Written by unseen

13 Jul 2010

The taxi arrived and lady P was very cold as her panties were now stuffed in my trouser pocket.

London looks nice at the dead of night, no one rushing just a few people and loads of lights and smells from fast food vendors dotted around central.

The company allowed employees to work late and stay over night at a public hotel if your travel exceeded over an hour which Lady P did. She lived in Surrey apparently with a young chap and they have stables near by and quite a normalised life?

She had laid her head on my lap for awhile and nesting her noise in my groin trying to bite my head I laid back enjoying the sensation of nibbling and rubbing my hard cock.

Once in the hotel we asked for a double room a joining to make it look legit.

"Sorry were out of two single rooms but we have only a double suite which has a sofa bed"

We headed for the lift quickly as we couldn't keep our hands off each other.

Once in the lift I noticed it was an old caged manual stop and go winder very old, but Qwerky in a cool way. She had lifted one leg on the brass rail and I got down on my knees to take the scent of her again. This time I started to stroke one finger gently along the slit and she was moaning and twitching in response. I licked the moist spot between her anus and pussy. Getting more frantic I had to stop the lift between floors so we at least tried to hide what we had started. I began to eat her with my mouth and couldn't get any more of her valva in my mouth.

"Don't stop baby you're so greedy" With that I pushed my tongue further, she was squirming with delight and involuntarily pushing my head harder into her abyss.

The place was large and old fashioned furniture, but with all the mod cons of a nice business suite. We moved on the large Victorian sofa and she laid back I could see the juices running down her leg from earlier.

"J come here" she started to kiss me deeply and rubbing my cock through the jeans material.

I was thinking this girl is making me so hot I really wanted her badly.

I had been taught at a very young age by an older woman to control myself and to pleasure a woman before myself and considered this an art to be hold. The techniques I had to endure were to always bring a woman to the point of no return until she begs you to take her. Then after that you could indulge into your own pleasures.

Some people gain more pleasure in holding back and completely satisfying the women first.

The hotel phone sudden rang it was the front desk asking for Miss lady P.

"Yes please send her up I was expecting Miss IS"

After some deep kissing and rubbing there was a knock at the door.

"Hello IS"

They both kissed each other in greeting.

"Sorry P I was late what happened to you? You're looking flustered my dear"

I was surprised to find a tall red haired girl dressed very smartly and clinical is the word to describe her.

After the introductions she had apologised for disturbing us and offered to come back another time. Lady P was not having any of it as they hadn't seen each other for awhile.

I was disappointed as I really was about to get a good ride tonight?

Is had sat herself down and surveying the room.

"Nice place I could live here"

I poured her a drink and we all sat on the sofa.

"What's this?" Picking up the DVD from the coffee table, examining it like a found treasure.

Lady P started to giggle and I felt a bit self-conscious thinking, she has thought it was mine.

"You bought this didn't you P?"

"Yes I remember you had a thing for porn back at school"

Laughing loud, lady P grinning from ear to ear

"Well put it on I'm feeling horny, had a bad day at work"

Fifteen minutes into what was one of the dirtiest DVD's I've even seen in my life time got me hard again. Both were getting wet and enjoyed it as well.

Lady P and IS started to look at me and IS said in a flat tone

"what would you like to see J?"

I played it calm thinking what's going on here?

"Surprise me" I said anxiously.