Written by ss1

26 Sep 2012

My wife, Caz and I had been together since sixth form and for 10 years had been completely faithful to each other, with neither of us ever having slept with another person. Well my wife was working in an ad agency when she caught the eye of her line manager Scott. He was engaged to one of the other girls in the office Carla but was renowned for having a wondering eye. Well the client that Caz and Scott worked on was based in Scotland and this sometimes meant that they both needed to travel together to meetings, and I guess a relationship started to form. It turned out that they started to meet after work for wine and progressed to kissing and leg stroking but nothing more, Caz putting him off going further until she could get the guilt clear in her head.

Well one night arrangements were made for a works night out and by some strange coincidence it was suggested that we would stay over at Scott and Carla's place. It later turned out that Carla new about the blooming romance because she had seen some miss placed emails between the two of them and she had planned to take her revenge.

The night started off with drinks in a number of bars before we all agreed to go off to a club. There were a few seating areas and Caz and Scott settled down in one of the booths whilst I went to the bar for the next round. Carla had gone to the loo, so when I came back to where they were sat I was shocked to see that he had his hand inside Caz's top squeezing her braless boobs while she was stroking an obvious bulge in his trousers. They didn't see me coming but for some strange reason, I stopped and walked back to the bar. What I'd seen had really turned me on as I'd always wanted to watch Caz with another man. I stood where they couldn't see me and watched for a minute while they carried on until from where I was stood I could see Carla coming back from the loo. I didn't know what to do so I waved her over to me pretending to need a hand with the drinks. It was too late, she'd already seen them, but her next reaction really caught me by surprise. She started to tell me what she'd read on the emails and said that she had planned the night out and stopover as her way of exposing them. She was sorry if I was hurt by what she was telling me as she really liked me, but she couldn't see any other way of exacting her revenge and with that she gave me a kiss. Well something felt right and I was certainly rising to the situation, Carla could obviously tell but we weren't going to do anything in the club. Instead we started to chat about how we would approach the confrontation later that night, and when our plans were made we went back to the booth, drank up quickly and suggested that we should just head back to Scott's flat.

The taxi ride back was light hearted and thankfully didn't take too long and we walked into the living room and sat down on the sofas. Caz and Scott sat on one set with me and Carla on the other. We had some wine and after about half an hour Carla squeezed my hand to indicate that she was about to get started. My heart was racing as I was so excited about what might happen next. So Carla stood up and strolled into the kitchen and when she came back out she was carrying a file full of these emails that she'd rinsed off from Scott's email account. "what's that love" Scott asked her, and she just handed him the file. He opened it and his face went as white as a ghost when he saw what was in it. "What's up Scott" asked Caz, so he handed her the file. They'd been rumbled and they knew it! They both started to mumble apologies, "We're sorry" they both said, "nothing has really happened, you can tell that from the emails" they said, before finally Caz pipes up "I'm so sorry, what can I do to make this right?". "Make this right" I said, "yes, anything I don't want to lose you". With this I turned to Carla. "They'd like to make things right Carla" I said. "Well, it's a bit fucking late" she said, "although....." she looked at me to see if I was still inboard with the plan, and I just nodded to say oh yes let's do it!

"Right, here's how you can make amends" started Carla, "I'm sick of constantly waking up to find Scott's cock in my face demanding that I give him a blow job. So tonight Caz, you can fucking do it instead". Now Caz isn't a big fan of giving blow jobs so I knew that this wouldn't be her favourite punishment, and the looks on both of their faces was one of pure confusion. We'd found them out, read emais where they were describing what they'd like to do with each other, and to punish them they were being asked to do just that in front of me and Carla.

"Don't look at me" I said, "you've been told. Now get on with it!"

So, sheepishly Caz unbuttoned Scott's jeans and eased them down his legs to expose his rock hard cock. "Take it" said Carla, so Caz started to ease her lips over the glistening head of his cock and started to sink his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. It was such a strangely erotic sight, watching Caz sucking Scott off like that was making my own cock strain in my jeans. Carla could tell how I was feeling and placed her hand over the bulge in my jeans, squeezing me inside my pants. Caz and Scott were starting to look like they were enjoying themselves and by the look on Scott's face he wasn't far away from cumming, so it was time to change things again. "Stop" I said, "we're not happy yet! Scott, I think it's only fair that you repay the favour to Caz now. Get on your knees and lick her pussy for me!". Well her dress was hitched up, and her knickers were pulled down, exposing her gorgeous pussy and I could tell it was already soaking wet with her juices. She pulled his head between her legs and he got to work on her without any further prompting. At this stage Carla whispered to me that she was also feeling a bit hot so I slid my hand under her skirt and started to stroke her soaking wet pussy through her already soaked pants. We both carried on watching not able to take our eyes off our partners for a second.

Caz was writhing on the sofa, pulling Scott by the back of the head so he could lick her deeper and deeper but instead of letting her cum we again told them that it was time to stop.

"Right you two" me and Carla started, "this is your last chance to make things right". "Now strip both of you!", "We want to see you fuck each other, and you best make the most of it, because after this you'll never be allowed with each other again!" we said. "Is that clear?"

And with that they both undressed each other and.... What happened next To be continued