Written by unknown

24 Mar 2009

We arrived at the hotel bar we had arranged to meet a young man in, at about half 7 on a Saturday evening last month, the hotel is in central London and was pretty busy, my wife was dressed in a fairly short black skirt, it was also a bit tight on the thighs and showed her suspender bumps quite clearly, she also had on a black satin blouse that was open at the front to reveal a good part of her 38DDs, she wore black patent leather high heels and of course FFNs, black and seamed with a cuban heel. we found a table with two low chairs, she got settled (facing the room of course) and I got the drinks, when I got back she told me of a man sitting a couple of tables away who had been looking over frequently, she said he had been looking at her legs when she caught him, he had smiled and given a little wave, that had been when I had just got back with our drinks, I subtly looked round and saw who she said had shown an interest in her, he looked to be early thirties, dressed in a smart casual sort of way, slim and dark haired, very acceptable really, it was a shame we had sorted out a meeting with someone else.

we sat there for another twenty minutes or so, the lone drinker was still looking over at my wife, i couldn't see him as he was behind me, but she kept telling me he was, she let her skirt ride up a bit higher so a glimpse of her stocking top was on show, she said he had given her a big smile when she had done that. We gave it another ten minutes and decided to call the man who was suppossed to be meeting us, he was about fifteen minutes late now, all we got was a switched off mobile, we tried a few more times and slowly got the message that he was not going to turn up, we had booked and paid for a room with nothing to show, my wife was very very frustrated at this point, I think she could almost taste cock.

I spoke to her about the man who had been giving her the eye since she had walked in the bar, she was up for it in an instant, i think she was already thinking along those lines anyway, I went to get more drinks and took my time, I got back about ten minutes later and sure enough, in my seat was our target, his name was Paul, he was staying overnight, he was meeting up with friends the next day for a football match, he was very attentive to my wife, he knew something was going on but you could tell he didn't want to overstep the mark, after a couple more drinks, we were all a lot more relaxed now, I told him why we were at the hotel that night, his face was a picture, you could tell he was more then a bit interested, the bulge gave that away, but he was still careful not to upset anyone, my wife showed a bit more stocking top and told him how horny she had been all night because of what we were suppossed to be doing, she leant forward, revealing her boobs spilling out of her black lacy bra and asked him if he wanted to join us in our room for a nightcap, he couldn't say yes quick enough, we stood up and left the bar, she was arm in arm with the both of us, she does love flaunting it a bit. We got to our room, she kissed him on the lips and told us to get comfortable, she went in to the bathroom with her overnighht bag.

She appeared a little while later in a tight black pvc top that had a zip all the way down the front, it was undone to about half way down, showing her fantastic cleavage, a very tight black pvc skirt tied up at the sides with purple ribbon, she had kept on her stockings but had replaced her high heels with her favourite boots, black patent leather high heeled lace up knee highs, very sexy indeed, the whole picture was a sexbomb waiting to explode, my wife is in her late 40s and loves long sex sessions, she loves porn, toys, cock, pussy, hot sexy music (I know I am in for a treat when I hear John lee Hooker pounding from the stereo)and she adores more then one man in bed with her, she always dresses the part, sex with her can be pretty intense at times, but always fun.

She walked over to Paul, his eyes were like dinner plates, he had put down his drink and took two handfuls of pvc clad arse as she kissed him, they were both breathing heavy now, as was i, I came around behind her and squeezed her big pushed up tits and told Paul that we were going to fuck her all night, or as long as we could, she pulled away leaving his lips smeared in her deep red lip gloss, it was quiet horny in a way, she undid his shirt and slipped it off him, he was slim as I said, not too hairy, just the way she likes'em, she sat on the bed with him facing her (she always does this, It's like a ritual with her) she pulled down his fly very slowly and reached in, she groped around for a second and then turned to me with her lips making a kind of oooooh shape, she pulled out a long, thick, hard monster cock, it sprang up straight to her lips, she gave it a long wet kiss on the underneath of the head, then took it in her mouth, as she drew it out she left lipstick smears on it like she had left on his mouth, he stood there with his hands on his hips threw his head back and said "oh fuck yes" I had made a decision by now, I told him we would fuck her how we wanted (she loves all the filthy talk in the bedroom) but he was to have priority with her, he could use whatever hole he wanted when he wanted, I would have what was on offer, my wife was getting extremely turned on by all this talk about her, she was sucking and licking like a porn star, he was rubbing this monster all over her face, her make-up was smugded and messy, she got up, and told us to get on the bed, she went into the batroom and came out a few minutes later all made up again, she crawled up between us and started to wank us, it was only a couple of minutes before she was giving her new lover all the attention, she was back to sucking his cock again, she was on her side bent over to it in between us, I started to finger her pussy and arse, she was getting very worked up, I asked paul how he was doing, he looked at me and said" I cant believe i am doing this" he was loving it, he asked what other experiences we had had, I told him a couple, then when I told him about the eight man gangbang she took part in, he nearly shot his load, he had to tell her to stop sucking on his cock for a minute or two, he was so close, she sat up between us and took off her top, letting her big tits free, he started squeezing and sucking them as she sat there, I took one and we sucked away like that until she went to get her drink, she came and sat on his side of the bed and asked him if he wanted to fuck her, he smiled and said that he NEEDED to fuck her, she got out a condom from her stocking top (what a slut) and tossed it to him, he pulled it on, she got on the bed and he got straight on top, she guided him in, she gave a squeel of joy as he sunk it in deep, then the fucking began, he pounded away as she grabbed his arse and pulled him in, i got up to look at the view between her legs, I stood at the bottom of the bed and watched as he slid in and out of her pussy, she has a big pussy, it is a real womans pussy, hot and wet, I love it. he was slapping his balls on her arse as he pumped her, she was kissing him long and hard, I was standing there wanking, I love watching my wife being fucked, It's the very best sex of all.

She told him to get on his back so she could get on top, he did as he was told, the next thing she was grinding away on his cock, very slow and keeping eye contact with him all the time, he had his hands on her legs, rubbing her nylons and then the pvc skirt, he was telling her how good she was, she told him him to be dirty with his comments, talk to her as he really wanted, he started telling her that that he had always wanted to fuck an older woman, one who acted like a slut, she laughed and told him it was no act, then she askled him if her cunt was tight enough for him, this seemed to open the floodgates, he started to talk really filthy and she loved it, she told him to call her by her favourite name, it's a word she loves being called in bed "cockslut" he he just looked at me and shook is head as if to say you lucky bastard, i started sucking on one of her nipples, she moaned and started grinding harder, he was getting very hot, you could see he was getting close by his fsace, she told him to shoot if he wanted, after all, we had all night long. He started pumping up in to her, she was smiling and riding him like a pro, they never lost rythym, he told her he was going to cum, she told him to fucking give it to her which he promptly did, he went on for a long tome, and eventually fell back on the pillow, she climbed off and called me over as she got on her hands and knees next to him, I got behind and started thrusting, I didnt wear a condom, I had every intention of finishing off over her backside, but she asked him if he was OK with my spunk in her tonight, he thought it was a great idea, all the more slippery, so I banged her cunt from behind as he got up to use the bathroom, even limp his cock looked big and strong. I was still fucking her when he came back in, he got his drink and lay on the bed, she crawled forward and started to cuddle him, i had to shift up and lie on the bed behind her to carry on fucking her, she was telling him how good he was in bed, they started kissing, they acted as if I wasn't there,she was playing with his balls, as I was pumping and getting close, she told him that she was glad the other bloke hadn't turned up, he asked how long we had been swinging, he was very interested in the whole thing, she was telling him about the things we did, the clubs and gangbangs, the parties and the single men we meet up with, she was telling him how she got roasted by two black studs once when he started to get hard again, she told me to hurry it up as he was nearly ready for seconds, he looked at me as I started to cum in her, he said good I couldn't wait much longer, he rolled her over before I had got off the bed, he took a condom from her stocking top, put it on and got on top, this time it was a long slow lazy sexy fuck, she did whatever he wanted, at one point I was licking her clit while she sucked me off as he fucked her, i could feel his cock now and then rubbing against my face, it was a very hot dirty fuck with no hole left untouched, i fucked her arse for a while to get it ready for him, he got up there and fucked her silly, she was loving it, like a real bitch on heat.

We carried on for hours, she took everything, by about three in the morning it was time for us to leave, we never stay the full night, we always get home early, he was exhausted, I had saved myself a bit because i knew that when we got home we would carry on in our own bed for a short while, she keeps on the clothes she fucks in when we do this, i love this part almost as much as when someone is fucking her, she will tell me how it felt and her favourite part of the night, she knows it really excites me. Anyway we left him at the door of his room, she gave him a long deep kiss, no lipstick marks this time, he had spunked four times, I had spunked twice and she had climaxed three times, so a good night was had by all.

I am sorry if I have gone on too long with this story, it all happened as written, i am sorry for any mistakes, I actually got a bit carried away while writing it.

take care.