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"Fucking Jenny"
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You may have read about my mfm, my first 4sum started with a phone call. Sara phoned me, asked me to make a 4sum with her gf who was staying here while she found a flat. Jim would be the other man. I walked to the pub, found Sara, Jenny and Jim at a table.  Chat was about the weather but soon moved on to Jenny's new job, which Sara helped her get. By the time we moved on to the Italian the conversation had moved on to the flat she was looking for, then flims. We shared a bottle of wine and Sara suggested we find something on Netflix. By the time we started the walk to her place Jim and Jenny were getting on well. We got back to the flat. Sara kissed me, the next time a saw Jenny she was snogging Jim. Sara told them they could use the bedroom. Jim took her by the hand and shut the door.  Sara opened my shirt and I dropped her skirt. "No nickers, you slut" "You like that!" Her top came off, she dropped my trousers and sat on the sofa sucking my cock. I let her then knelt, kissed her, tipped her back and started to eat her shaved pussy. There was a loud exhortation from the bedroom. I raised my head, tipped her back, kneeling on the floor, I pushed my cock into Sara. Sara told me, "I hope your going to do as good a job, Jim got Jenny off" I did, but she only moaned softly as she always did. I sat up by her and she asked "You want her?" "I do, do you want to see?" "I do" she got up "we better do it then,  while she is excited " We opened the door, Jim was on his back, Jenny sucking his cock. Sara sat on the bed by Jim asked "Can I borrow him Jen?" I sat on the bed and placed my hand on Jenny. She stopped sucking, looked at all of us in turn.  Jim said,"be a good girl let him have you." Sara played with Jim's cock and told Jenny "Jake is good, as good as Jim" I moved towards Jenny, she kissed me. It was not lustful. She looked at Jim feeling Sara's tit. Jenny kissed me again, gradually becoming more passionate.  I heard Jim tell her she was a good girl.  Jim and I ate each other's cum, me from Jenny's tightly trimmed pussy. She yelled as she came.  I climbed on her, slipped into her. Jim pushed his cock into Sara saying "good girl" we fucked them side by side. I heard Sara moan, came myself kept fucking heard Jenny yell and felt her nails bit into my back.  Sara reached over squeezed Jenny's hand, "I  told you he was good"  Jenny asked "You have done this before?" "The three of us, yes. You did enjoy it I could,  I could tell. We all enjoyed it." "We can do it again,  now" We swapped again and took them both doggy. The rest of the weekend was spent watching Jim's porn, fucking, copying some of the positions. We had Indian sent in Saturday.  I lost count of how many times we fucked. We fucked who and when we pleased. I think everyone made the first advance.  We watched each other,  we fucked side by side.  That went on for nearly a year, sometimes all 4 of us, sometimes 3sum or 2sum. We went to a club a few times. Then I moved away with a new job. I visited a couple of times. The last time Sara was married,  I was the first man she had since she was married.

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