Written by Paladin

26 Oct 2012

Jean and I had gone down to the nearest Naturist beach, it was midweek, so not many people about, we had erected the windbreak round us, with just an opening towards the sea, Jean said she was going for a swim, I just finishing reading some paperwork I had taken down with me. But I watched her walk down to the sea, her backside swing very seductifly, and I thought to myself it would be nice to slip my cock in there shortly. she was gone for a while, and the thought of her haveing her ass or pussy was giving me a slight lop, particuary as the sun was very hot. She came back and stood over me, looking up I could see the labia, she said would you like a nice surprise, and I was all ears and I thought she has read my mind. Suddenly a very naked body sild over me, hips resting over mine and tits digging into my chest, and the fanny bucking up and down over my cock, wich already had a slight lob on started to grow, Jean had moved to one side and I look to find our neighbour Carol, a very naked Carol pumping her hips over mine like we where realy fucking. Jean had gone and stood next to Tom Carrols husband, and as they did sometimes stood with there arms round there waists. I had better explain that we had moved in next to them a few months before, and they had kindly helped us move in made lots of cups of tea, and even a meal in the evening, and we had soon become firm friends. Carol on the whole always seemed to wear minimum closthing and was braless most of the times, We met up when we could but Jean and I run a small company and this needed our attention at that time. But this break was the first time we had managed to get away for ages, so we had decided to head down to the beach. Caroll was still pumping away at my cock, and I had a real hard on, she jumped up, and it was in full view, to my wife and Carol just stared, Jean said You had better do something with that I think, Carol suddenly kneld down and her very wet pussy slid down over my shaft, I looked up at my wife and she took Toms hand and placed it over her breast, and the other went down to his cock and she started to wank im his prick getting harder by the second, I put all this down to the heat of the sun, but suddenly my hands went up to Carols tits and I swueesed the nipples, and she was bouncing up and down over my cock, thankefully it was quite a tall and strong windbreak, but anyone looking must have seen her head bobbing up and down, Suddenly I felt her wet hot jusise come running down over my balls and down the crack in my arse, I could not hold on any longer and I could not help but paint the inside of her pussy with my own kum. She slid of of me laying down next to me, suddenly Jean bent down and talking my cock in her mouth licked me dry and just as quickly went down between Carols legs to suck the cum from her cunt, We all stayed on the beach for some while, Tome with some help from Jeans willing hand slid his cock up between her legs as they both lay on there sides still unseen from any eyes, unless the fish had good eyesight. Finally we all went back homewards, and what happened next is another story wich I will relate later on.