Written by unseen

15 Jul 2010

In the morning the state of the room was like a bomb had hit the room.

Lady P was still under the duvet and IS was missing, so I decided to go to the bathroom in desperate need of a wash and a shave.

I opened the door gingerly and found IS was already at the wash basin washing herself.

I stared at her for a while, she was naked except for some black underwear.

I thought she was a hell of a ride last night and I was still rubbing my head in disbelieve at what we all had done in one night.

"Are you going to stare at me all day?"

"Sorry need to use the toilet babe"

With that walked over the marble floor noticing how warm it was must have under floor heaters.

She was still tentatively looking into the large mirror and then came over to kiss my face. "You was very good last night honey"

"Thanks you're not so bad yourself" rubbing my chin and sore head.

"I could barely walk this morning not sure how much damaged you did" Laughing in short bursts.

"Well you did say more and harder right, remember?"

With that I put my arms around her waist and stroked her breasts in circles, kissing her neck gently.

"Mmmmmm yeah I liked it"¦.. P said you would be good in bed, guess she was right"

It seemed I was set up by two neurotic women who liked to fuck.

I didn't want to fuck so early without coffee down me, so I took a shower after letting IS go to get her make up on.

10 minutes passed and the show door opened it was Lady P trying to get in to dodge the cold air. It began to get steamy in the cubical, but enough room to move about.

"You had a good time last night?"

"I did darling, you was very good better than I was expecting"

"What do you mean by that?" a little taken back.

"Well your so reserved and cool, but when you fucked us both I have to say it surprised me you kept up with IS and I"

"Its just I paced myself "

She burst out laughing and said "God you were holding back?"

Grinning I washed her back and she turned around to wash my cock.

I was hard again, but sore!

The shower came down a little cooler and felt nice and refreshing. I picked up the shower cream and started to massage it over her breasts creating a nice foam balls over her nipples.

Sometimes the sensations of running water and a beautiful girl in front of you calms the soul in hectic times of the city when your working too hard!

I still see IS now and then, usually when we both had a bad day at work, but Lady P decided to leave the city and move on.

She texts me on my birthday, but the very last time I saw her was her last day of work, escorting her at London Bridge station. We kissed and hugged, said our goodbyes and left it, as a moment of indulgence.