Written by tomforrest

12 May 2012

I was in a club with a guy and had few drinks. We were dancing and started to touch each other and kiss. After a while we were both very horny so he said that we can go into the office because nobody will disturb us there.

We went inside and there was another guy seating at the desk. He looked at us giggling and said that he won’t mind if we carry on what we started. We carried on kissing and he started touching me in between my legs. I was very wet at that point and I could feel him very hard. I unzipped his trousers and slipped my hand inside. I grabbed his cock and started rubbing it. He enjoyed it for a while then he lifted my skirt and pulled my knickers to the side. He was moaning and getting harder and harder when he felt how wet I was. He played with my clit then slipped a finger in my pussy and started moving it slowly in and out. I almost came but he stopped and pushed me backwards until I touched the desk. The guy was still sat there watching us and wanking.

I sat on the desk and the first guy took off my knickers. He opened my legs and slipped his finger back inside. He was kissing me and wanking me slowly. Then he bent over and started licking me while he was still fingering me. It didn’t take too long until he made me cum. The other guy asked if he can lick me and I said yes. He stood up and came in between my legs. The first guy moved to my side and started rubbing my clit and spreading my pussy while the second one was licking me. He made me cum really hard again

I could see how hard they both were and wanted to feel them inside me. I took two condoms and put them on their hard cocks. I wanked the second guy for a little then took him in my mouth. I sucked him until he almost came. The first one was wanking next to us. I bent over the desk and told them to take it in turns. The first one grabbed me from behind and slowly pushed his cock deep inside. He was moving slowly in and out. I was rubbing my clit and his wet cock when it was out of my pussy. He was teasing me pushing it deep and then shallow until I felt him cuming.

I was sucking and wanking the other guy until it was his turn to fuck me. He took the other one’s place but he didn’t put his cock inside me until he licked me again. He teased me with his tongue playing with my clit then pushing in deep inside. He wanked me hard then pushed his cock deep inside. I came very hard when his cock filled and stretched my pussy. He was moving fast and it was so hard. It took him a while to cum but it was a very good fuck.