Written by creamlick69

5 Oct 2009

I have recently had a group of workmen in to do a loft conversion for us, but found that one of the workmen kept flirting with my wife, at first i felt a bit protective of this and wanted to stop the advances, but our curious nature came forward and after a few nights discussing the matter, we finally decided to encourage the man, but not tell him we were thinking about swinging but let him think my wife was sweet and innocent, but was thinking about a quick fling just to spice up her life.

He took the bait and jumped at the chance to try and get hold of my wife, and flirted heavily for the next few days, but my wife said that nothing was happening because there were always more than him around, just the thought of this man at any time was going to conquer my wife was such a turn on, that i could hardly concentrate at work, but waited for my wife to call to tell me that she had done the deed and to come home. But no call came, finally went home from work on the Friday night and everything seemed normal and my wife said just the usual day but no further with this guy.

So went to bed and to my surprise my wife seemed very horney and quite eager to get me inside her, but I like to pleasure my wife with my mouth and tongue first, which she loves, but she seemed reluctant to let me give her oral and to just kiss her.

Now this just flashed up "whats going on here" and thought that may be she and this guy had finally done the deed today and had sex, but she didnt want to tell me out of guilt!. So as started to push my head down and started to kiss and lick around her fanny, I could smell sex and cum and continued to lick and taste her and i then knew i was eating this guys cum from my wife and that she had sex with him but not told me.

My wife then says to me " Do you like the taste of my fanny tonight?", I reply that it tastes soooo good and ask what has she been upto?, well she said that her and the workman had finally had sex and that he was huge, but he came to quick and he came inside her, which she didnt want, but there was so much of it, she said that he kept pumping his cum inside her, she said she wanted to see if i could feel his cum inside her and to see if i could feel that her fanny had been fucked, but all night long al she could feel was his cum running out of her while we cuddled on the sofa. It did feel fucked and very slippery, but i made her fuck and cum in my mouth, so i could lick this mans cum from her, and this just made me so horney.

Monday came and i knew that my wife wanted this man to cum in her again and to fuck her all around the bedroom, so i set up a secret camara that my wife could activate when the time was right and film the session that was going to take place, and we could watch it back with each other, i came home to find my wife just lying in bed very flushed and sweaty looking as if she had just finished with the workman, which to my delight was the truth as she pulled back the quilt and opened legs to show me her very red and swollen fanny that had a thin line of cum oozing from between her fanny lips. Dinner was served. you naughty girl.