Written by jenny_cameron

12 Feb 2014

About two years ago my husband had had a nice long bath and was inthe conservatory waiting for me to have mine. He had left open a small side curtain but had shut all the others. When I walked in the room he was sat in a large easy chair with his back to the window, he was naked and gently rubbing his stiffening cock. As i walked in I saw a faint red glow in our neighbours kitchen which looked directly into our conservatory. I realised it was my neighbours boyfriend standing in the dark, there I stood in front of my husband dressed only in a towel, i let this fall to the floor and climbed onto the chair putting a knee onto each arm. My husband played with my pussy whilst he rubbed himself and I played with my hardening nipples whilst our neighbour came closer to the kithen window to watch the fun. As he came closer I could see he had stripped off and he was wanking whilst he watched us play. At this I stood up and asked my husband to lick my pussy and finger my pussy. This brought me off very quickly and then we reversed roles i saat on the chair my husband nealt up and I gave him a really good seeing to with my mouth, after my husband had filled my mouth he went to the bathroom, so I went to the window and waved to our friendly peeping tom and the next day I was getting in my car and he was coming out he shouted to me in a friendly manner asking if I had enjoyed myself I said of course and perhaps the next time he could come over and watch from a closer position and perhaps let me help by letting him cum on my titties. Hope yopu have enjoyed this 100% true story