Written by anon

21 Oct 2014

ann and me had married young and after 15 years had been chatting about our fantasys and I had always wanted to hide and see her get fucked with her acting as if she did not want to fuck then her giving in quickly and being a horny slut

we went on holiday without the kids for a week to lanzarote weather was great and ann looked sexy as hell she was five feet six size twelve with lovely pert 34 c tits and was very curvy with amazing legs

we had got friendly with the couple next to us and another two couples from England who were in there fortys but jill and allan next door were mid fiftys jill was frumpy with huge tits and allan was tall and slim

one day allan was changing his shorts and as it was just me and him he made no effort to cover up I noticed his cock was huge and so thick and made a joke saying was his dad a horse we laughed as I asked how big was he as I was not small at 8 inches he said about 9 and a half and 4 thick

later that night I told ann saying he was looking at her and fancied her and she would love his cock up her and would she fuck him she said no but I pestered her then said to allan as if a joke for him to drop his towel so she could see it as if by accident when he did ann looked in amazement that night we got drunk and I kept saying to ann how she loved his cock as her face was a picture she was embarrassed saying for me to stop it

I said I would love to see him fuck her jill had went home early and said to allan how ann was amazed by his cock and I knew he would fuck her given a chance he agreed she was a sexy lady saying I was a lucky guy and she did not look the sort to play away

I told him she gets so horny with a drink and I saw her face saying if he danced with her pressing against her she would think of his cock

he asked me was I wanting him to fuck her I said if I can hide and watch but don't tell her I said

back at the flat we drank and danced and I went as if to bed after telling allan she gets so horny stroking her legs and thighs as ann was at the loo I met her in the hall and kissed her goodnight saying I was ill

they sat on the balcony as I sneaked in behind the sofa as I heard allan saying jill was not into sex much asking if our sex life was good ann told him it was but I liked older woman like jill that are plump with huge tits as she said she wished she had a big pair as allan said no way your tits look great and so does your nipples as he said oops sorry as he said I noticed them hard ann smiled saying its okay as he got embarrassed as ann said jill has great tits allan said not as sexy as yours saying bet there great in the flesh ann looked at him and I could see allan leaning back showing his bulge saying to her lets dance they danced close as he pulled her arse into his groin as she looked at him he kissed her she said we better not as he grinded his cock on her stroking her legs up her thighs saying to her I saw you looking at my cock its okay relax she said oh allan we shouldn't as she pressed on his groin as he released his cock then held her as it rubbed beyween her thighs as she groaned he said to her he was going to fuck her saying she was so wet as he fingered her his hand in her panties as she moaned moving her hips saying its wrong ken will catch us as he put her hand on his cock she gasped saying its huge and so thick allan told her to rub it as he fingered her then said you have to suck me first she looked at it saying its lovely he said you want it I can see that at this point he pulled her to the floor as I made a noise soon as they turned the lights off and made out I caught them ann was bucking getting finger fucked wanking him off and never saw me as she said fuck me put it up me ill suck it later allan ooked as I nodded as he eased up her she held him holding her screams as he pushed up her easing in and out as she moved her hips moaning as he told her ken said its okay ann she said did he honestly yes he wanted to see us as he pushed her legs up and pumped her as she saw me and smiled saying its so good ken she shuddered to climax as he pulles out putting it into her mouth as she licked and sucked it playing with his balls as he tightened and shot his load into her mouth taking every drop allan left and I fucked ann every way I could as she told me about it