Written by shocking_kitty

3 Feb 2011

Out one night with the girls, had quite a few drinks. stood on the side of the dance floor and noticed the most amazing looking lad i had seen in a long time. i went over and started dancing near attempting to make him notice me when he starts grinding against me. after a few mins of grinding i felt a hand slowly moving up my leg and under my skirt. quick feels turned in to kissing, kissing turned in to groping, groping suddenly turned in to me wanking him off in the middle of the club.

We then discussed our options and decided the best idea would be to leave and go round to his house where it would be more private and comfortable. Upon leaving the club i informed my friends and we walked the 40 mins it took to get there occasionally stopping for a quick fumble on the way.

Finally arrived at his house, walked in and started to undress each other on the way to his room. didn't make it to his bedroom and decided that the kitchen table would be just fine. one thing he forgot to mention was that he lived in a shared house............perched on the edge of the table, his huge hard cock thrusting deep inside me when i look across the room and see 7 other people looking at me. this did not stop us just shocked. a few whispers a lot of screaming and next you know the 7 that were originally standing in the doorway had now turned in to 12, yes the hot guys mates had left the club and had now joined us in the kitchen.

i was fed with more drink, being incredibly drunk already who am i to refuse, until next thing i know there appears to be 13 naked people stood around me only 1 of which was female.

she came over and started to kiss me and make out as we were lying on the floor now in the communal living room fooling around her kissing my nipples and me kissing her neck, the men all stood round watching carefully. one by one they start to join in licking my wet dripping clit while another kisses my nipples and another fingering my ass while i wank 2 others and one attempting to fuck my mouth. the innocent lay with the hott guy had now turned in to one very big gang bang. i dare say with the sheer amount of people that ended up joining in it did last a while, 34 hours to be exact, used one hell of a lot of lube i dare say and had orgasmed that many times it was not possible to move for a good while after.