Written by unknown

2 Apr 2008

we have a club here in Newcastle where the older set go and you normally find younger guy there as they know there onto a good thing, my then wife always wanted to go there but never had the nerve she always fantasised about raw sex with a stranger. so as we were out one night after a few to many drinks i suggested we go there i could tell she was excited and a bit hesitant. we are in our mid to late 40's but neither of us feel like it. she is blonde with a great pair of tits , great legs & she is very sexual and cum's like there's no tomorrow, i said i'd only take her on one condition she fucked someone at the end of the night she said what about me i said dont worry i'll take care of myself so off we went there were 2 to 3 guy's to every girl there were 30yr olds necking with 60yr olds and you could tell they were going to get laid she was a bit nervous at first but i said if anyone asks you to dance & you like them go for it as soon as i went to the bar they were like fly's around S&*T IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN, she kept turning them down i could see her nodding no and making excuses but it was relentless they never gave up so iwent back with her drink and went to the gents inm there this young guy in his late 20's was taking a leek next to me as you do we said our hi's etc and he was quite happy with the drink i looked down and he had the thickest cock i'd ever seen and it was not small either i'd say 8" to 9 " asked was he enjoying himself and had he scored yet he said no he was with friends but they had anyway we went our seperate ways and when i got back into the room she was sitting there chatting to these three guys all looking at her tits and trying to chat her up, i just stood at the bar and she came over i said go & enjoy yourself they seem keen, she said she was nervous but excited knowing these guys wanted her i said dont tell them your with me just say i'm a friend go back and enjoy yourself one guy got her up to dance and could see him whispering in her ear and feeling her arse she kept moving his hand of her arse and laughing they finished dancing and he led her to the other side of the room he bought her a drink and they stood there talking then he kissed her and went to sit down at a table the place was hot & full everyone was sweating i could see him rubbing her leg and she was rubbing his after a while the lad i was talking to in the toilet went over obviously they knew one another they both got up & went to the bar she got up and went to the toilet nodding for me to follow her as i did she pulled me into the passageway & said she was wet & horny i said good let him fuck you she said but she fancied them both i said let them both fuck you then, i said i will leave now go back & set up the video camera in the living room you bring them back so off i went about an hour later i heard them laughing and talking outside then the door opened she fell in and only one was with her the guy in the toilet, she led him into the living room i was watching through the hatch we have in the wall between the living room and the dinning room / kitchen. as soon as they entered i switched the video on i had hidden in the room he lay her straight on the sofa and started to kiss her she was rubbing his cock through his pants and he put his hand straight up her skirt to fingering her wet fanny he stood up & dropprd his pants she got hold of his dick and started to stroke it through his boxers she pulled them down & the look of astonishment & glee on her face i'll never forget he was hard and she began to suck him and run her tongue up and down his shaft cupping his balls and sucking them while wanking him he pulled away dropping to his knees & lifting her skirt up to her waist pulling off her wet pants he shoved his fingers right up her gaping wet hole pulling them out and licking them before doing it again she was screaming with delight then he lifted her top and bra with one quick jerk and started to suck her nipples she came straight away he then went down to lick her as he was doing that his mobile rang he didn't answer it the first couple of times but then he did handing it to her me not knowing it was the other guy in a taxi wanting the address she hung up and he mounted her humping away and she was bucking back he then turned her over and fucked her from behind she started convulsing as she orgasmed again i could see her juice squirting all over and the squeltching as he rode her with his thick cock he the cum she just whimpered and dropped her head he made a few grunting noises then with drew his fat cock from her spunk filled cunt i thought he'd finished but he began to enter her arse she'd been arse fucked before but never by a cock that fat she started saying no it's too big but he went ahead and in it went with on hard heavy thrust she screamed out but soon the pleasure over took her and she started to pant softly just then a car pulled outside he withdrew and looked out it was the other guy he opened the door he came in she was still there on all fours spunk ouesing out her fanny lips without a word he started to finger her then turned her over she looked vunerable but started to respond to him kissing her and then sucking her tit he went down on her the other guy sat there looking on he stood up took off his trousers and pants he was about 7" and went straight up to her and thrust it in her mouth she started sucking and wanking him rubbing & fingering herself fast and fureously on her throbbing clit he then started to withdraw from her mouth and spread her legs wide he entered her thrusting right up her she wrapped her legs around him while he humped away the other guy was starting to get hard again so he went over and she started to suck him off the other guy came she shuddered and he cum in her mouth she didn't spill a drop, they finished off having a drink she was still there with her skirt up to her waist knickerless as they rubbed her spunky wet fanny until there taxi arrived. i came into the room after they left she siad it was the fantasy she never thought she'd have she didn't know the other guy was coming until he rang his mate who invited him she said now it's your turn to fuck me good i did knowing she'd be full & there would be three different spunks running down her legs.