Written by mrpeebody

17 Jan 2014

My Encounter

Firstly I apologise for the length of this letter.

I am male 50 happily married with great sex life and what I am about to tell was completely unplanned and unexpected , It started in 2012 when our kids had all moved out and we received a random phone call from Terry ,Wifes niece.

She was attending university near us and was looking for a room for a few weeks until she could sort out accommodation.

Terry was a great lass rather plump but great sense of humour and good fun to be around we had always got on well and had watched her grow into a smashing teenager , so after a little discussion we decided it was no problem as we were at work most days and the house was empty until evenings.

So her mum popped her down a few weeks later from the south and could not thank us enough ,in fact I think my wife was looking forward to the company of another female.

She was a bright kid and helped out with lots around the house I guess as a thank you as we did not charge her for stopping , in fact it was nice to help out as her mum was alone with her and one son to raise on her own and as we were not strapped for a few bob it was good to help

All was going well sometimes we saw her sometimes she was busy in her room.

I must admit when she walked round in her nightie or long t shirt I was mesmarised by her lovely round bum ,she never seemed to go out a lot and seemed a bit of a loner and as my wife explained she was always a bit shy and self conscious of her round figure so tended to keep hersef to herself where lads were concerned , in fact I had my suspicions that she may have been leaning more towards other girls.

We have a small place out in Majorca that we pop to whenever work allowes and offered to take Terry during her easter break and asked if she would like to invite anybody along as company , she said she would be just fine alone and three weeks later we were lying in the sun enjoying the finer things in life.

My wife bless her has a bit of a body on her for her age and was used to wearing very little when we go away and I noticed Terry watching her on many occasions as she lay round on her sunbed.

Third day in was a scorcher and wifey asked me to put some suncream on her back and legs which I duly did and on finishing asked Terry if she would like any and to my surprise said yes please , so covering my hands I began to rub in the suncream as she lay face down on her bed and I must say it was nice feeling her plump flesh under my hands ,what did shock me a little however was when I had finished I glanced at her ample bum and was surprised to see a small damp patch on her costume ,a pale blue onepiece that showed up easily on the material .

I wondered how a girl could become so excited just by suncream but put it down to the sunshine and drink , I simply couldn’t get the thought out of my mind though and that night made love to my wife fast and furious and probably a bit too loud for a small villa ,I think I was secretly hoping she could hear us.

Next few days was much of the same and twice more I got the pleasure of applying oil to her lovely body which left me strait into the pool to hide my erection.

Hols over and we were back in the midlands ,not quite as nice I must say but it was home , one Saturday as wifey and Terry went shopping curiosity got the better of me and I did the unthinkable and went through her things , I think in the hope of finding some sex toys , but to no avail her undies were varied but nothing too hot , I guess its difficult for a big lass.

What happened in spain however had excited me and I hatched a plan to see where it could go , she used our computer in the evenings and days she was not at uni so I ,probably stupidly left some pics of myslef in an aroused state , no face so I could always deny things and blame the wife for looking lol

It turns out that she did look and also they were copied to a memory stick , good old history search , so as the weeks went by I got a bit bolder with my images and started to make them obvious that it was me with each time the pics being coppied.

It changed a lot for me and im sure the wife thought I had gone insane at night as no sooner had she got in bed I was on her and deliberately tried to make it as loud as poss in the hope that she was listening and the thought that she might be masturbating made me insatiable

Things took a turn when she returned home one evening complaining of back ache from swimming and my wife took the opportunity to tell her I used to do sports massage , many years ago but riding a bike and all that so asked if she would like me to try , she didn’t hesitate and said yes but knowing she was a little self conscious told her to wear her swimwear or t shirt if she wished.In my wildest dreams I never expected to have this lovely plump girl on a couch about to be massaged by me and with hands full of warm oil I began to work on her back , it seemed a little awkward at first but she soon relaxed as I gently massaged her skin working down to the small of her back where the pain was

I must admit I found it very arousing to be touching this young lass and took every opportunity to glance between her lovely legs as I worked on her and just as before noticing a small damp patch appearing as I worked on her and I began to wonder if she had ever had sex or not , massage over and she went to shower off leaving me once again with an erection harder than it had been for some years if honest ,once again wifey reaping the benefits

Of course I suggested she have a regular massage to speed up the repair and she readily agreed so I picked a night when wifey was out in the hope of getting a closer look at her lovely bum , next two occasions were pretty much the same ,I got a bit more daring and ventured very low on her back all the time looking for the tell tale signs of arrousel and she never failed to respond bless her.

On the fourth occasion however she came down in a t shirt and said her costume was still wet from swimming but she was happy in her pants and bra , as for me I was very happy and once again stroked at her lovely curves as she lay face down on the couch.

I moved lower and bent my head to glance between her plump thighs and was amazed to see how tight they were across her lovely crotch and noticed everytime I rubbed her back towards her legs her panties pulled tighter across her mound and managed to move her just enough to hope that they were rasping across her sensitive parts

I would have given anything to just slip my hand in and masturbate this poor girl as im sure she was getting aroused

I worked slowly on her for about half an hour and a few times slipped just inside the waistband of her panties to the very base of her spine and as she let out an involuntary groan I said sorry did that hurt but she just responded by saying not at all its quite nice.

What the hell was I supposed to do, this poor girl was obviously enjoying the contact and I noticed she was clenching her bum together and pressing herself hard into the couch obviously in a state of arrousel , my throat was dry at this point and I was almost shaking probably with fear and lust I guess and in a moment of madness I said to her if it hurts tell me and I will stop and took the bull by the horns and slid my hand once again into her waistband and for the first time actually felt her plump buttock smearing oil over her undies as I went

What I had,nt realised though was just how worked up this poor girl was and as I slid both my hands across her bum cheeks she suddeny thrust down hard into the couch and jerked into orgasm , letting out a long moan as she did ,I was so so shocked that I pulled my hands out and mumbled sorry to her feeling as guilty as hell , don’t be she replied it was nice and with that she pecked me on the cheek and headed for her room leaving me to dash into the bathroom to masturbate furiously feeling so bad at what I had done , next couple of days were a bit awkward to say the least until she said are we ok fri for massage , sure was all I could reply and spent the rest of the day thinking of nothing else.

Friday evening finaly arrived and as if nothing had happened she appeared in swimming cozzy and lay down , Im sure she must have felt me shaking as I worked on her back ,scared to go too low but so wanting to help her , she seemed to try to move lower on the table to get me on her bum again , or was it my imagination ,then she mumbled into the couch its ok I like it

Once again I moved down so slowly to feel her ample bum and just as before she was grinding herself slowly into the couch as I mauled at her lovely bum gently pulling her cheks apart knowing it must open her hole a little as she writhed against the couch , then rolling over she looked me strait in the eye and said do my front if you wish and without hesitation I slid my hand into her costume and worked on her belly and for the first time got to see how worked up she was with her wetness clearly showing through her costume ,with oiled hands I must have spent five minutes massaging her belly and ribs and eventually found my way to her breasts circling them and rubbing quite hard until finaly I brushed my hand across her hard nipples and once again the poor girl hit her orgasm as she twisted her thighs together convulsing on the couch. This was the second time I had brought this lovely thing to orgasm and I had not even touched her young pussy , after she had recovered she sat up and we chatted , she openly admitted that she enjoyed this very much and all was ok if I wanted to carry on , she also admitted she had not been with a boy and spent her time alone masturbating

And asking her about the pictures she blushed crimson red and admitted she had seen them , we agreed to continue this with the agreement that when she said it was over there was no hassle we also agreed that no penetration would take place.

That following Friday seemed to take forever to come round and eventually she lay there for my attention , as always things went slowly and I was being carefull not to bring her off , she had ditched the tight costume for pants and bra and as before as I worked on her plump breasts she began to raise her hips and twist her thighs together but not wanting her to cum I placed my knee between her thighs and prised them open just enough to stop her grinding her legs together as I lowered my lips to her hard nipple taking it into my mouth as she groaned in pleasure and all I heard her say was please , so slowly raising my knee I pressed it gently on her sensitive cunt and she bucked and twisted against it convulsing in orgasm as I held her tight slipping my hand into her panties to feel her lovely wet hole for the first time.

She lay like that for some time with my hand jammed between her legs until she calmed down and as always off she went to shower leaving me to deal with my aching erection.

Things were good my wife had never been so satisfied and Terry was enjoying a life of me masturbating her ,as the weeks went by we kept our ritual and every opportunity she got she would take the opportunity to expose her panties to me as we watched tv and on numerous occasions would come down in just a t shirt and no undies making sure I saw everything when wifey went out of the room enjoying my discomfort.

And for months I took great pleasure in slowly massaging her to orgasm ,she now had better control of her emotions and I could actually massage her clitoris and even got her to squirt a little on several occasions , then in feb 2013 as she lay getting her treatment as I slid my knuckles across her open hole she suddenly said can I see you and at last I took out my hard cock to show her saying touch if you want and as she reached out to take me in her hand the feeling of her soft hands on me was too much and im ashamed to say I ejaculated immediately over her hips and belly as I stroked each side of her sensitive clitoris , this she seemed to like and we progressed to me masturbating on her when she had achieved orgasm , more often than not across her lovely chest , at last things were perfect , as the weeks past she allowed me to take photos of her lovely plump bum , boobs and most intimate parts and would even send pics to my phone on occasions , these are very treasured and often used for my satisfaction

I had even begun to buy her some sexier undies , stockings and nice tops , and convinced her to buy a schoolgirl outfit , for fancy dress purposes of course in the hope that one day I might get her to lie across my knee so I can gently spank her plump bum

My only other suggestion was that we sit together naked face to face with my legs over hers and she trap my cock between our bellies and ride up and down , again no penetration but at her most aroused she rises high enough to slide her wet hole along my shaft and we can both achieve orgasm this way although this is a special treat we do only occasionally as at her most worked up she has almost slipped accidentally onto me.

She never found a flat im glad to say and on my weeks off she often joins me in bed when wifey leaves for work and we spend hours masturbating and although we agreed no penetration I am getting increasingly desperate to sink into her lovely fleshy cunt

Once again sorry for the length of this but as you realise it is a very special time in my life and hopefully hers

Anyone wishing to contact me about her please feel free , regards mr peebody