Written by snaketongue

23 Dec 2008

my wife is a shy person at work and ive been going on at her to have sex with others like i do.she said maybe the time is right,so i got her a new dress ect,for the night.

she went out with high boots stockings and tight silky black dress and you could see her nipple rings fully on show and her obviously nickerless crotch on show.

she came in on the evening with a work male work mate.and me thinking this was it,i was wrong.

she started to tell me what went on and stripped off her dress and bent over showing us her red streched arse still oozing cum and then her swollen oozing pussy.

she had had it fucked twice over each and at the same time once,and said she loved every second.

im there with the bigest hard on going and then she said it was my turn.

then the surprise...she said she did this for me and now she wanted to watch me having full sex with this lad.fuck me!!!!i like the dick sucking both ways and giving anal,but what the hell she did it for me..

it was hard and painfull but lasted all night and gaggin for more now..sarah loved it and she wants to watch often now..cant wait...