Written by unseen

9 Jul 2010

Well I just started a new job, its good money and high pressure usual city stuff. Anyways a client needed some work done and I was in the picture to help out until very late that night in question.

I met up with a few colleagues and one particular blond lady caught my eye she was immaculately dressed very polite and spoken with a very posh voice also petite, large breast, very tight waist and an arse to die for.

We had met on a training course about two weeks and had started to chat and got on very well, too well you might say!

Anyway that was the last time I saw her she had been assigned the same work as me tonight. The office was quiet open planned and she had worn a very short tight white skirt and a see through blouse, but a jacket kept her hidden all day long.

So it was about 10.00pm and the rest of the team had left for food it was just me tidying up some loose ends.

She offered to stay back and help me out.

We had some files to put back that revolves around bending down to low and high cabinets. I started first in my tight jeans (501's) bent down and I suddenly felt a bump it was her on the opposite side. She said sorry to me and sat on the floor to make room. I carried on filling and caught her looking at my arse, she had that look a bloke would do undress me eyes licking her perfect lips wet.

So I decided to join her on the floor. I was fully aware of the CCTV cameras as there were sensitive files being looked after.

I met her eyes and brushed a bit of paper off her hair, she started to breathe deep and hard, but all I did was remove a tiny bit of paper.

I did notice a small dark moist patch on her white Lilly panties and I though at first she accidently wet herself some how.

"So what are your plans for the rest of the tonight?"

"Nothing much I'm hungry TBH"

"How about we go towards China town?"

"Yeah sounds good to me"

So we set off out of the building in haste....

We had to go through Soho to reach China town and there was a cool breeze in the air, she had a low V cut jacket and I could see she was cold because her nipples were rock hard. This caused a slight stir and was consciously aware I was getting semi hard.

She grabbed my arm to get warm and ask if this was ok? Yes of course by now her big breasts were rubbing my arm.

We passed through the small alley ways and she stopped all of a sudden?

"J have you ever been into one of these book stores? I want to see what's inside?"

I laughed and said, "No, but I will escort you inside if you're that curious!"

So we entered in haste trying not to knock over a small chap leaving through the front entrance at speed.

I headed towards the exotic books and she headed further in, so I started reading and the thing is the place was busy this surprised me women and men very interested in sex at 11.00pm at night!

Lady P had caught a few blokes eye, she was stunning from close up and a far.

"J, J, J" she shouted....

Started to walk towards her and found her looking at some DVD's she picked one up and started to read. I looked at her and was very hard.

she suddenly said "What do you think about this DVD?"

I stopped myself and looked down it has three bar ladies bending down with champagne glasses inserted into there arses!

"Cough... interesting"

I was clearly embarrassed for the first time in years.

"Well J this looks fun"

I was shocked a well brought up girl was being filthy and loving it!

This drove me harder and my jeans really struggled to hold me back.

"J what's this?" Started to rub my hard cock through my jeans at this point.

"I said stop not in here you're crazy!"

I headed towards the exit and waited outside.

It took awhile for her to exit, but she had small bag it was the DVD she just bought!

Part 2