Written by jan

11 Apr 2012

Day At The Park

Day At The Park

Well it all started out as just a trip to the park for a walk and a chance for mike to shoot some pic of me. So me and edde got in to the car and headed off to the park. As we drove down the road the short skirt edde had laid out for me to wear keep blowing up so the lace panties I had on could be seen with easy. And I left the top I had on unbuttoned down past the shelf bra I had on so a good part of my 34dd tits where in plain sight as well.

I did not know that edde had been talking to a guy on line that morning setting me up. He had told this guy the time and place we would be going. So as we pulled in to a spot we liked to use for pic there was a car. I ask edde what we would do and he said we would just go down the trail by the lake more so he could not see us. So as edde put the top up on the car and got his camera out I walked down by the lake. There sat this black guy fishing I said hi and how was the fishing. He said it was doing ok and but little windy . I then walked over to some nearby flowers and as I bent over a little to smell them the wind blew my skirt up as I pushed it down I looked back and saw the black guy looking at me and saw edde coming down the trail. I knew they both had got a good view up my skirt. And as edde walked by the black guys he asks him how the fishing was and he said it had sucked till the wind ad picked up and then they both laughed . edde then told him our names and he said his was Ted. Then edde had me come over to where he and Ted was talking and had me shake his hand an tell him my name was jan

As we stood there I could see how Ted was looking me over good,then he made the commit that he hoped the breeze would pick back up. Then I knew for sure he had got a good view of my panties and ass that was hanging out of them lol. Then edde said he would love to see more of that him self as well. So he told me to go back over by the flowers and let me get a pic of you bent over picking some. Then Ted says that will make a great pic and he would love to see that as well.

Then ed gdeet a small blanket out of the camera bag and lays it near the flowers so I have a place to stand on. I am not real sure what he wants me to do so he told me just do some poses so he can get some good pic. I said what about Ted and edde said well if you want him in them then you need to ask him. I said that's not what I meant but by the time I got that out of my mouth Ted was saying he would love to be in a pic with me and is walking over to the blanket. And he gets be hind me as edde takes pic and tells us what to do. Fist he has him help me unbutton my top so my bra comes in to full view then he slides my top off shoulders and lets it fall to the blanket. The whole time e is edde shooting pic and it is turning me on Ted's hands are running all over me now and then he unzips my skirt and lets it fall as well. As I bend down my tits fall out of the shelf bra and my nipples are as hard as rocks. As I am bent over like that Ted pulls me back tight to his hips and I can fell his rock hard cock even in his shorts as it presses in to my panty covered ass. And I move my hips from side to side.

As I stand back up it was like I could not help my self I reached back and grabbed his cock thru his shorts and as I do that he reach's for my pussy and rubs it thru my panties then he pushes them down as well. I then turned around facing Ted and dropped to my knees and pull out his cock it is a good size one 8 plus real thick. As I bring it to my lips I can see precum leaking out of it but it just slides right in to my mouth with easy. I was so hot by then I could fell my pussy leaking and my legs getting wet from it running down them. I had sucked him for a few min when I looked up and said I need you to fuck me right now.

As I look back at edde to say I need a rubber Ted pushed me back on the blanket and got between my legs. And lined his big cock up with my pussy and said don't worry I will pull out in time and just slide in to me with one deep push. I know I should had stop him but god it felt great and with each thrust it was even better and next thing I knew I was there with this black guy we just meet pounding my pussy with his bare cock and my legs hooked around his back trying to get more of it in me. And I start cumming like mad and he keeps pounding me making me cum more.

Then he starts telling how tight my pussy is and how hot it is and I fell him going faster and faster I tell him he can't cum in me and he said why not and I told him I am not on the pill. And just as I start to cum again he stops fucking me and just holds my legs wide open. Then he says (Well if I cant cum in here I better pull this cock out of you and stop fucking you) I looked up and he had me right on the edge of cumming like a mad lady and he pulled out and used his cock to hit my clit and started asking if I was sure he had to stop and I started to beg him to let me cum but I knew I could not let him cum in me for sure. Then he stared to play me by sliding in and go a few strokes and pulling out and rubbing it on my open pussy driving me nuts . It was like I could not stop and he would get me right to the edge of cumming and stop. The next time he slides in and starts pumping me and he gets me right to the edge and then I locked my legs behind him so he could not stop thinking I would get off and have him pull out before he would cum but I was wrong and he said if that is what you want and pushed all the way in and let lose with a load of cum just as I started cumming.

So that I laid this black guy on top of me his cock jerking in my pussy as he filled me full of cum and I knew I wanted it. it felt like I laid there for 10 min but it was just a few edde said and. I notice that Ted's cock is still jumping and just as hard as it was when he first put it in me. Then he starts pumping it in me again and my pussy is on auto pilot and starts to cum as soon as he start pumping it and I cant stop and he dose not even try to stop this time asking me how I like being his cum slut. and how he going to fuck me all the time now and I just keep begging him not to stop and then he dose it again all the way in and telling me the he putting his black cum deep in me and I know he is cause I feel each and every jump of his cock as his cum shoots in to me.Then as he pulls out and gets up I fell his cum start to leak out as Mike comes over and helps me put my panties on. So I am standing there getting dressed with Ted's cum filling my panties I think of all I said about I would be his cum slut and I loved him fucking me. and that he could do me all he wanted (GOD WHAT A SLUT I AM).

Then edde said we need to go and as he get's our stuff I made my way to the car and I see him and Ted talking. As edde gets in the car we head off and I don't know what to say I hope I did not make him made by becoming a slut like I did. and he looked at me and ask if I was going to be a slut from now on. I could just look down and said I would not if he did not want me to. He said it was ok to be a slut but I was to be his slut and he would set up my fun. and with that he had me lean over the console and start sucking him. And just as edde started to cum in my mouth he told me Ted was coming over Monday and bringing some friends and would be there at 8am and did not have to leave till 2pm so I was sure to get lots of black cum in that cunt. And I had better get to the doc and see about some birth control pills cause there was not going to be any one pulling out of that pussy from now on.