Written by Tony

11 Oct 2020

We woke together and hugged. 'OK' I asked. Lin nodded. 'No regrets ' Lin shook her head. 'Want to make love?'

Lin rolled over my body and descend,  my cock slipped into her pussy. She began to grind. My mind slipped back and forward between my wife grinding away above me and the day before when she kissed women, eat them 69, and taken cocks in her ass.

She came first, but kept grinding. I came, sat up still inside her. We kissed. She asked, 'Do you still love me?'

'I love you more than ever.' This was about as good as marriage could get. Together, sharing each other's pleasures. I knew I had Anna to thank for it all. Her scheming, and Adam who had tempted Lin on the beach last year, when she invited them to our room.

We went for breakfast. Everyone was excited to see Lin. She had went further than ever yesterday and they wanted to be sure she was OK.

The sea was still a bit choppy so we swam in the pool. Lin took Adam away. Anna stretched out with Emma. Soon Emma was eating pussy. Jon and I were watching. We both had hard cocks, he asked if I wanted to fuck her. There was no answer other than yes so I  said yes.

'Wait till I'm in Emma.' He said. I grabbed lube, it was warm from being in the sunshine. As I wanked gently my cock grew even harder. As I turned back to the three of them Jon had started to fuck his wife, she was eating Anna.  

It was Anna who came first and as soon as Emma stopped eating, Anna slipped from the coach and seeing my cock offered her bum.I started to thrust hard into her. It was hot in the sun, I was working hard and sweating when I  came, when I did my cock deflated. We all lay down. Anna and me on one couch, Jon and Emma on another.

Lin and Adam had still not come back. 

Anna asked how Lin was after her adventures. I told  her she was good, keen to continue. Then I told Anna, 'It was all you, how do I thank you?'

'For now you can fuck me, later we can invite others around for a party.'

'Can we take that slowly? I'm not sure about Lin expanding her partner list.'

'Trust me, besides she doesn't have to fuck! Come on fuck me.'

I pinned her arms, she opened her legs and my cock filled her pussy. We were both hot and sweaty. Banging away at her just made us hotter. We came together,  the best way to come. I fell beside her. She panting from the contortions of her body, me from the sheer pounding I gave her.

Finally Lin and Adam came back, she was glowing, smiling widely, welded to Adam's side. 

'Had fun?' Anna asks them both.

'Lots' Adam confirmed. 

'So have we .' Anna told them, hugging me.

It was lunchtime. 

After lunch we lay in the sun or shade. I took a couple of swims once Lin joined me and we made love in the water. 

Dinner came and went, we looked at the full set of playing cards. There was nothing we were going to remove for the next game,but Lin did ask about one place card. The 'love swing'. Jon got the swing out and hung it up outside. There were biting insects outside so we went back in promising lynne we would show her how it worked in the morning. She did ask again but Anna said it was best to show her. Lin excepted that. Anna was becoming a major influence on Lin.

It was getting late, not that time mattered much, but we split into couples and went to bed.

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