Written by Annon

24 Sep 2014

My wife had never been that much into sex but when in the mood I could fuck her arse and everything else except a blowjob but I was happy as I was getting 'regular' ass sex. My sex life took a massive upturn in January this year when I met an old friend going through a divorce and wanted sex with no ties well I took up the job and still am servicing her as and when she is a couple of years older than me and totally opposite built to that of my wife who is small and cuddly and my friend is tall, slim and just a dirty cow however she did not allow me to fuck her arse. I arranged to go down my local town drinking and met up with my bit on the side and was in a nightclub in a corner snogging and fingering my bitch when I looked up and noticed my wife in the club with her mate chatting to two guys. I kept in the distance and watch my faithful wife being chatted up by this bloke. After a while of me occasionally looking over saw this guy kissing my wife's neck and she was enjoying it as she reached down and touched his bulge. I almost stopped breathing as what I was seeing but god my cock was rock hard and my sex mate knew it and rubbed it harder through my trousers. Over the course of the night my wife and her new mate were all over each other so I went and followed them when they went outside and over to a park nearby. I grabbed my friends hand and followed into the park and went into some bushes opposite a picnic table my wife was sat on with her legs wide open and this bloke clearly fingering her pussy which was quiet obvious as she had no knickers on. My friend got on her knees and started to suck my cock and god it felt amazing and seeing the site in front of me was really turning me on. The bloke was trying to coxe my wife to suck his cock and I sniggered as I knew this was a no chancer. She laid back on the table-and he grabbed each of her ankles took off her shoes and started to suck her toes. This is a massive turn on for me as I know she has georgeous feet and I love her toes but now this other guy was sucking them and a few minutes of this whipped out his cock and shanked it into my wife And she groaned with pleasure while he fucked her hard and fast. I was almost coming myself but held back so I could finger my bitch and watch abit more. After my friend had turned around and dropped down her knickers I put my hand in her hot pussy and played with it while she sucked and tounged fucked my ear and at this point I heard the other bloke ask my wife if she was enjoying it to which she just grinned and got her tits out and this got the bloke even more horny and while fucking her got out his phone and made a phonecall and within a couple of minutes the other bloke turned up who had been talking to my wife's mate and dropped his trousers and shoved his cock towards my wife's face where after a few nos eventually opened her mouth and excepted his cock.....well I was gobbed smacked at this and froze as I saw the bloke fucking my wife stop and take her skirt off and top and there she was completely naked and god she looked beautiful and I was still rubbing my friends pussy which when I was getting carried away was rubbing her fanny juices into her arsehole making her really horny to which she bent down and nudged herself onto my cock and fucked me really slow. I managed to get my phone out and start recording my wife and her fuck buddy stripped off along with his mate and resumed positions but at the fanny end he got down on his knees and licked her wet twat and started to finger her ass and soon he stood up and fucked his cock into her tight ass and she was loving it. They swapped places for what seemed hours each one fucking her ass, pussy and mouth and all the time I'm recording it. My friend pulled forward adjusted herself and eased back this time the hole was tighter and it was her ass I was going to fuck her tight ass mmmmmm. My wife shuddered for the umpteenth time and the two guys spunked up her fanny and ass mmmm nice. They carried on kissing her and touching her and after a short time the second bloke got hard again and grabbed my wife bent her over and fucked up her ass in one clean move and I noticed her tits being squashed on the table and he was reall fucking her hard it was this point I grabbed my friends hips and fucked her ass hole good and hard before spunking up there oh god it was bliss but I was knackered. We got dressed and went back outside of the park where my wife emerged arm in arm with the two blokes and I watched her go back towards the nightclub where she met up with her mate and went off in the nightclub. The night seemed to fly by and after a load more drinks I was walking home when I got there my wife was there on the kitchen floor fast asleep and the way she was lying I could see her gaping ass and pussy still oozing some spunk I got to my knees got out my cock and sank it in that sloppy ass and fucked her slowly taking in what I was seeing I grabbed one of her feet which was dirty from when she was being doggied and sucked her toes it didn't take me long to add to the spunk already in there and I got up and saw she had not even moved. I got out my phone and took more pictures of her and went to bed. The next morning she looked like a bag of shite but I still love her millions and still fuck that asshole mmmm