Written by Cuckcouple30s

28 Sep 2016


Have only just joined here. Its not so much of a story as an ask too.

Around 7 weeks ago i was still pregnant and me and my fiance stayed away in a hotel.

Not although i knew he as telling me he would like to watch another man fuck me i had no idea.

Anyway cut the mustard we went up and while having sex he told me again he wanted to watch me but without realisingl again he said he would invite. Anyway so after we finished we were sat and his phone went next thing knock knock.a lad he let in. I saw this as a laugh nothing else

But he didnt leave and after abit fiance told me he was there to fuck me.. i was quite excited too. So anyway ty left us to touch and knock knock petes friend is in so 2 other lads now. Eventually we got it on and ty left them with me

I didnt mind wasnt too rough and we both let them stay.

Now i had already let these kids cum in me as i was expecting. I wont go into much more detail but 6-7 other men turned up over that weekend and we fucked too