Written by seeker222

11 Feb 2010

You may have wondered why I have talked about being spanked,, Well It all started some years ago. I was caught with my trousers down by my then girlfriend. Well not so much with my trousers down but more like completely nude "' with a copy a girly mag in one hand "' giving myself a right royal seeing to. Wanking myself off. In the middle of the lounge - compleatly nude and well into it..

I thought she would be out for hours and although she had a key to the flat I never thought about her returning so soon that afternoon.

There was no possible opportunity for me to disguise what I was doing "' She saw me - cock in hand - giving myself a nice time whilst looking at some babe in a mag "' with a really cute arse"¦.

Dropping the shopping bags she leapt towards me "' Brick red with anger and shouting

"You fucking wanker!!"

OK guilty as charged "' I was rooted to the spot.

I didn't move nor could comprehend what was happening "'

She cleared the first chair and whacked me on my bare bottom with her bare hand.

"Wanker! Wanker!" She was yelling..

A second smack on my bottom them a third _ there were marks on my buttocks!

"You are going to pay for this for a long time! Now bend over!"

Being a bit "shell shocked " and always a bit of a coward I did as I was shouted at to do..

The smacks came frequent and hard "' I spread my legs and covered by balls with one hand.

The mag was still open "' Dunno why but I started wanking with my other hand "' It felt good and the smacks continued.

"Don't you fucking wank in front of me you fucking wanker!" She yelled..

I bent further over and looked around at her "' She was livid "' almost out of control with anger "' She smacked me again and again stinging smacks that made me gasp.

"How dare you wank you fucker" she yelled.

With my bare bottom on fire I stood up and awaited the next blow "' Turning around I saw her face "' still flushed "' but the anger was lifting "' slightly"¦

I took one step towards her and she just stood there holding her ground.

My right hand was still going up and down over my foreskin and down to the bollock end of my erection. My cock end glistened with the hand cream I'd put on to lubricate the member.

It was pointing straight at her ..

"Put your little cock away I'm not going to look at you wanking!"

But she did . She continued to look at my cock as I stepped closer.

She stood close to me watching my hand going up and down my shaft.

Her eyes fixed on my knob end.

Her breathing was getting quicker "' I saw her ample breasts rising through the thin fabric of her new summer dress.

I was getting really ready to blow "' I stopped wanking and let her see my cock in it's full glory "¦


She put her hand out to touch me"¦ And her other hand disappeared up her dress.. Between her thighs. She was fingering herself..

Finally I could hold on no more I was about to cum "' I lifted her dress up and came all up her legs "' The first splash hitting in the inner thigh and all over the front of her knickers..

The second dollop got her higher up and over the top of her knickers and her hand that was playing with her chit . All over the underside of her new summer dress.

My bare bottom still stung

She was speechless..

"You fucker"" "I've just bought this!"

She slipped down her knickers and lifted her dress up. I could smell the aroma of her aroused and wet fanny.

My cock was hardening - the globs of cum dripping on the floor. I got closer and my semi rigid knob touched her bare ass. She was wiping the cum off her inner thigh...

I grabbed her waist "' she did not resist .

"Your not fucking fucking me you bastard!"

"Oh not" I answered.

"Cos I'm going to fuck you" She replied..

With that she bent over and I entered her