Written by unseen

12 Jul 2010

So we arrived at the café for some quick food and I'm the sort of person who just bounds through things and rarely gets surprised from any situation. That said the night ahead was one that I never thought I would experience.

We settled down to some drinks and ordered a few light sandwiches and French fries.

Lady P had started to look at me intensely at first asking me some difficult questions like was I seeing anyone and what I thought about people in the office?

"Well I'm in current relationship nothing serious just a bit of dating and fun"

"I'm also in a relationship, he is nice but there are a few problems"

It stayed quiet after that I didn't want to pry into what was essentially going to be a dull evening of relationship exchanges.

"J do you remember that course a few weeks back?"

"Yes it was fun"

"Well I have to say you turned me on when I first met you because you were the most confident and handled yourself really well in those tough situations"

I laughed out loud and didn't expect that from her.

"Well I might look confident but I'm quite timid, but have learnt to control situations well that's all"

More silence until a mobile rang. "Hi darling you in town? So am' I you want to meet up later I might use the company hotel for a night"

With that I felt a perfect foot rubbing, grinding my inner thigh squashing my already hard bulge in my tight jeans.

"Yep darling I'll text the address, so come over for some drinks later"

"Sorry that was my friend Is, I've known her since boarding school she might me meet me later"

Anyways she began to explain to me that on the night of the course did I hear knocking at my door around 1.00am?

I said "No I was tired and was asleep."

"Really I heard voices coming from your room that night and though you might have wanted company?"

Come to think about it, there was a knocking that night, I thought it might have been one of the lads trying to get more booze from my fridge.

I was thinking, couldn't have opened any door that night, the course director a pretty darked haired lady called M was sucking my cock like a Hoover around that time.

That brought a smile to my lips and lady P noticed, smiling back at me.

"What's funny?"

"Nothing so you quite fancied me back then?"

"Yeah quite a few ladies on that course did!"

"Didn't notice darling"

" You won the presentation although we thought that course director fancied you aswell"

"Really? didn't realise", nearly spitting out my coffee when she said that.

She had to go to the toilet and made her way back after a while.

I was talking to the waitress and flirted a bit to amuse myself.

She suddenly had dropped a knife coming back, and I bent down to pick it up from under the table. I noticed that she had opened her legs wide as I was down there.

No panties she had removed them coming back from the toilet and wanted me to see.

I took my time and put a small finger on her inner thigh caressing a small birth mark.

She opened wider for me and you could see perfect blond curls glistening with moist juices. I ran my hands over the area catching sensitive places making her breath hard with every prod and massage. She tasted of strawberries the musk was strong but sweet.

I got up and sat back down she looked flustered and happy at the same time.

"You enjoyed that didn't you?"

Glowing red and wanting more she reluctantly said "YES"

She suddenly threw the panties at me.

Catching them they smelled the same as before musky and sweet.

"You wanted more?"

She said "pay the bill and let's go"

I called the very pretty waitress over and she gave me the bill with a smile. Lady P was on her mobile again whilst the waitress gave me a big smile.

I looked at the bill and on the back there was something written down.

"Ring me sometime Alex"

I thanked her and tipped her well.

Pulling the chair from lady P and went forth to hailed a taxi outside.

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