Written by aladinsane4u

27 Mar 2008

my wife is very adventurous in the bedroom or where ever the mood takes her, we were going out one night with a couple of friends but his wife took ill, so we said come along with us two, we had a good night plenty to drink it was a hot summers evening so kay wore a light summery dress white see through half cup bra and thong after a skinfull of drink we ended up in a club Kay enjoys dancing and flirting as she did with many guy's giving her plenty of attention my mate who knew kay for a lot of years said i always fancied your lass and i started laughing i said well get up ther and dance with her you may get lucky, we were sitting in a cubicle seat which was pretty dark so when they came back i went for the drinks as i looked back i could see kaykissing him this made me as hard as a rock when i came back she said you seen him kiss me didn't you i said yes it's ok i told him it might be his lucky night, i looked down and she started to rub both our cocks over our jeans he was a bit hesitant so i started to rub her inner thighs and i said go on you help yourself so he started to rub up her leg and in a split second had his fingers in her thong rubbing her moist clit we decided to leave the club and get a taxi homei was in the front and looked back to see him fingering her gently she had her head back i'm sure the taxi driver saw them as well once home she said i'm off up to bed you's have a drink fuck that my mate said i want you so i told her to take him up stairs and sort him out, as i followed shortly afterwards i heard groans and whimpers from the room she was lying there thong pulled to one side and he was running his tongue up and down her wet slit now and then darting it up her cunt as she held on to the pillow and moaning in glee she stared to rub her tits and said you lie on your back she spread eagled him pulled her thong to one side and slowly lowered herself onto his 9" rock hard cock she exploded straight away i've never saw her convulse like it she was screaming and splashing her cum all over the place i walked over and started to suck her tits and she said no this is his treat you will get yours later, he sucked hard on her nipples as she rode him then he turned her over her thong was dripping wet off her wet cunt and thrust hard inside of her she screamed and shuddered again as he cum he filled her up to the brim, then licked it all back out of her then as he was getting hard again turned her over and started gently feeding his 9" into her arse which was soaking wet of her cum he had a massive helmet which took some getting in at first but once in gently started to ride her slowly then faster and harder she was moaning and rubbing her clit and she cum again he was about to cum and so was i so she turned over and we both shot our lot over her face he got ready and left it was my turn now to fuck her well used spunk filled cunt but i'll leave that story for another day