPLE. If you are interested send me a message, please send a picture attached. otherwise Happy swinging!
Middlemore industrial estate, West Midlands, B21
I'm a slim, fit, smart professional guy. I'm fun loving and hoping to meet and make some new friends and share some experiences. I'm very discreet and expect the same. If you are in a position where discretion is your first priority, you can confide in me. I love discreet hotel rendevous', naughty nights out and seductive days in. I love chatting over a meal or drinks. I like to wine and dine and really build the occasion. I keep fit through the visits to the gym. I also practise yoga and pilates to keep me nice and flexible. I'm in to extreme sports such as Windsurfing and Snowboarding. I like loads of different types of music Dance, R&B, Rock, Pop. I've got a pretty broad sense of humour so anything from Monty Python to Austin Powers. If it makes me laugh it's good. I'd like to share your fantasies, so if you'd like to experiment, I'd love to be part. I want to try lots of new things and make new friends. I like to tease and please. I love flirting: someone who can articulate what they want, someone to seduce and be seduced. I can be direct and take control, but only when it's comfortable to do so. If that's the way you like it, I'm happy to help. I travel to Halifax every week and would love to meet up if you've in the area and have some free days or nights. If that sounds like fun, drop me an email and we can chat. If it's not your thing, drop me an email and just say "Hi". Andy.
Wood Hayes, West Midlands, WV11
I've met up with one or two nice ladies from here in the past and had a lot of fun but I've been so busy with work lately. I'm ready to start meeting new people again and reminding myself how much fun swinging can be. I can accommodate easily (I live by myself) and am willing to travel too. I'm looking for relaxed women - someone with a good sense of humour who is willing to explore everything that swinging has to offer. Age/looks/race unimportant - it's personality that counts. I feel that if there's a shared sense of humour, then the experience is so much better. Also, for me sex isn't the be all and end all - if we meet up and decide just being mates is the best option then I'd be happy with that too. At the moment I'm just looking for fun but if the right person came along then I'd definitely be interested in something more! I will send a face pic on request as I like to preserve at least some anonymity. Hope everyone is having fun on the site - hope you all find what you're looking for. WARNING: Any institution using this site or any of its associated sites for study or projects - You do not have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current or future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice as well.
Woodsetton, West Midlands
Hi guys & girls, thank you for taking the time to check out my profile. I am a single white female, dress size: 18, bust size: 40DD, hair: mid-length straight, brunette. I have previously been swinging as a couple but now have the opportunity to enjoy the single scene and I am just wondering what's out there that I haven't tried yet or what I have tried and would like to do again. I am initially looking for single guys to have occasional fun with, (attached guys, please note that I will not meet you unless your other half is aware of your actions, I will not betray another women without her knowledge). I would also be interested in "real" Bi-Fem couples. I am Bi-sexual, although I am only looking for women who come as part of a couple as I love men too. I also love sex with 2 men, but would prefer us all not to know each other so please guys no messages saying "I have a mate", If I choose this path I will decide who the extra person is. Messages with photos only please, and a face photo is a must,(there must be some attraction there for me as I'm sure there must be for you) If I like what I see a picture of me will be forwarded to you. And please use your imagination in your messages. Grab my attention and you may grab more. I cannot accommodate at present but am more than willing to travel (half way) if I think it is worth it so distance is not a problem.
Tipton, West Midlands, DY4
I am looking for fun with a sexy lady, or couple I like women who love all kinds of sex, I am mainly into oral giving to completion I love slowly caressing a woman's body slowly undressing her kissing her all over working my way down between her legs gently kissing around her very sensitive pussy till I sense her wanting my warm tongue deep inside her. I love the warm moist feeling that I can feel while my tongue searches every nook and finds all the sensitive spots. I like to then move up to the clit and suck it hard till im able to suck and lick it at the same time then I put a finger inside her warm wet hole and stimulate the rear of the clit while still sucking and licking your clit. And then I feel you tighten up round my finger with that unmistakable sensation of you coming and the shiver as your clit becomes over sensitive. Then I slowly slide my wide cock inside your well lubricated hole and push it deep for maximum effect until you can feel my balls rubbing you then they release a torrent off hot cum inside you. (No w/s or pain.) My attribute is 7"long with a 6" girth. I am 36 y/o 5.7" tall, brown eyes, brown hair, very clean, If you are interested in any way then please mail me, with a bit about you and where you are. Im connectable at my user name at Am On Line COMmunication if you no what I mean.
Solihull, West Midlands, B92
Hello, Thanks for taking the time to look at my profile, please read on! I'm a straight 27 year old single male, 6ft tall, brown hair and of medium build, looking to have some fun times with couples and females. As for my manhood, i'll let you decide, but if its not up to scratch, just humor me! I have had experiences before with both singles and couples and I am genuine, I understand the meaning of "No" and am non-pushy. I am more than happy to meet without expecting everything there and then, and I am more than capable of holding down a decent conversation. I don't like too much seriousness, i'm a relaxed, laid back person that likes to go with the flow and don't mind if we realise that i might not be what your looking for after a meet. Age is not of concern to me, looks are not high on my wish list either, but people that are relaxed and can have a good time are! I would also like a swinging partner that would like to go to clubs, parties etc. with me. As far as my likes and dislikes go... they are mostly likes, although pain and watersports are out of bounds, apart from that, if you don't ask, you don't get! I do insist on safe sex though. If your still reading and are interested, please get in touch, I have pictures and will send them if requested. Hope to hear from you soon, WMM x
Meer End, West Midlands, CV8
I have a honest, confident but friendly personality, I have a good and witty sense of humour and love to laugh. I find it a big turn on to be dominated in the bedroom and although I have good sexual experience I like to be introduced to new things to expand on. I'm not looking for anything serious as I enjoy my independence too much but I'd like to find a very casual partner to have lots of fun with. I don't mind meeting up for one off's but I'd rather meet someone for regular rendezvous. I’m looking for a sexy female who knows how to have a good time and who loves sex, being told what to do and being introduced to new things is a big turn on for me. I love taking part in lots of foreplay, leading up to passionate long sex sessions which would ideally involve repeat performances. I particularly enjoy oral sex, giving and receiving so holding the same interest would be an advantage. I really, really enjoy kissing. Kissing isn't only intimate but it's such a turn on if done passionately enough. im looking for some fast, fruity fun. lets get this parted started and make each others dreams and fantasies cum true. im a giver as well as a reciever. If you wanna find out more about me and i sound interesting enough what are you wating for. Thanks for reading this.
West bromwich, West Midlands, B70
Update: In and around Birmingham for the next 4 months! New to site. Will add detail asap ;) Am now verified and would want some form of proof that you're genuine too. I can accom in Southampton sometimes (I'm a student so it depends) and can travel within reason (ie Southampton and local towns with sufficient notice.) I spend a lot of my time in Birmingham too so would like to find someone from Brum as well. Looking to meet new people and try new things. I'm pretty open minded and will try anything at least once. (Except watersports as I don't understand the attraction of that at all) Safe sex only! I'm D+D free and expect the same from you. Having pics on your profile or in your message is appreciated. Don't have pages of rules as that's just annoying. That doesn't mean that I'm desperate so don't be offended if I don't reply. WARNING: Any institution or person using this site or any of its associated sites for study or projects - You do not have our permission to use any of our profile or pictures in any form or forum both current or future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice as well
Sutton park, West Midlands
We are a highly sexed couple and are looking for like minded people who want to share some no strings fun and possible friendship. Sarah is bi curious bordering on bisexual and Jay is definately straight. We are looking for couples with or without bi fem, foursome or moresome and possibly single females for us to have some fun with. definately 100% safe sex, condoms are a must.... we are not into pain, watersports, but are open to try new things out as long as everyone is happy with it. hope you like what you see. mail us who knows what will happen ????? single guys dont whisper on chat as you will be ignored sorry! just say hello and we will say hello back. prefer to play with people over 30 and under 60 years old, no offence just our preference look forward to hearing from you sexy people very soon Sarah and Jay xx WARNING: Any institution or person using this site or any of its associated sites for study or projects - You do not have our permission to use any of our profile or pictures in any form or forum both current or future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my/our privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice as well.
Wednesfield, West Midlands, WV11
I'm a non smoker, non-pushy and respectfull to everyones wishes. I love watching and participating, especially when it's 2 guys pleasuring the lucky girl ! I really love giving oral, and can be dom or sub depending upon your requirements. I enjoy photo fun, and 3somes or moresomes, I'm open minded, however I don't like anything involving pain or anal, but otherwise, as long as it's fun, and we all enjoy it, then game on I'm looking for couples who would be interested in helping me live out one of my fantasies :- I'm a semi pro photogapher, and would like to arrange for me to come over to your place (or possibly hotel) to carry out a sexy/erotic photo shoot of your wife. As the shoot progresses, I start to tease/play with your wife, indulging in some touching, petting and oral, both giving and recieving. You will be watching all of this through the gap in the door or window (or not at all, and I'd send you the photos ?). After a couple of minutes of playing together, you walk in and join in. Perhaps capturing some of the fun on camera, but otherwise the three of us would engage in a steamy 3some fun. If this interests you, and you'd like to know more, then drop me a line. Hope to hear from you soon Ian
Woodcross, West Midlands, WV14
Hi all, Thank you for reading. Free member but I can send messages from old account... ... I have a strange fantasy. I want to get paid for sex... just a one off, nothing over the top, just a single older man to come to my home, fuck me for an hour and leave some money on the bed side table without saying much. I know its strange but I really want the thrill of it. Can anyone help? Only contact me if you are genuine... ... If you want to get to know me you MUST... add me to your favourites, then send me a message I am not that new to swinging. I am into women and men and age is not a concern. If you think you can offer me something please let me know. I am happy to swap pics and numbers etc, but please I am not interested in people who spend ages chatting and never get around to anything, I prefer one offs as I am a busy girl during the week. I am a litle more hardcore than the average and prefer to be single as my work is my priority at the moment. Any way, no one liners, don't send me a pic of your assets - it's NOT the first thing I want to see... thanx for reading xxx P.S. My membership is free but I do have the means to get back to you via my old account that is still active...
Whitlock's End, West Midlands, B90
First things after reading many profiles it seems to me that women seeking a bit of extra fun outside their relationship seems to be accepted on here but a man doing the same thing looks to be taboo with many women. If this is the case for you dear reader there is no need to read on as I'm not single.S econdly my partner doesn't know so I ask for discretion. So if you're still reading a bit more about me I'm a fun guy I'm looking for some extra fun and excitement during the day while I'm on my rounds for work. Maybe its the old meeting a horny housewife fantasy which I so far haven't encountered in my professional career.I'm hoping for more than a one off but if that's your thing still message me you never know but i would also like to hear from people who want to make new friends, as well as people for occasional meets and a fuck buddy. I love giving oral I really get off doing it and I'm into most things i.e. role play, if you want I can be dominant, or an equal partner. I will only practice safe sex. This is not my first experience with swinging and with my ex wife have swung with couples and single/married men and women, on my own I have swing with couples and single/married women
Aldridge, West Midlands, WS9
Hi and thanks for looking at our profile we have been on the site before under Sarjay09 if you would like to see our comments xxx We are a highly sexed couple and are looking for like minded people who want to share some no strings fun and possible friendship. We are looking for couples, single females and possbibly the occassional straight male for us to have some fun with. definately 100% safe sex, condoms are a must.... we are not into pain, watersports or anal but are open to try new things out as long as everyone is happy with it. hope you like what you see. mail us who knows what will happen ????? single guys dont whisper on chat as you will be ignored sorry! just say hello and we will say hello back. look forward to hearing from you sexy people very soon S and J xx WARNING: Any institution or person using this site or any of its associated sites for study or projects - You do not have our permission to use any of our profile or pictures in any form or forum both current or future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my/our privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice as well.
Wood Hayes, West Midlands, WV11
Hi we're a horny couple in a 17 yr long relationship who like to explore our various fantasies , which now and then involves others ;) Safe sex is always a must NO exceptions !!! Now neither one of us are models .So if wobbly bits or stretch marks bother you then pass us by , we are looking for easy going non pushy people to get to know better and possibly join us from time to time when the mood takes us. This does not make us desperate !! so to all the one liners no thanks. Age and looks are not as important to us as personality comes above all else. We dont accept friend requests before atleast chatting and if we dont reply instantly then sorry we're either not interested or we have alot of mail and we will get round to it. We have a young family so spare of the moment meets are'nt for us we have to plan in advance.We also dont accommodate in any way shape or form at our home , this is very seperate from our family life . So now thats all out of the way lets have fun ;) WARNING:You do not have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form . If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications.
Woodsetton, West Midlands, DY1
Helllooooo !! I'm Jen , 44 years young ,Bisexual, and loving live to the full !! I am a single bisexual , broadminded and unshockable, with no hang ups and I pass no judgment on other folks turn ons and kinks . after all, variety really is the spice of life ! I am 5 ft 7 ins tall, average body, average going on smaller boobs, blue eyes , shoulder length blonde hair ( dyed , not real !) and dependant on mood , my lady bits range from natural bush , trimmed , brasilian or bald as bald can be ! I would like to get to know people with the same attitudes as myself, for chatting , picture swapping and the occasional meet ups. Im not hung up on looks , as they are not important, but personality is ! I like fun loving outgoing folks,adventurous or shy if are submissive. So, please get in touch if you are guys , girls, couples or a group. I can be a bit dominant when the mood arises,so would welcome submisive singles or epescially bi couples with sub partner, as men are about girl on girl, so I would love to see guy on guy ! I dont bite , and I am very genuine, so please drop me a line with any further questions or just a chat ( naughty or nice ! ) Thankyou , J xx
Halesowen, West Midlands, B63
Hi guys we are Keith and Lyndsy. We are hoping to meet folk for lots of sexy fun. We go dogging and also enjoy adult parties. We like to take pics and vids of our fun times so prefer to meet folk who are not camera shy.......But even if you are we will make sure your identity is kept hidden if you do participate. We are very genuine and are members on other swingers sites. We live in Birmingham but can travel. We are not able to accomodate except for at certain times when we are lucky enough to have a free house. Lyndsy is size 20 38f boobs and the sexiest female you could ever want to meet. She always dresses to please and loves loads of hard cock, and a tasty pussy occassionally! Lyndsy has her own adult website so is always looking for folk to play with. Keith is slim and is simply one amazing fuck! The positions he gets a girl into as he fucks her is 2nd to none. His asset is around 7-8ins and always hits the spot. His tongue knows how a clit likes to be teased and he is simply the best when it comes to fisting. So if you like the sound of us? Then please get in touch. We do like face pics so please allow us to see one when making contact. Lyndsy & Keith
Small heath, West Midlands, B9
Mrs Ebs 43: I’m of Italian decent having a tanned complexion: dark brown eyes: short dark hair: cheeky smile. I have a wicked/naughty sense of humour and love to laugh. Considered shapely with very firm (natural) 36FF breasts and a nice tight pussy! ALWAYS horny! Mr Ebs 49: He's my best mate and the quieter one in this relationship. A genuine nice guy, very easy going with a good sense of humour and loves to pleasure! Medium build: blue/grey eyes: short-cropped hair, greying at the temples (or should I say 'distinguished' lol) whichever, I got the blame of course (typical) reckons he was dark haired until he met me, huh! We're both shaved... always... no bristles!!! lol We enjoy a social drink, dining out, clubs, good conversation and having a laugh with like-minded people. Full/soft swap. Same room. As long as it's fun and everyone's boundaries are respected. Cleanliness, hygiene & discretion assured and expected. Party invites welcome. It'd be great to hear from you. Lets have a chat and see where it takes us. Love Ebs & Hubby xxx PS: If you like what you've seen, please vote for us to be Member of the Month... let's see if we manage to get on there!
Marston green, West Midlands, B37
Hi everyone, my name is Carlo. I have recently gradauted from university. I do athletics and football competitively and also serve part time in the forces. I want to meet genuine swingers so I would rather you did not waste my time if you are not serious. I am completly novice to swinging. I love the idea of meeting strangers for sex or just general dirty fun without full sex. I have plenty of photos which I can share however I have yet to get a web cam. I am into all kinds of swinging communication: dirty text messages, email, or putting together a web-cam show just for me would really turn me on. However, metting you in person would be the most thrilling of all. I would love to hear from single girls and couples. I am not into any bi stuff so I just want to make that clear from the outset. Having sex with girls in front of their boyfriends or husbands is a massive turn on even though I have never done it. I want photos from you if I am to reply - but I promise to reply to everyone regardless of a possible meet or not. LEAVE ME YOUR MAILING ADDRESS IN A CLEVER WAY AND I WILL GET BACK TO YOU AS I AM A FREE MEMBER NOW - I DOWNGRADED Speak to you soon
Weoley castle, West Midlands, B29
I am a cuddly size 18/20 with 42D boobs, looking for something quite specific now. So specific that I have probably just alienated 99% of you but it is that 1% of special people that I am looking for. I write short story erotica, both from real life and from my imagination. My real lifestyle is full on bdsm. I am a collared sub and owned by my Master. We like to train in different places in the Coventry area and will negotiate for use of your home for a few hours. I am fully bi and very obedient, as Sir will verify should you be interested in watching or using me. Discretion required as this is a private part of my life. A freshly showered body is essential and I would prefer shaved or very short/well trimmed as both me and Sir are shaved. If you want to know more you will have to ask :) Don't be embarrassed, and please note that I am not looking for a Dom (I already belong to one but thank you xx). However, I would welcome a Domme for a one off session to enhance my training, and bi women who would be willing to play in front of Sir at any time. Female bi submissives very welcome for one off sessions or possibly longer term if suitable.
Binley industrial estate, West Midlands, CV3
Businessman seeking open minded playmates I am a slim, educated, liberal minded guy who travels throughout the UK on business. I am hoping to meet other intelligent, attractive an imaginative men, women and couples with the confidence and courage to follow their desires and enjoy exciting, adventurous sex without jealousy, judgement or guilt. Due to the fact I spend a lot of time tarvelling, I am not looking for a relationship, nor do I have time to spend on protracted email exchanges, or "getting to know" people. That said, I would be very happy to meet couple who would like occasional no strings meetings. I am also very happy to meet married woman or men seeking a little discreet fun or to add some spice to their sex life. I am tall, slim and good looking, with a good sense of humour and a naughty glint in the eye. I have travelled extensively, am well read and have an appreciation of art, culture; as well as having been a one time professional sportsman. Discretion, safe sex and cleanliness are very important to me, as is the ability to relax and explore in a non pushy, easy going and comfortable environment of discovery and fun.
Deritend, West Midlands, B12
_./'._ ¸¸.•¤**¤•.¸.•¤**¤•…... _./'._ *•. .•* Welcome to our advert *•. .•* /.•*•. ¸..•¤**¤•., .•¤**¤•.*.*/.•*•. Please read all the add first. If your a couple replying then a female/female phone chat is required. We are a genuine midlands couple who are looking for like minded couples or some singles for full fun. We are both 43, female is size 14/16, very busty, shaven, pierced and bi. Male is slim, well groomed, average 7", pierced. We are looking for people like ourselves who "DO MEET" and "DO NOT WASTE TIME". We are not new to this but are not hardened swingers. We like same or seperate room full or soft swap. We are both 100% clean descrete, genuine and reliable and expect the same from you. Just because we are both in our early forties it does not mean that we are old! we both have our own hair and teeth. Nice teeth are a must as minging ones are a total turn off. We can travel. If your interested then feel free to message us, but take the time to put a few lines about yourself
Marston green, West Midlands, B37