Written by annon

7 Mar 2014

My wife has always been an adventurous person but is one of people whom has to be in the mood before trying anything and thats where we starti suppose. We were on holiday in Lincolnshire and it was our second night at the caravan site when my wife decided to wake me up as she wanted some attention. Well with a morning wood to assist me i was not gonna say no however my wife wanted to go to the shower block and do it there so off we went. She went into the block first and once the all clear was given i ran in and into the cubicle with her which was really spacious and before long i was on my hands and knees given her fanny some attention with my tongue which she seemed to enjoy as herhands were grabbing my head and shoving it further into her crotch i was loving it as much as she was and during this i heard the door next to us lock and i could see underneath that the person had stopped and was still listening to my wifes whimpers. this got me more exited and i grabbed her legs and sank my cock deep into her and went to work like a man possessed. i had noticed that my wifes hand had gone under the cubicle so she could stedy herself as i was being quite rough. all of a sudden her hand darted back under and she said that something had touched her. i told her that someone was next door and they were probably as much turned on as we were. i positioned myself so i could see under the cubicle and noticed the person was crouching down with her back against the cubicle wall and i could see the tips of her bum cheecks just below the wall. it told my wife to put her hand back and have a feel and she said that i should first. i wanted to but i suppose seeing a hairy hand come under the wall would scare her so after some coxing and a good toe sucking session my wife finally did and edged herself nearer the wall so she could get more of her arm under. i moved around so i could get my cock in her mouth and on doing so i heard my wife moan and whisper that she had 2 fingers in the strangers snatch and she was soaking and then she sucked me for all i was worth until i told her i was coming to which normally my wife would withdraw but this time she kept on sucking and swallowed the whole lot. i got off her and sat in the shower cubicle to get my breath back while i observed my wife fingering a stranger in the next cubicle. I then saw an arm come under neath the wall and start to touch my wifes leg. i told her to turn around and face me so i could watch her get fingered by a women for the first time. as she swung around i could see that she could get her legs under the wall up to her belly so i encouraged her to do so. she did this with ease as though she had done this before and i thought i would take the chance and lick her fingers which had been up her snatch which tasted as sweet as my wifes. she grabbed my balls and pulled me close to tell me that the person had lifted her legs up and was really fingering her snatch now. i told her to suck my balls which she did without any hesitation and then she let out a long moan and i assumed by that the other person was licking her fanny and my wife started to buck like a wild horse and let out a scream of satisfaction as she orgasmed. by now my cock was rockhard and my wife told me to get behind her and as she got from under the cubicle the other persons legs appeared in the same way as my wife had done and i could see it was a body of a young lass and she was completely shaven. i almost shot my load then but my wife got on her hands and knees in between her legs and started to play with her fanny and then leant forward and sucked on her clit raising her arse in the air at the same time for me to get stuck in. well i was in her like a shot and after a few strokes she pulled me out and guided me towards her asshole which i did and fucked her long and slow as i want ed this occasion to last forever but it wasnt that long before shot no 2 went up her arse and i pulled out. it wasnt long before the stranger started to shake and i could hear her shouting in joy in the next cubicle. my wife knealt up and i kissed her on the lips tastingthe juices off the other fanny and they were georgeous but i took the opportubity at the same time to grab the foot of the stranger and suck on her toes which she seemed to enjoy as she let owt a small moan which i found such a turn on and could feel the blood rush back into my cock. there was another noise from outside and we heard a couple of women get into the other vacant shower cubicle and at this point the women got back under the wall and had a shower. I snook out of the showers and into the mens where i had a shower and went back to the caravan. after about 45 minutes the wife still hadnt come back so i went to the shower block only to be meeted by my wife coming out with a petite looking long brown haired lass who by the colour of her towel and the nailvarnish new it was the starnger from the cubicle. they both looked at each other smiled and the girl called angela walked off. see you late my wife said. looking forward to it replied angela.

I asked my wife what took her so long she replied that while she was showering angela had popped under the wall to see whos fanny she had been licking and my wife let her in for what she then described was another steamy lesbo action but thats another story