Written by tomforrest

12 May 2012

A few years ago while I was alone I decided to go out one night. I was going to a club and I decided to take a taxi then I could have a drink if I wanted to. I put on a skirt and blouse and some small see through knickers. I was feeling a little horny so who knows where the night would lead.

When the taxi arrived I went inside in the back seats. I told the guy where I wanted to go and sat comfortably. I saw him in the mirror that he was keep glancing at me. I smiled and he smiled back. He was quite young and he was looking good. I was feeling a little naughty now So, I decided to have a bit of fun. I kept looking at him and moved to the center of the seats. I was wearing a skirt, so I lifted it a bit and opened my legs. I saw him look in the mirror and he looked surprised that I had moved and that I had opened my legs. Seeing him looking at me turned me on and made my heart beat a little faster He kept looking in the mirror but He couldn’t see under my skirt. when we came to a set of traffic lights he turned around and looked at me, I still had my legs open so he could see my tiny see through knickers. I was stroking my thighs and I could feel my pussy getting wetter as he looked at me. By now I wanted to be fucked by this guy I was feeling really horny.

I asked him if he knows a quiet place where we can go before we get to the club. He said that he might have an idea. So he turned on a small dark street and stopped in a small parking place. As we got there it I was a little worried that someone might see us but that just made it feel a little naughtier. He opened the door and sat next to me. I started to stroke myself, for a while I ran my fingers over my thighs and over my knickers. I slowly started to spend most of the time stroking my pussy through my knickers which were very wet by now. He watched me stroking myself; I could see through his jeans that he was getting very hard. I enjoyed watching him and his cock as I stroked myself it really turned me on knowing that he was ready to burst and that I was going to fuck him hard. As I rubbed myself I kept moving my panties to the side and opening my pussy for him to see. He asked me if he can touch me and I said yes. He opened my legs slowly and put his hand in my knickers and started stroking my clit. I gasped when I felt his fingers on my skin, even though I knew that he was going to touch me it still took my breath away. I could feel the adrenaline running through me and it made me shiver. T hen he slipped a finger inside. I nearly came on his finger when he did this. He was going in and out few times then stroking my clit again. He did this for about 10mins and I was very wet and he asked me if he can taste me. I told him yes and he slowly pulled my knickers off completely. He bent over me and started licking me from behind. His finger kept going in and out of my pussy while he was licking it. He would lick my pussy from top to bottom and then jab his tongue in my hole. I could feel my cunt getting wider ready for his cock. He would tease me by changing the speed at which he would lick me and by how hard and fast he fucked my hole with his tongue. It didn’t take me long to cum on his face, and I could feel him get more urgent as I came. I thought that he was going to cum in his jeans but he didn’t stop giving me head until I came again harder, covering his lips with my pussy juice..

I was like a woman possessed my and needed to give my clit a rest. I pushed him back on the seat and unzipped his jeans. His cock was very hard. I put my hand in his jeans and pulled his throbbing cock free. I was impressed by the size of it and how hard it was. Not wanting him to cum before I had used him and he had filled and satisfied my hole I stroked him gently and I asked him if he has a condom. He handed me one from his pocket and I put it on. I rolled the condom on his cock with my mouth. This made me feel like a different person I almost felt like a street whore doing it but then I kept sucking him. I would slip his cock into my mouth as much as I could take and slowly pull it out until only the tip was still in. I would then force my mouth down as far as I could go and then pull back fast. I was sucking his hard cock like I wanted him to fuck my open cunt. To drive him crazy I would change the way I was sucking him. As his cock was on the tip of my mouth I would wank him or stroke his balls with one hand and with the other I was pushing my fingers deep in my cunt. He asked me to stop because he was very close to Cumming and he wanted to get inside me before that. So I sat on his cock and pushed down hard until it was deep inside me. I rocked back and forward and rubbed my clit against him .I was moving slowly up and down, wanking him when his cock was out of my pussy. I could feel him all the way up inside me and it felt amazing. His hard cock was filling me up. He clamped his hands an my bum and bounced me up and down on his cock like he was using my pussy to wank himself. He lifted me up to the tip of his cock and dropped me down on his shaft. This took my breath away. He opened my blouse and got my tits out. My nipples were so hard and sensitive. He started to lick and suck them while I fucked him slowly. He was sucking my tits and with one hand was stroking my clit. At some point, when I was going up, he told me to stay there and started fingering me hard and rubbing my clit. This was amazing it really turned me on looking down at what he was doing to me He stopped when he saw that I was close to cum and pulled me back on his cock hard. We moved together until we both came very hard my cunt felt amazing as I could feel every jet of his hot spunk get pumped in to me. I am sure the condom was close to breaking because he shot so much so hard in my now gapping hole..

We sorted ourselves out and went on the way to the club as we drove I left my shaking legs open to cool my pussy down. As I got out of the car he opened his door and slid his hand up my skirt and pushed his fingers in me again, I could not let him do this in front of the club because someone would see also I knew that there would be no where for him to finish off what he was doing. As I closed the door I pointed to the back seat where he could see my cum on his leather and my cum soaked knickers on the back seat. I could feel the cool air on my wet pussy as I walked to the front door of the club about to start my night out.